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Azazeel | Youssef Ziedan
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It looks deceptive that I read a lot in July: all of The Walking Dead were read on the first two days (I loved all of it), and total 11 of the books were graphic novels. Also, I only read about 30 pages of the Daily Show to finish it. I am actually in a bit of a reading slump. I did have some excellent reads, though. I loved Azazeel, A Dirty Job, The Souls of Black Folk, Eats Shoots And Leaves. Hard to pick favorites!

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Enjoyed all of these but my favourite has to be All The Light We Cannot See! Hopefully I can read more this month! #jubilantjuly

DebinHawaii Great month! 📚👍 2y
Nikki15 @DebinHawaii It's all because of Litsy!! I stacked so many new books that I was on a mission to finish as many as possible 😂 2y
DebinHawaii Hah! A ginormous #TBR stack is definitely a Litsy hazard! 📚📚📚😀📚📚 2y
Cathythoughts I have huge resistance to reading All the Light .... so , that's good to hear it was your favourite! 2y
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July was another slow reading month! I have so much going on! Have I mentioned how much I love having a boring life? I miss my boring life and all the time available for reading! Oh well, on to August!

Despite the lack of quantity, I had some great quality reads in July! Ultimately, Neil Gaiman's #AmericanGods won the lit fight for #BestOfJuly! Seriously loved this book! 😍Expect to see it on future TBRs!

#JubilantJuly @RealLifeReading

Demanda Wow! 10 books is slow for you?! 2y
ValkyrieAndHerBooks @Demanda lol, yeah, but I cheat, I listen to Audible books at work! 2y
Demanda I'm still impressed! 2y
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Saga | Brian K. Vaughan
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I meant to post this yesterday. This series was definitely my #BestOfJuly and #JulyFaves So good!😆 #JubilantJuly #SizzlinSummerBooks @RealLifeReading @Tiffy_Reads #LatePost

monkeygirlsmama I'm just settling in to start volume 5. Horray for it being the first of the month on Hoopla! Hehe 👏😺 2y
mandapants Saga really is the best ever 2y
GypsyKat @mandapants It's fantastic! 2y
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Fell asleep last night before doing my wrap up! 😴 I only read 2 from my original July TBR and only 1 that I actually own. So typical 😝 #jubilantjuly #bestofjuly #sizzlinsummerbooks #julyfaves #julystats

The Almost Sisters: A Novel | Joshilyn Jackson
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Not a bad month!

✔️The Almost Sisters, Joshilyn Jackson
✔️This Was a Man, Jeffrey Archer
✔HP & DH (re-read), JK Rowling
✔️The Memory of Old Jack, William Berry
✔And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie

️✔️How to Twist a Dragon's Tale, Cressida Cowell, read by David Tennant

#LitsyAtoZ - A and T
#jubilantjuly #day31 #bestofjuly @RealLifeReading

syasutake I'll have to look for that audiobook--I'll listen to anything read by David Tennant! 😍 2y
minkyb I was totally thinking the same thing @syasutake 2y
mom2bugnbee @syasutake @minkyb Honestly the only reason I read them, but they're fun. This is the "How to Train Your Dragon" series. I had no idea that there were several books, & he narrates them all, in his natural Scottish accent *swoon* and with wonderful character voices. Highly recommended. I'm waiting on the next one from my library as we speak. 2y
syasutake @mom2bugnbee Oooh how fun! I just placed a hold on book 1 through my library. 😊 2y
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#Julyfavs #sizzlinsummerbooks #bestofJuly
@RealLifeReading @Tiffy_Reads

Read 11 books 💃🏼
5 mysteries😱
2 YA👩🏻
4 novels 📚

#JulyFaves #BestofJuly 💛💙💜❤️
A Coffin for Dimitrios
Goodbye Vitamin
A Great Reckoning
Love Letters to the Dead
The Bookshop at Water's End
The Ghost Fields

christineandbooks How did you like The Bookshop at Water's End? I'm waiting for hold to come in from the library... 2y
SilversReviews Love Louise Penny's books. The Bookshop at Water's End was a lovely read. Nice collage 2y
kspenmoll @SilversReviews Thanks! @christineandbooks I agree with @SilversReviews , the book was a wonderful read: mothers, daughter, careers, books, setting in SC coast, southern feel, characters interesting, well developed. Summer! Hope you enjoy it. (edited) 2y
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kspenmoll @SilversReviews Three Pines 🌲🌲🌲 2y
SilversReviews @christineandbooks Here is my review if you want more information on THE BOOKSHOP AT WATER'S END. https://silversolara.blogspot.com/2017/07/the-bookshop-at-waters-end-by-patti.ht...
ENJOY when you read it.
SilversReviews @kspenmoll Oh yes...I wish that were a real place. I would be there. :) 2y
christineandbooks Thanks for the link, @SilversReviews ! It sounds great! ☺ 2y
SilversReviews @christineandbooks It was...Let us know what you think. 2y
kspenmoll @SilversReviews Would be so lovely to escape there! 🌲🌲🌲 Also, your review was great! 2y
SilversReviews @kspenmoll Three Pines would be lovely to visit. Thanks about my review. :) 2y
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The Nakeds | Lisa Glatt
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I didn't have a #bestofjuly. 🙁#jubilantjuly Here's the link to my July Wrap Up.