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Doctor's Wife
Doctor's Wife | Elizabeth Brundage
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" The memory starts here, in my apron pocket, with the gun. " So begins The Doctor s Wife, a stunning debut novel about four people and the cataclysmic intersection of their lives. Michael is a rising OB/GYN at a prominent private practice in Albany, New York; he also moonlights at a local women s health clinic. But Annie, his wife, has become tired of her workaholic husband s absences, and the soccer-mom lifestyle has worn thin. She begins a passionate love affair with bad-boy, fading celebrity painter Simon Haas an affair that quickly goes awry when Simon s wife Lydia, who is also the model upon whom he built his career, discovers the truth.Abortion, local evangelism, marital disenchantment, and the rifts of social class: Brundage takes on the fault lines of our era with a deft hand."
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Doctor's Wife | Elizabeth Brundage
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Another 5 Star literary thriller from Elizabeth Brundage. I love the cover and how houses have great presence in her books. Houses and art and relationships , beautiful writing, thriller and horror , characters that are nuanced … yes I‘m a fan !

Tamra It‘s so fun to have an auto buy/read author! Stacked. 2mo
plemmdog I met the author once at a writing conference—she‘s a really lovely person. 2mo
LeahBergen I really must give this author a try. 👍 2mo
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Megabooks Yay! She‘s an awesome author. I can‘t wait to read more. 2mo
Cathythoughts @Tamra It is fun 👍❤️ 2mo
Cathythoughts @plemmdog That was interesting I‘d say 👍 I‘ve seen her on a you tube interview … she did seem lovely and interesting 👍 2mo
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen She deals with quite heavy subjects. I love the overall experience of her books 2mo
Cathythoughts @Megabooks Me too. I hope she is busy writing ! 2mo
BkClubCare I just read about a book written as a conversation between a house and a painting 🖼 hanging in house! Your comment about liking old houses reminds me. I need to add the title to my list before I forget. 😆 2mo
LKK526 I read this quite some time ago and remember really enjoying it 2mo
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Doctor's Wife | Elizabeth Brundage
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he woke early , before dawn and went walking in the long grass behind the house. He liked to witness the rising sun and the wailing geese crossing the red sky. . He moved slowly through the day , observing the various details of their life in the house. The way the cream fell from the pitcher … he said her hands reminded him of birds.. the sun crawling across the table..the light attracted him as much as the darkness

I love her writing 👌

BarbaraBB Great quote. I couldn‘t resist any longer and bought a copy too 🙀 2mo
Cathythoughts @BarbaraBB Look forward to your thoughts 👍 2mo
LeahBergen Lovely. And I‘ve had “wailing geese” around here lately, too! 2mo
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen if they are migratory maybe they came from here .. I‘m not sure about their habits 🤔😁 2mo
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The Doctor's Wife | Elizabeth Brundage
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If you like literary thrillers you MUST start reading Brundage! It‘s hard to believe this is a debut.

It has a captivating start as a doctor is beaten, drugged, and driven off the side of a road. But he is “saved” from death by a twisted woman. Then it goes back several months to show how they got to the opening chapter. (A device I love!) I found the doctor‘s wife to be the least interesting character, but there other very compelling ones! ⬇️

