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Joy For Beginners | Erica Bauermeister
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Joy for Beginners is about a group of women whose lives are interconnected, and how they support each other. Kate has been encouraged by her friends to do something outside of her comfort zone. They, in turn, agree to let Kate choose something for each of them to do. This is the story of what she chooses for each of them and why, and how it enriches their lives.

#ReadTheUSA2020 #Washington @ljuliel
#LitsyAtoZ #J @BookishMarginalia

Crazeedi Sounds like a great book! 5d
ljuliel You‘re doing a great job with this challenge ! 5d
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Untitled | Unknown
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📚 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: chapters 14-17 #PotterADay
📚 Les Miserables: issues 19-25 #ReadingClassicsIn2020
📚 Joy for Beginners #LitsyAtoZ #J
📚 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: week 4 #ATreeGrowsInBrooklynBuddyRead
📚 Brighton Belle: hoping to start reading this week
📚 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: starting later this week #PotterADay

Cinfhen I‘m liking the little frames around the books!! How‘d you do that??? 6d
CoffeeNBooks @Cinfhen I discovered it recently- if you're using photofy, when you click on the picture and get the arrow on the corner, click on that and choose border. 6d
Cinfhen I use PicCollage but maybe I need to switch things up! You know #GoALittleCrazy 😂😆 6d
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CoffeeNBooks @Cinfhen Sorry- it's PicCollage, not photofy, lol! The directions are for adding borders on PicCollage. 😂 6d
Cinfhen Ohhhhh!!!! Even better 😉❤️ 6d
Cinfhen Cool!!! I just gave it a try 6d
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Another happy moment! Thank you @BookNAround for the #jólabokaflòd I will use paper tree as a bookmark?

The Babysitters Coven | Kate M. Williams
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Thank you so so much to @tdrosebud for my #JólabókaflódSwap gift!! I absolutely love it!! (And Ghirardelli is my all-time favorite ??

Thanks so much to @MaleficentBookDragon for putting this together!!

Merry Christmas and happy reading to all!! ❤️?❤️?❤️?

tdrosebud You're very welcome! Ghirardelli is one of my favorites too. Enjoy! 1mo
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Virgil Wander | Leif Enger
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My #weeklyforcast is my book club‘s January selection and my #jólabókaflód from @babyruth2510 Looking forward to some good reading time this week!

Cinfhen Tagged book sounds good!!! Happy Reading and Merry Christmas 😁 1mo
Hooked_on_books Cute paper! 1mo
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The Christmasaurus | Tom Fletcher
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Merry Christmas to me!! Can‘t wait till 12/24!! #JólabókaflódSwap @MaleficentBookDragon

tdrosebud Yay it made it on time! 1mo
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I sent my #JólabókaflóðSwap package out this morning to @juls29 it should arrive by the 19th. @MaleficentBookDragon

juls29 Thank you! I can‘t wait to open it! 1mo
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Shipped my #Jólabókaflóðswap packages today! I love Amazon 😍

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Directly from Iceland...oh no, my mistake from USA??the concept is from Iceland☺️I received my #jólabókaflóòSwap box???My anticipated Thank you to @BookNAround ?❤️❤️❤️Now I have to wait?Nooooo! but I will be a good girl? I still need to contact @MaleficentBookDragon to send my package out.

BookNAround I‘m so glad it got there! The lady at the PO tried to convince me I had your address wrong since it wouldn‘t pull up on the computer and I had visions of it sitting forlornly nowhere near you and you wondering if you were ever going to get your swap. 2mo
Gissy @BookNAround This new address has gave me problems because apparently there is one part of the address that appears abbreviated in most systems but in our local area it is correct😳I was informed that the problem is that the address has been changed two times over the last 20 years. Also, you will find my complex name in another near town😱but it is here🤗I receive my letters and packages with this address. 2mo
Gissy @BookNAround I'm sorry that I have to spoil that I'm your match in this swap.I have tried to contact the coordinator but she hasn't answered yet.I hope everything is ok since she always has been very responsive in other swaps.But regardless this situation, I need to send you the book.I couldn't access Amazon link.Is it possible that you can send me at least like 6 titles that you want and then I choose from there to make it like a surprise? 1mo
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Gissy @BookNAround We are so near to the date. Another Litsy friend has the same situation and she gave me the idea to contact directly the match as she did. It will be a surprise since you will not know which book I chose☺️ 1mo
BookNAround @Gissy I sure hope Chelle is okay! I went into my list and just chose randomly from some that are hopefully so far back in the list no one else will bother to scroll that far. LOL! Here are some options: Into the Planet by Jill Heinerth, The Floating Feldmans by Elyssa Friedland, Happiness for Humans by P. Z. Reizin, The Joyous Season by Patrick Dennis, On Turpentine Lane by Elinor Lipman, and Music of the Ghosts by Vaddey Ratner. 1mo
Gissy @BookNAround I ordered a book from the list online but it will arrive too late. Where I live I don't have bookstores like B&N with many English books. I'm right here at the bookstore. Can you maybe provide a few more titles to see if they have the book? 1mo
BookNAround @Gissy Okay, here are some more recent ones from my list: A Long Time Comin' by Robin Pearson, Paris or Die by Jayne Tuttle, Bertie Plays the Blues by Alexander McCall Smith, Bertie's Guide to Life and Mothers by A.M.S., The Revolving Door of Life by A.M.S., The Book of Eating by Adam Platt, and This Is Going to Hurt by Adam Kau. But if you've already sent something, please don't worry about getting me anything else! 1mo
Gissy @BookNAround Did you receive the box? The other match from the other swap received it already. Both boxes were sent same day. Sorry to ask the question today. It has been a complicated Christmas at home with death and illness amongst family members. 1mo
BookNAround @gissy I‘ll have to ask the cat sitter if it arrived as we‘re not home until the 28th. She‘s collecting all of our mail each day when she goes to feed the cats. I have no doubt it‘ll be there as an extended surprise when we get home. 1mo
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Untilted | Autechre
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#jólabókaflódswap @MaleficentBookDragon
@Branwen your package arrived today! I cant wait for Christmas eve to open! Thank you Rebecca! And thank you Chelle for coordinating this fabulous swap!!

Branwen Hooray! I'm so glad it arrived safely! 💕📚🍫😀 2mo
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