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Until I Break | Kara M Bietz
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Good morning everyone!!
It's a cold Saturday morning! Ready to keep on reading this one.
What are you up to??
#saturday #weekend #fun #cold #snow #untilibreak #book #goodmorning

Come-read-with-me @WJCintron This sounds like a great book! Stacked! 3w
WJCintron @Come-read-with-me it is! I'm halfway through. It's not about the actual shooting but about their relationship and you want to know what really happened. Well written. Easy to read. 3w
LauraJ I‘m at work and it‘s kind of pointless. 3w
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#saturday #coffeeandbooks
Continuing this mystery. It‘s cold out there, so snuggling & reading with hubby.

Jee_HookedOnBookz Hi Katherine! I just wanted to let you know you have two packages coming your way for our Litsylove winterswap! One from me, another from Amazon. The one from Amazon is fragile :) 2mo
kspenmoll @Jee_HookedOnBookz Will keep watch!!! 2mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz @kspenmoll oki doki! It's just a small package though...Teeny compared to yours 😔 2mo
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Read 24/7 | Janet G Balfour
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Anyone else doing Dewey's Readathon this weekend... Think it's a 1pm start on Saturday in the UK!
#readathon #deweysreadathon #Saturday @DeweysReadathon

Sace I am! I'm really excited! 3mo
Balibee146 @sace I'm looking forward to it so much! 3mo
Simona 🙋‍♀️ 3mo
JamieArc I am! It‘s my favorite time of the year! 3mo
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A quick, spooky Saturday afternoon read. Anyone else tend to read books set in winter during the summer and vice versa? #saturday #summer #winter #ghoststory

Angitron I‘ve been wanting to read this one! Glad to hear it‘s good! 7mo
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Eye of the World | Robert Jordan
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“Three days they journeyed...”
How I feel right now after having to learn 30 tunes for a gig tomorrow, I‘ve had almost no time to read anything but charts. Can‘t wait for Monday (see: #DayOfReading I mean resting) 🤪 #jazzyjune #buddyreadWoT #WoTseries #epic #longreads #jazzandbooks #saturday #summerreads #girlswhoread #teammat #blameitonlitsy

Good Omens | Gaiman, Neal
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Who else is enjoying the new #GoodOmens series on Amazon Prime as much as I do??? The actors are brilliant and they took a lot of care to adapt the book properly. If only every book adaption could be like that. I hope the series His Dark Materials is gonna go as smoothly as this one!
#watching #series #saturday #weekend

julesG 🙌 7mo
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#Saturday reading on the couch while Minerva hangs out nearby #CatsofLitsy #CatwithBooks #Caturday

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Only 50 pages in and already I‘ve been laughing out loud. So refreshing to read a book about the horrors of war in an incredibly real and witty way. Looking forward to the rest of it. #catch22 #Saturday #read #newbook

The Carrie Diaries | Candace Bushnell
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The bargain section in Chapters had the sequel to The Carrie Diaries for $5. They didn‘t have the first so got the ebook version (my first ebook ever!)

Decided to read something light after the thriller I just finished!

#bargainbooks #saturday

Boooooks I enjoyed the Carrie diaries I don‘t know if that‘s because I hadn‘t yet watched any of sex and the city to compare it to but they are fun summery reads, hope you enjoy them as well!! 10mo
darklydreaming @Boooooks I am a big fan of SATC but I‘ve heard good things about these too! Glad to hear you enjoyed them 😊 10mo
Boooooks I did end up watch SATC after reading these but I see them as completely separate, just thinking about it‘s making want to do a rewatch if only for Samantha‘s one liners 😂 10mo
darklydreaming @Boooooks haha right!? I just started rewatching it again. So good!! 10mo
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