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Spending a cozy November morning with the beach read I bought this summer 📖📚🤷🏻‍♀️ #whatimreading #mysistertheserialkiller #oyinkanbraithwaite

The Beach | Alex Garland
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"There's this saying: in an all-blue world, colour doesn't exist... If something seems strange, you question it; but if the outside world is too distant to use as a comparison then nothing seems strange." #AlexGarland #TheBeach

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A different kind of thriller! Looking forward to this read immensely, I was giddy when the library called to say it was returned 😁 #mysistertheserialkiller #letsgo

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BkClubCare Great read 8mo
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Since my eyes woke up like I‘m going to work, I guess I will start this gem on this rainy day off.... ☔️💦

#mysistertheserialkiller #oyinkanbraithwaite #eyesareheavy #iwanttosleepbuteyeswontcloseb #readingtime📖 #readingismagic #bookstagram #bookswag #bookworm #bookporn #bookpics #readingismytherapy

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8 // MY SISTER, THE SERIAL KILLER // “You have to choose a side, and my lot was cast long ago. She will always have me and I will always have her; no one else matters.” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
#mysistertheserialkiller #jessicareads2019

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“It takes a whole lot longer to dispose of a body than to dispose of a soul, especially if you don‘t want to leave any evidence of foul play.”

#currentlyreading #winterbreakreads #mysistertheserialkiller

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Oyinkan Braithwaite's My Sister, the Serial Killer is dark and funny and so, so perceptive. Protagonist Korede loves her sister Ayoola but despairs of saving her from herself, of continuing to cover for Ayoola‘s murders and of preventing her from killing of her boyfriends. When the man Korede loves asks for Ayoola's phone number, Korede must contend with this new complication. Amazing character study in a genre that typically emphasizes plot.⠀

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