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Strike | Delilah S. Dawson
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In case my last post made you wonder if I put my money where my mouth is 😉🤑✊🏻 #amazonstrike #primedaystrike #shoplocal #shopindie #solidarity

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Strike | Delilah S. Dawson
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Book friends! As you may know, Amazon warehouse workers in Minnesota are on strike to protest their abysmal work conditions. Don‘t cross the virtual picket line by shopping Prime Day! Here‘s a great place to buy books instead, or shop at your local independent book dealer. #shoplocal #solidarity


Megabooks Emily said it was worse working at Amazon than a call center or McDonald‘s! This is a great book!! 6mo
Jilly6183 @Megabooks It's on my TBR, definitely looking forward to reading this one 6mo
Jilly6183 @Megabooks I picked up a copy the other day. I'm only about 70 pages in so far but it is exceeding my expectations. Thanks for putting it at the forefront of my mind! 6mo
Megabooks @Jilly6183 So glad you are enjoying it. It was so eye-opening! 6mo
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Wiley CPA Examination Review, Outlines and Study Guides | Patrick R. Delaney, O. Ray Whittington
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Oh hey, new best friend.

CocoReads It‘s so hard—my oldest hasn‘t passed a section yet. She missed audit by 10 points and she works in audit. The others have been more dismal. 10mo
WhatWouldJaneDo Good luck! Glad I'm not the only one posting giant textbooks on Litsy #solidarity 10mo
8little_paws Good luck!! If you need extra help or want a different guide I can say gleim worked for me. A long ass time ago but it worked! 10mo
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Ashley_Nicoletto @CocoReads It is so hard. This is the one I‘m most nervous about so I‘m starting with it. It just has so much content. But people pass it everyday so I have to just keep my 🤞🏼🤞🏼 that I can somehow pull it off. I hope your oldest passes soon. 10mo
Ashley_Nicoletto @WhatWouldJaneDo Thanks! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 10mo
Ashley_Nicoletto @8little_paws I‘ve heard from someone else that they passed with that one as well. This baby cost me $2,014 so it better be amazing. 10mo
8little_paws If you are specializing in nonprofit most of this is utterly worthless too which makes it even worse. 10mo
CocoReads @Ashley_Nicoletto thanks. She‘s got one one more section to take before she exhausts the funds from work and then she‘ll have to start paying for them. 😬 good luck to you! 10mo
8little_paws @CocoReads I had to pay myself for the exam (my job reimbursed for only in person class after you passed all 4 sections and I didn't have the money to front the cost of that) Gleim got me to pass and it was the lowest cost option I could find. Passed all 4 on first try with them. 10mo
Ashley_Nicoletto @8little_paws Life has a funny way of shaking things up so I imagine I will eventually work back in private corporate accounting. I also have to pay first and could be reimbursed. 10mo
MicheleinPhilly $2,000???? That is OBNOXIOUS. 10mo
Ashley_Nicoletto @MicheleinPhilly Girl. I had a $900 off coupon so I got a deal. 🤣 10mo
8little_paws Well if you have any interest in moving to chicago, my last day at my current nonprofit job is in about 2 wks. It's director of finance for about $10M op budget and $4M assets. Having worked this long in nonprofit (10+ years) i'm considered an expert in the niche so there's no way i'm leaving now! 10mo
CocoReads Her job payed for the study books and depending on which option you choose you may have enough left for more than one go round. She‘s using Becker which was the more expensive option so she had enough left to pay for each section once. After this next one, she has to start paying herself 10mo
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For @kaye —a post about anything to distract you! This is my husband‘s face when I told him wearing his huge headphones over his hat looked silly. Then he looked at this picture and agreed that it looked a bit ridiculous. 😂 #postsofdistraction

Trashcanman I think it looks fine. #solidarity 12mo
BarbaraJean @Trashcanman 😂I‘ll let him know! 12mo
Kaye Pretty funny ♥️ 12mo
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I am fiercely proud to be a public school teacher and just as proud to be a union leader in my district. UTLA is fighting the good fight for better schools and better conditions for students. Public education is a fundamental right in a democracy, and people need to stand up to protect it. Support the strike by not crossing picket lines and by wearing red tomorrow (Mon. 1/14). #utla #redfored #solidarity

Alfoster Stay proud! I taught for 40 years and participated in 4 strikes. Painful but worth it! You rock!👏👏😍😍😍 12mo
Readergrrl Preach, teacher!!! We are wearing red here in CT in solidarity with our LA sisters and brothers! We need to stand up for our students and our profession!!! ✊🏼👹👺💋💃🏻👠🧣⛑🎒🧶🐞🐙🦞🦑🦐🦀🍄🌹🍁🌺🌷☄️💥🔥🍎🍓🍉🍒🌶🥩🍟🥫🍝🍷🏓🥊🛷🚣🏻‍♀️🎪🥁🎸🎯🚗🏎🚒🚨🚘⛽️🚢🗼🌋⛩🎇🌄☎️🧰🧯🧲🧰🧨🧱💉🌡🎈🎁🏮🧧📮💌📕🧮📌📍✂️❤️‼️🔴♥️♦️🚩 12mo
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It's official. The library is now doing a mental health inquest because I haven't been in months. I guess it's time to put down the eBooks and Audible and let the librarians know I'm ok.

