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Kitchen | Banana Yoshimoto
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Y'all, my reading pace was #despacito this weekend... I couldn't even finish off this little novella (pic from last week 😛). However, I am loving Yoshimoto's delicate writing style. Her writing is deliberate so that she can say so much in very few words. I can see why she became a sensation in Japan!

4thhouseontheleft That pastry looks delicious! 2y
BarbaraBB Enjoying @4thhouseontheleft. And I loved this novella 💜 2y
batsy I love this book 💕 2y
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Mdargusch Sounds very interesting. Would I like it? 2y
emilyhaldi @Mdargusch it‘s more of an abstract / philosophical read but you might like it 🤔 2y
Blaire I used to see this book at kramerbooks in dc all the time but never bought it. Cover always intrigued me. 2y
Reviewsbylola Think I‘ll pass on this. 2y
Reviewsbylola Also I really don‘t like this cover. 😬 2y
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San Juan Noir | Mayra Santos-Febres
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#HeatIfJuly #Despacito

I don't think I paid attention to the lyrics in this catchy song or their translation. It's pretty spicy !?? I went with "We're gonna do it on a beach in Puerto Rico..." line. I spent time in Old San Juan about 15 years ago as we opened the Starbucks market there & I walked around Fort San Felipe Del Morro (shown on the cover of these noir stories) to exercise. I mostly remember all the feral cats ???prowling around.

TrishB Great picture 👍🏻 2y
BarbaraBB Supercool! 2y
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I think I remember hearing somewhere that #Despacito loosely translated to “slowly,” and that is exactly how my reading of War and Peace is going! Halfway through #TheYearofWAP, but not quite halfway through the book. But I‘ve enjoyed what I‘ve read so far.


BarbaraBB I think it‘s a book best read #despacito 😀😘 2y
CBee This is my husband‘s favorite. I don‘t think I could make it through, so kudos to you!! 2y
Ashley_Nicoletto I'm also reading through this slowly. I enjoy it, but some days it feels like I'll never finish. I just keep reading. 🤣🤣 2y
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Practical Magic | Alice Hoffman
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I‘m using the photo challenges to catch up on books I read this year but haven‘t reviewed yet lol. Reading over the lyrics of #despacito made me think of how the couples in this book seem drawn to each other by forces outside of their control - though the sexy times in this one are offscreen and not nearly as vivid as what‘s happening in this song! #HeatOfJuly @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen

BarbaraBB Until today I had no idea of what the lyrics meant 😂😀 2y
bookwrm526 @BarbaraBB I understood some of it, but I had no idea it was that steamy until I looked up a translation! 2y
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Beautiful Exiles | Meg Waite Clayton
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Picked this one for my July selection for #AmazonFirstReads #Despacito #HeatOfJuly

Jerdencon I picked this one too! 2y
TiredLibrarian I picked the tagged book. Some good options this month! 2y
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Even in the #heatofjuly, I still find myself looking for a comforting meal, and my crockpot has been my go to kitchen appliance! Some of my favorite books are in my ever growing cookbook collection, so I‘m submitting a few of my slow cooker books for #despacito. Low and slow, baby. Low and slow. 🥘💛

@BarbaraBB @Cinfhen

BarbaraBB Smart pick! Lovely books 💜 2y
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I think turtles and elephants qualify!! 🐢🐘❤️


CrowCAH Cute elephant 🐘 2y
BarbaraBB Smart 😀😘 2y
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tammysue Cute! ☺️ 2y
Tanisha_A Hahah. Super cute! 🐘🐢🐢 2y
tracey38 Cute! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @tracey38 thank you 😊💗 2y
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July, July: A Novel | Tim O'Brien
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It was so much fun doing #HeyJune that I‘m going to carry on with #HeatOfJuly but I know work is gonna kick my butt so I might have to be a little #despacito about it.

But first, June wrap up !
~True Grit by Charles Portis 🤠
~Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya ❤️
~Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter 😱
~The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui 💙
~Dangerous Books for Girls by Maya Rodale 👗

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I‘m sitting out here in the #HeatOfJuly watching my kids and cousins having a water fight. Everything is moving very #despacito in this 95 degree heat including my reading of this very good book!

I‘m attempting to commit to a photo challenge for the first time ever. I‘m going to try very hard!

Trashcanman Mi mente es mu despacio también, pero hoy estoy aquí pensando que ya estoy cerca de la final. Pero esto de acuerdo, así es la vida. 😊 2y
ElishaLovesBooks @Trashcanman 😍😍 I had to translate into English 😄😂 2y
BarbaraBB Thank you for joining! 💕 2y
ElishaLovesBooks @BarbaraBB Thank you for making it!!😍 2y
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