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That time I Took Tea at @ Chawton House Library. 🤩
#teatuesday #throwback
#circa2017 #dreamcometrue #austeninaugust2019

Eyelit Yay! 4mo
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I‘ve been quite remiss with this challenge. #Multitasking to catch up a bit. The #2ndhandJane movie #memorabilia book depicts #whoseyourDarcy, Laurence Olivier (with Greer Garson, in a presumably #dreamcometrue moment.) One little book advises #whatwouldJanedo, one discusses #travelswithJane, and the tiniest is the #mostunusual in my library. #austeninaugust (I actually find Colin Firth a more attractive Mr. Darcy, but I ❤️ the old MGM movie.)

Crinoline_Laphroaig Well Done on the Multi Tasking! 1y
LeahBergen Lovely! 💕 1y
ferskner And look at YOUR multitasking! 👏👏👏 1y
BiblioLitten 😍 1y
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#AustenInAugust #DreamComeTrue

I watched these episodes as they released on YouTube, then supported them in their Kickstarter campaign and got the DVD set!


Crinoline_Laphroaig Well done!+ 1y
KerriNTurner Loved this series! 1y
CrowCAH @KerriNTurner me too; I feel the need to rewatch them! 1y
Linsy These are fun! 1y
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Lyme Park | National Trust Staff
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If only Mr. Darcy had burst out the doors, buttoning his coat, it would have been #dreamcometrue #austeninaugust 🎩

CoverToCoverGirl Indeed! 1y
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Blind date | Marelle Boersma
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Got my first blind date with a book! #dreamcometrue

Lord of Shadows | Cassandra Clare
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I still can't quite believe I met one of my favourite authors EVER two days ago... Cassie Clare! 😱 And she was so sweet and funny, and the whole event was amazing. #fangirling #dreamcometrue #CassandraClare #shadowhunters #TheMortalInstruments #TheInfernalDevices #TheDarkArtifices #yalit #yalovin #fantasy #booknerdigans #booklover #fave #author #signing #CassieClare

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Time for the bookish discussion question of the day 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! Here it is: Which weather is more reading-inducive, snow or rain or both? #BookTalk

Ruri_kaichou Both. I don't like being out in either. I like them only because it's perfect weather to stay home with a warm beverage and a good book 2y
CatLass007 Snow. Rainy weather is for sleeping. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I love reading on rainy days!!! We don't get much snow in Mississippi!! ☃️ 2y
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Cortg Snow, because of you have to go out, it's less likely your reading material will get wet. 2y
kylienoele I'm going to say both but I've only seen snow once! If it ever starts snowing in Florida, it's a sign to get the heck out of there. 2y
peaknit Either! But rain makes me want to stay in under a blanket with a book a little more. 2y
Mimi28 I'm with @Cortg I love being out in the snow. I'm so much more functional in the winter, lol. Rainy breezes coming through the window are great for reading. I almost got in trouble with the library because I thought taking a walk to the library in the rain would be great, but the books I was returning got slightly wet in what I thought was a water- proof back pack, lol. The librarian gave me a stern warning but let it slide, lol 2y
saresmoore @kylienoele Hahaha! Truth! 2y
Mimi28 Book(s) I WERE returning- sorry that would have given me a headache if I hadn't corrected it, lol 😅 2y
Debiw781 Rainy days ❤️ 2y
haileybean I'm going to go with any weather that keeps you indoors. Snow or rain both encourage coziness. 2y
Bookwormjillk Both, but rain is less work so more time for reading. 2y
Cortg @Mimi28 I feel your pain. Happens all the time. I just brought a large supply of plastic bags to the library for patrons checking out on rainy days and I try to keep my books in a gallon zip loc...if I know ahead of time that it's going to rain! 2y
LDuffN I always say rainy days are the best for staying inside and reading a good book. 2y
Lmstraubie Oooooo...tough one. Rain at any time of the day. Snow when I have a fire going too. 2y
GarthRanzz Definitely rainy ☔️ days. Especially if thunder and lightning ⛈ are involved. 2y
DiruVamp Oh definitely a good rain storm! 2y
TheRomantiCate Snow!! Hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, soft blanket and a good book!! #dreamcometrue 2y
Mimi28 @Cortg Thanks! That's very thoughtful of you to help your patrons like that ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
Moonpa Snow! I could hibernate all winter and just read and sleep!😀 2y
TheCanuckReader Snowwwww, especially if there's enough to shut everything down! 2y
valeriegeary Rain! Love listening to it as I read. And snow is such a rarity where I love that when it happens I want to go out and play! 2y
Abailliekaras Rain (but we don't get snow in Adelaide ...) 😉 2y
JacqMac Both. But we rarely gat rain here. We make up for it with too much snow. 2y
QuietlyLaura I prefer rain over snow. I have to shovel snow and end up too tired to do anything. 2y
LauraKath Raaaaain! 2y
JulAnna Snow! 2y
Tera0707 Rain! ☔️📖☕️ 2y
Jaimelire Snow 2y
Hollie Rain! 2y
BookFreakOut Snow, if it cancels work! Bonus of working in the education world. 2y
RealBooks4ever Rain! Bring on the rain! 💦 2y
nabilareads Since I never get snow, It has to be rain for me.. I would be awed by the snow outside!! 2y
batsy Lol what @nabilareads said! 2y
dragondrool Rain. 2y
mrozzz Neither. Reading outside with mild weather (60F min) with late afternoon sun and a soft breeze.... but raining makes me want to do nothing productive while indoors- except for reading 2y
Gulfskye Since I live in Florida rain is the realistic answer but I love the idea of being snowed on, something simmering on the stove, a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. 2y
OrangeMooseReads Both. But more so snow, rain makes me want to nap. 2y
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