Megabooks ⬆️ Here‘s an excellent later read by her (edited) 2mo
Megabooks @vivastory have you read her? I think you‘d enjoy this or the one tagged ⬆️ 2mo
vivastory I have not read her, but I also love the device of opening with the crime & working backwards! This sounds fantastic. Stacked! 2mo
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Cinfhen Ok!! #stacked 💕💕💕 2mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen awesome!! 😘😘 (edited) 2mo
Megabooks And thank you very much for this great gift @BarbaraBB !! I loved it. You know me so well! 😘😘💜💜 2mo
TrishB I‘ve just stared All Things Cease to Appear 👍🏻 2mo
Megabooks @TrishB that was a 5⭐️ read both times I read it. Enjoy! This was 4.5⭐️ - still a very high rating for me. 2mo
BarbaraBB @TrishB That one is sooo good! 2mo
BarbaraBB I‘m happy you loved it Meg, I will definitely read it myself too! Sounds great!! 2mo
DogMomIrene Not only does the plot sound compelling, that creepy cover is calling to me. 2mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB for sure! I definitely think you‘d enjoy it. 2mo
Megabooks @DogMomIrene I love the cover too. I miss covers like this. The book is 2005. I just don‘t care for all the new ones. 2mo
BarbaraBB I so agree about today‘s covers! They often seem so childish! 2mo
TrishB @BarbaraBB @Megabooks I‘m enjoying it so far 👍🏻 2mo
BarbaraBB @TrishB Bought it 🤦🏻‍♀️ 2mo
TrishB @BarbaraBB 😂😂 obviously! 2mo
Cathythoughts Great review ! You finished , well done, it‘s sooo good. I‘ve made 10 more pages 🙈, life is busy at the mo. 2mo
Cathythoughts Meg , do you follow her on Instagram? Her pictures are interesting and I think ( a lot of them ) capture the feel of her books 👍 2mo
bthegood I'm sold - book stacked - thanks for the review and putting this author/book on my radar - 2mo
Megabooks @Cathythoughts no but I will look for her on Instagram! Glad you‘re enjoying the book too. 2mo
Megabooks @bthegood you‘re welcome! She‘s fantastic! 2mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB totally! Re: covers 2mo
Chelsea.Poole I read and really enjoyed All Things Cease to Appear. Sounds like I need to add this to my list 😊 2mo
Megabooks @Chelsea.Poole yes, definitely! 2mo
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The Doctor's Wife | Elizabeth Brundage
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What a beginning!!

BarbaraBB Wow! Keep me posted! 2mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB only had time for 50 pages so far today, but it‘s riveting! 2mo
Cathythoughts It‘s a great beginning & its still as good on page 110 ( my spot now ) .. really enjoying it 👍🏻 2mo
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Megabooks @Cathythoughts I‘m reading quickly and am somewhere around 250 now. Is it bad that I find Annie the least interesting character of the bunch?? I‘m wondering how it will get back to the beginning. 🤔🤔 2mo
Cathythoughts Ya , there is something I‘m not getting about Annie. I agree with you there … I‘ve had a busy busy week , so I haven‘t progressed much further, but I‘m looking forward to getting back to it. 2mo
Megabooks @Cathythoughts I hope you‘re able to get some reading time in this weekend. How is your granddaughter? I‘m sure she‘s keeping you busy! 💜💜 2mo
Cathythoughts Yes! Granddaughter is lovely and she is keeping me on my toes .. 👍🥰 2mo
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Doctor's Wife | Elizabeth Brundage
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Thank you so much @BarbaraBB and @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks !! You definitely made my Christmas merrier!

Barbara, you know I love Brundage, and I have not read her debut, so thank you!

Misty, Kline is a new-to-me author, and I am excited to give her a try. Thank you!

Thank you both for your friendship as well. 💚 Merry Christmas everyone!! 🎄🎄🎄

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks You‘re very welcome!! Merry Christmas my friend 💚❤️ 5mo
Megabooks @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks very merry Christmas friend! Enjoy your weekend!! 💚 5mo
LeafingThroughLife A Piece of the World is a great book. Hope you enjoy! 5mo
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melissajayne Read A Piece of the World in November 2020 and really liked it 5mo
Megabooks @LeafingThroughLife @melissajayne glad to know it‘s a litsy fave! I‘m excited to read it! 5mo
BarbaraBB Happy holidays my dear friend 🤍 5mo
Megabooks Thank you very much!! 😘💚🎄 5mo
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Doctor's Wife | Elizabeth Brundage
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I found this in a coffee shop free library. Has anyone read it? There aren‘t any reviews here. Looks sort of interesting 🤔🤔🤔

Judybskt Looks good! 4y
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The Doctor's Wife | Elizabeth Brundage
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This book was a little creepy-nightmares about old basements and artists...

Librarylady I really liked this one. Her new one is really good. 6y
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