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Untitled | Unknown
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I‘m ready to dive in! With the AC, my blankie, my kindle, an iced coffee (of course), & my cool notebook for taking notes.
Who doesn‘t love FRIENDS, the TV show? No, really! Who doesn‘t, so I can unfollow you. 🤣

This is how I‘m gonna spend tonight. And you?

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jewright My favorite episode is The one Where They Are up all Night. What is yours? 1mo
SheilaChew I love friends too! The one where Ross makes a game to see who wins the apartment is one of my favorites. 1mo
peanutnine @SheilaChew that is my all-time favorite episode! I can quote the whole thing and my sister gets mad at me 🤣 4w
PaperbackPirate Pivot! 🛋 2w
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I misplaced the book I‘m reading (it has to be downstairs somewhere bc I‘ve scoured up here), so I‘m picking this up for now ☺️

#SundayNight #ThatCover! #ItKindaMatchesMyPants 🤭

Gissy Plan B, Checked ✔️👍 2mo
Avanders @Gissy 😁😎😘 2mo
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Catherine House: A Novel | Elisabeth Thomas
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I probably only have an hour or so of reading left in me for tonight, though I am enjoying Catherine House. It‘s strange and dark, and I think I know where it‘s going, but can‘t be sure.

#24in48 #readathon #litfic #sundaynight #amreading

kbuggle Would love to know if it‘s living up to the Secret History comparisons? 1y
readtheworld @kbuggle I finished it last night and don‘t feel it really compares to The Secret History in tone or character building, though the settings (small, elite colleges with cliques) is definitely similar. I enjoyed Catherine House overall, but the main character felt a little flat to me, and I guessed the big twist way before they revealed it. It was still fun overall, though! Made for a great readathon book. 1y
kbuggle @readtheworld thanks for the thoughtful review, super helpful! 1y
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Sunday evening snuggles - starting to get into this book. It‘s pretty good so far - we are exhausted after all the yard work today.

#sundaynightreads #sundaynight

Northern Lights | Philip Pullman
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So excited to watch this on Sunday night.... The trailers look awesome #hisdarkmaterials #northernlights #pullman #bbc #sundaynight

vivastory I'm really looking forward to this, but I definitely want to read it first 3y
Balibee146 @vivastory definitely and I'm a teensy but envious of you reading them for the first time 😊📖 3y
Cathythoughts I‘m very excited too! Can‘t wait ... Sunday night 8 o‘clock ❤️ ( BBC 1 , I think (edited) 3y
Balibee146 @Cathythoughts yup straight after Sunday Strictly 😁 3y
Cathythoughts Wooohoooo 💃🏾 3y
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Mean Streak | Sandra Brown
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Some quiet time by the tree! #sundaynight #favouritefurrypillow

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Zelma 😆 my dog has been a snoring machine lately. Not loud at all but pretty constant. It‘s pretty cute. 4y
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Britt-Marie Was Here | Fredrik Backman
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Late night reading before going to bed 😊

#latenightreading #sundaynight

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I‘m just going to keep posting this book because it makes me feel seen. #stillreading #amreading #diverselit #sundaynight

Chelleo I saw this at the bookstore today and even said, “I want to read that” but had to scoot. I need to pick it up soon. This is like the third post on it I‘ve seen in the last hour. 4y
Tamra So many books high on TBR! 4y
UrsulaMonarch @Chelleo also if it is of interest/applicable, the audiobook is on #hoopla ! 😊 4y
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Night Shift | Charlaine Harris
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Having a little downtime before I put the boys to bed. #bookandsnack This is my last carton of ice cream for a while, once this one's gone. 😖 Have to go on a special diet for a bit to get some health issues figured out. At least I don't have to give up reading! #onthebrightside #benandjerry #sundaynight

AmyG A book AND Cherry Garcia? That is MY idea of a great time. 👍🏻 4y
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