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Address Unknown | Kathrine Kressmann Taylor
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Its unimaginable to think about reading this tiny but mighty epistolary novel when it first published in 1938. What starts as a charming correspondence turns quickly chilling. Published first in ‘Story‘ magazine then Readers digest, then as a book that sold 50K copies, a LOT back then! But then almost disappeared. At B&N, we picked this as our ‘Rediscovered Classic‘ recently and its truly an excellent choice. Foreword and Afterword are must-reads.

BarbaraBB I love that B&N does that! 1mo
squirrelbrain Sounds great - stacked. 1mo
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Cinfhen I read this tiny little book too….chilling!! 1mo
CarolynM Sounds great! Stacked🙂 4w
KarenUK @BarbaraBB It‘s a great program… we do kids books too…. 💕 4w
KarenUK @squirrelbrain @CarolynM it‘s such a quick read, but really packs a punch. 4w
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Augustown | Kei Miller
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So here‘s my ambitious #augusttbr….. The first 7 are all my Netgalley #arcs I need to catch up on (all end of July/August releases) 📚📚📚
Outlander is to finish my #pop21 #advanced with my highest page count #pagecountphobiaisreal 😳
The Mercies and The Arctic Fury is for zoom bookclubs, and Everyone Knows.. for #campToB, and finally Queen‘s Gambit for #pop21 #beginswithQ

Excited about my lineup! 💕📚

Dryland | Sara Jaffe
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It‘s 1992 and there are secrets in Julie‘s family. Her brother was once a talented swimmer on his way to the Olympics, but now he‘s disappeared. She makes a connection with his friend Ben to get answers. She‘s also questioning her feelings about other girls at a more difficult time than now. When a beautiful older girl asks her to join the swim team, Julie must face all her fears. Not quite YA, but definitely angst and flannel. #pop21 #advanced

squirrelbrain Love the cover! 💙 14mo
Megabooks @squirrelbrain it‘s great! Lots of flannel in 1992. 😂 this is so embarrassing, but because I live in the south, I had a sleeveless flannel shirt circa 1993! I think I wore it over a tank top. Funny memories!! 14mo
Lauram Angst and flannel- sounds like me in 1992! 14mo
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Megabooks @Lauram yes!! 14mo
Ruthiella Flannel shirt and Doc Martin boots? ✅ 14mo
Megabooks @Ruthiella I definitely had Docs. I even had black patent leather ones. I wore them to school dances!! 😂 14mo
Cinfhen Angst and flannel needs to be a hashtag#️⃣ or a #Booked2022 prompt 🥰😘🥳 14mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen that would be a great prompt! 😂😂 #AngstAndFlannel2022 14mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I just saw the audiobook is available on audible plus. I won this book years ago and it has been with me through at least 2 moves. *i think* it is the oldest physical TBR book I have that‘s not in storage. Hence the pop prompt. But I‘m glad I got around to it! 14mo
802Librarian @Megabooks I still have the Docs I bought in 1995, actually wore them today! And because I live in the north, I still wear flannel 😆 14mo
Megabooks @NHLibrarian I would‘ve kept mine if I hadn‘t gotten bunions (not due to the shoe, genetically predisposed). But! One of the people I follow on Instagram says they have wide widths now, so maybe I‘ll get a new pair! 🤔😊 14mo
Megabooks @NHLibrarian and it is awesome they‘ve lasted that long!! 👍🏻 14mo
Hooked_on_books What a fun cover! 14mo
802Librarian @Megabooks I remember my mom thought I was nuts for spending that much on such ugly shoes 😆 Back then, they were still made in England. 14mo
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My Cousin Rachel | Daphne Du Maurier
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Loved it..... Slow paced and unsettling, but in the best of ways! A creeping uneasiness is evident as cousin Rachel comes into young Philip‘s life after his guardian dies. The atmosphere Du Maurier creates with her simple yet beautiful prose is so absorbing. And love the ambiguousness, that somehow leaves you in no doubt..... Jonathan Pryce‘s narration is top notch too....
#pop21 #advanced #longestonTBR

BarbaraBB I loved this one too! 1y
marleed I read this for the first time in December and I loved it - a woman writing of a woman from a man‘s perspective some 70 years ago - fascinating! 1y
Cinfhen I‘ve already stacked / waiting for my hold to come in 💞 1y
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Instructions for a Heatwave | Maggie O'Farrell
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Despite its ugly cover this is another wonderful story by Maggie O‘Farrell and exactly what I needed. It‘s a family drama at its best. A mother and her three adult children come together when their father goes missing. Each has their own secrets and stuff to deal with. An intelligent pageturner. Loved it!

