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Untitled | Unknown
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I‘m ready to dive in! With the AC, my blankie, my kindle, an iced coffee (of course), & my cool notebook for taking notes.
Who doesn‘t love FRIENDS, the TV show? No, really! Who doesn‘t, so I can unfollow you. 🤣

This is how I‘m gonna spend tonight. And you?

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#bingereading #tonight #sundaynight #fun #funnight #readerscommunity #indieauthors

jewright My favorite episode is The one Where They Are up all Night. What is yours? 1mo
SheilaChew I love friends too! The one where Ross makes a game to see who wins the apartment is one of my favorites. 1mo
peanutnine @SheilaChew that is my all-time favorite episode! I can quote the whole thing and my sister gets mad at me 🤣 4w
PaperbackPirate Pivot! 🛋 2w
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A nice cozy that really made me hungry for wine and cheese, oh and there is a murder mystery 🍷🧀
#Pantone2022 #IcedCoffee @Clwojick
#WickedWords #Purple @AsYouWish
#BookSpinBingo @TheAromaofBooks
#BFC2022 @wanderinglynn

TheAromaofBooks I have definitely read cozies where the food descriptions were much more engaging than the mystery 😂 3mo
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Things Fall Apart | Chinua Achebe
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Finally finding some time to dig into this book while drinking an iced coffee way too late in the day 🙃. Hoping to put a good dent into it tonight!

#ReadingAfrica2022 #IcedCoffee #BookAndCoffee #CurrentlyReading

mackelie I would like to read this book soon too! 7mo
Scochrane26 This one is interesting 7mo
IuliaC I liked this one! 7mo
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Not much time to read today but I'm going to sneak in a bit while I wake myself up with this #IcedCoffee. I'm excited to start the tagged book for my #bookspin . Side note: They are tearing down the forest behind our house for yet another housing development 😭 😭 😭 - We didn't move out to the country for them to take down all the green space!

#AnyWayYouReadathon #Readathon

@TheAromaofBooks @kimmypete1 @MidnightBookGirl @Eggbeater

Eggbeater That iced coffee looks good. I'm sorry they are tearing down all your green space. 😢 11mo
BookDadGirlDad The book is heart-wrenchingly amazing. 11mo
kimmypete1 That's so sad! I love being able to look out and see trees vs more houses. 11mo
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Jess861 @Eggbeater Oh that iced coffee was delicious! 11mo
Jess861 @BookDadGirlDad Good to know - I have only heard good things about it. I didn't get too far in today but seems like it just jumps right in. 11mo
Jess861 @kimmypete1 Right?! I'm hoping they will maybe leave a treeline but I know the chances on that! I'll miss watching the deer eating the apples. 11mo
Cortg Ugh. I'm sorry about your trees. That makes me sad. I hope you enjoy some reading time.
DivineDiana Very sad to hear about the trees. 🌳😥🌳 11mo
BiblioLitten Oh I‘m sorry to hear about the trees. Oh understand how you feel 😔 11mo
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The Twisted Ones | T. Kingfisher
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This week's #WednesdayTradition features The Twisted Ones by T. Kingfisher and iced coffee because the protagonist has reheated hers a bunch of times when really iced is the way to go).⁣

#BookBathAndBeverage #WomenInHorror #IcedCoffee

[ID: hard cover book and clear glass.of iced coffee on dark wood board over a tub filling with bubbles and water.]

Pachinko | Min Jin Lee
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I booked today off work to do online school with the little guy but it was cancelled for today. It's to beautiful of a day to not get some outdoor reading in. Only about 100 pages to go and I've really enjoyed this book so far. The iced coffee is a nice treat too.

#JoysofJune #IcedCoffee #HistoricalFiction #Readathon

BiblioLitten Perfect! 14mo
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I actually 😂 at this! What is your gateway drug to reading? Mine is iced coffee. I've been making a really good one from Bones Coffee called Salty Mermaid. It's a wonderful accompaniment to my books!

#coffee #books #icedcoffee #hotchocolate

SamanthaMarie Awww I love this!! Mine would have to be tea or admittedly hot chocolate 🤣 2y
Booknlt I love Bones Coffee 2y
wanderinglynn Salty Mermaid sounds delicious. I‘ll have to try that one. 2y
SiameseCatsRead @BookishBear1 Right?!? I was turned on to the company by a sample in my Owl Crate. 2y
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Eliza and Her Monsters | Francesca Zappia
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My cheeks hurt from smiling at this book. Tackling heavy topic: social anxiety in such a fun & easy to read book!
#booknerd #bookworm #anxiety #socialanxiety #bookish #icedcoffee #coffee #stickers

aa_guer2021 I certainly need to learn to handle mine. Hopefully I can read it soon, and thanks for the post so I learned about it. :) 5y
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Final Girls | Riley Sager
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Attempt number 2: this time a page from @Jess7 's playbook • it may be raining and only 55 degrees out, but hey, it's Friday!

Jess7 I'm glad you're trying out #Starbucks #Icedcoffee - do you like it? Mmmmm... 5y
morgan_krahn @Jess7 I'm not sure lol it's definitely better than yesterday's attempt tho 😂 5y
monkeygirlsmama I also like the #Starbucks #icedcoffee Cold Brew with Vanilla Creamer. It's strong though so actually might not be a good recommendation for you quite yet. 5y
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underthebelljar If you need caffeine and don't like coffee Starbucks refreshers are amazing. I like the "pink drink" which is a strawberry refresher with coconut milk. No coffee taste at all. 5y
Smangela I like the iced coffee with soy milk and white chocolate sauce 😍😍 sweet and delicious (edited) 5y
morgan_krahn @BookishJess it's funny you mention that, the pink drink is normally my go to! Today I got it as it comes though without the coconut milk :) 5y
TheBookStacker Woof I'll trade you my weather for cool and rainy. Sunny and 105 today. I miss the rain. 5y
morgan_krahn @TheBookStacker oh geez! Where in the heck are you lol 5y
TheBookStacker Nevada 5y
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