TheBookAddict Awesome! 🙌🏽 1y
SassyBookworm Love that and Hi from Kentucky!!! 💙 1y
zzz Seems like a good reason to head to the library 👍 very cool! 1y
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WhatThePuck @SassyBookworm I'll have to keep you in mind when I do a challenge that asks how I pronounce a word. 😂😂 #solidarity 1y
WhatThePuck @Jen_is_always_reading I just participated in a fall swap and received 5 books. It might be a bit longer. 😣 1y
zzz @WhatThePuck happy reading 🤗 1y
SassyBookworm @WhatThePuck 🤣🤣😏 1y
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The Nightingale | Kristin Hannah
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I did finish this one, but. I was so not OK with having spent my book brain space on it.
#unpopularopinion @Libby1

Texreader This is so enlightening reading about everyone‘s dislikes! Thanks for sharing! This one is on my tbr list. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Noooooo my favorite book!!!!!!! 💗💗💗💗 2y
Bradleygirl @Texreader 👍❤️ 2y
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Bradleygirl @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 😆🤷 yeah it's definitely an unpopular opinion 2y
Ingerella I totally share your unpopular opinion about The Nightingale. I didn't like it either. 2y
UnidragonFrag Oh no! Really! This is on my semi-immediate to-read list.. :/ 2y
Bradleygirl @UnidragonFrag I don't think I'm typical, & it's not like it was boring. But if I'm reading that much #Suffering, I want to get lost in the story and feel like it was worth it. Instead this one kept reminding me it was a Very Epic War Book about Beautiful, Tragic French Women and I got annoyed instead of absorbed. 2y
UnidragonFrag Ah, I can see how that could be tedious. Hm. I'll hold off on it for a while. Not in the mood for a tragic war story right now, so. 🤷‍♀️ 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @UnidragonFrag I loved it!!! My favorite book!!!! ❤️❤️ 2y
Reviewsbylola I really enjoyed this one but I can understand the other side. 2y
thea-block @Libby1 @Ingerella @Bradleygirl I‘m glad to hear I‘m not the only one who couldn‘t get into The Nightingale. I found it slow, sad, and somewhat shallow. It‘s amazing how one book can be so loved by some and not by others! 2y
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Hump Day | Rob Houglan, Holley Houglan
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1. Probably makes me a bad mom, but my 9 year old drives me nuts with her constant negativity. Here she‘s on a carousel and still semi pouting.
2. None.
3. Blue. I love the color.
4. All the food! I ❤️ Hot dogs
5. Most excited to come out is The Collide. Though I‘m super happy to have my hands on Us Against You.
#humpdayposf @MinDea

TheKidUpstairs It's A-OK to be annoyed by your kids! My second choice for that question was my 2 year old's screaming, crying, not listening, etc. #solidarity 2y
Reviewsbylola Ugh, my stepdaughter is like that too. Always has to find the bad of any situation. And I can also relate to @TheKidUpstairs when it comes to my younger two kids. 😂😂 2y
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Brrr! Brrr! | Sebastien Braun
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I‘m back from my trip to Michigan. Five days of winter— that should hold me for another ten days!

TheBookHippie 😂😂I never understand why people visit ..we all try to flee 😳🤦🏽‍♀️It's 25 BRRRRRR where did you visit? 2y
suvata @TheBookHippie We spent half of our time in the Detroit area and the other half in Midland. We went to celebrate my mother‘s 90th birthday party. Great family fun! 2y
TheBookHippie @suvata Ahhhh. How wonderful! 2y
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BookNAround @TheBookHippie Those of us who visit are only getting it in tiny doses. It‘s much more appealing like that than in the total seemingly unending immersion those of you who live there get. (We lived there for 3 years. 😉) 2y
TheBookHippie @BookNAround I'm in the alt right hell area...I have 7 years til I get to leave for good ...40 years is waaaaaaay to long to be in the waaaaay minority 😂of feminist hippie liberal just love people mindset ...I need a likeminded community ✌🏻 2y
2BR02B @TheBookHippie Sending you my sympathies from a liberal oasis in Trump-loving Wisconsin. #solidarity 2y
TheBookHippie @2BR02B 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻I'm just across the lake I'm waving 💗 2y
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El olvido que seremos | Hctor Abad Faciolince

Creer a ciegas lo que dicen los padres es una cuestión de supervivencia para cualquier niño, y en eso caben los asuntos de la vida práctica como también las creencias religiosas. No creen en fantasmas o en personas poseídas por el demonio quienes los han visto, sino aquellos a quienes se lo hicieron sentir y ver ( aunque no los vieran) desde niños.

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