#Pop21 #Advanced #UgliestCover

Cinfhen I haven‘t had a good track record with Maggie O‘Farell but this sounds good 💕 1y
Megabooks Glad the book is better than the cover! ❤️ 1y
Cathythoughts I live a good family drama ... I‘m getting this one 👍🏻❤️ 1y
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BarbaraBB @Cathythoughts And it‘s so Irish. I actually had to think of you while reading it. 1y
TrishB I loved this one too 👍🏻 1y
LeafingThroughLife That is an unfortunate cover, but I loved this one, too. O‘Farrell captures family drama so well. 1y
BarbaraBB @TrishB I read your review before I started and was glad to see you recommended it! 1y
BarbaraBB @LeafingThroughLife She certainly does. Do you have a favorite? 1y
Kalalalatja Yay for that ugly cover hiding a good book inside 🙌 1y
erzascarletbookgasm I think I have this on my tbr shelf 🤔. That‘s quite a boring cover 😆 1y
LeafingThroughLife @BarbaraBB I‘ve enjoyed every one of hers that I‘ve read, but I think the first one I read is still my favorite - 1y
BarbaraBB @LeafingThroughLife That is one I haven‘t read so I am stacking it right now! 1y
CarolynM Another book on my shelf that I haven't gotten to yet. One day... 1y
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I‘m now even more of a Deborah Levy fangirl than I was before! I just LOVE her writing. There‘s something both straightforward and also dream-like about the way she expresses the simplest action or deepest felt emotion.

This slim memoir, written as part of a project/series of ‘working autobiographies‘, tackles a time in her life when she divorced, and also her mother died soon after.....

Continued in comments....⬇️

KarenUK It gave such beautiful insight into the inner life of an author, but also somehow spoke to me as feminist manifesto for relationships, work life and ambition.
Just fabulous. 💕
squirrelbrain Great review - I really need to read more Levy.... 1y
BarbaraBB Wonderful review. I‘m a bit of a fangirl too so will certainly check it out! 1y
KarenUK Thanks you two... 💕 I think you‘d both really like it... and it‘s only 134 pages ! @squirrelbrain @BarbaraBB 1y
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Girl A | Abigail Dean
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Very dark and atmospheric, and not what I was expecting at all. This is no psychological thriller, as the (lazily designed) cover and title made me think.... This is a character study...a survivor story...a story of what comes after unthinkable trauma. The writing is great, blunt and unsettling. Recommended, but just know what to expect.
#pop21 #advanced #uglycover
@Cinfhen @BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja @4thhouseontheleft

BarbaraBB This would definitely not be my ugliest cover 😀 1y
Megabooks @BarbaraBB I‘m trying to decide if I want to read this next. It sounds very dark! 1y
KarenUK I guess it‘s not THAT ugly.... just lazy marketing/design @barbarabb 😂 (edited) 1y
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KarenUK @Megabooks the audio is excellent! 🎧💕 1y
Cinfhen Hmmm, not sure if I want to go there....great review! I agree, the publisher‘s blurb had me thinking YA thriller 1y
Kalalalatja I‘m intrigued by your review, but I‘m thinking #BorrowNotBuy 1y
BarbaraBB That is true, it‘s completely uninspired! 1y
BarbaraBB @Megabooks i can‘t find the blurb, but @KarenUK ‘s review is intriguing! 1y
Megabooks @BarbaraBB https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0593295846/ref=tmm_hrd_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=161241... hopefully you can read this. Just started it. I‘ll tag you in my review of Fake Accounts tomorrow. I think you might like it. 1y
BarbaraBB Thanks @Megabooks , I could read it. It sounds good until I read the comparison with Sharp Objects which I hated (as in HATED 😉). Is that comparison correct @KarenUK ? 1y
BarbaraBB @Megabooks Looking forward to your review of Fake Accounts. Your recommendations are always spot on! 1y
KarenUK 🤷‍♀️ @BarbaraBB not sure... haven‘t read it! 1y
BarbaraBB Don‘t 😉 1y
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Kalalalatja Great month 🙌 I just started The Divines 👍 1y
BarbaraBB This gives me a lot of inspiration! 1y
Cinfhen Thanks for sharing💜💜💜I‘m looking forward to Thousand Ships & 1y
Cinfhen I‘m also meant to read this one but it has lots of mixed reviews 1y
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Completely delightful! As you might expect from a story of two Lexicographers, it is VERY wordy but just so much fun! It‘s erudite, yet silly... full of hilarious observations, clever wordplay, and charming characters. Full of fascinating etymology, I was imagining Stephen Fry as Winceworth and Sandy Toksvig as Mallory - humor and smarts in perfect harmony. It‘s a book to savor every wonderful word. Loved it.
#pop21 #advanced #afreebookfromyourtbr

Cinfhen Ohhhh!!! What a fabulous review ❤️ 1y
squirrelbrain Sounds wonderful - stacked! 1y
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LiteraryinLawrence Your review sold me! Stacked! 1y
Lcsmcat Love the cover! 1y
Kalalalatja It sounds kinda fun! 😄 1y
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#popsugar2020 This is the first year I tackled the #advanced prompts, and really enjoyed the ‘2020‘ theme (though some became a bit redundant, like “read a book where the Olympics are going to take place in 2020” !!)

Cinfhen Superstar 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 1y
BarbaraBB The advanced certainly made you read some very good books! 1y
kspenmoll What did you think of 21 truths about love? I heard the author speak when it came out & he was wonderful- genuine, funny, great story teller. (edited) 1y
KarenUK @kspenmoll I loved it! It‘s funny and clever and quirky.... but also has a hidden depth about a man, obviously dealing with depression. Definitely recommend it 👍💕 (edited) 1y
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