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Paris to the Moon | Adam Gopnik
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This is the closest I can get to #moonlight from my shelves. #fallisbooked @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @OriginalCyn620

OriginalCyn620 Pretty cover! 1h
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@Avanders I received your #SFMBC package. I love all of it! You're so good at putting together an awesome box. I really love the London themed goodies!😍🇬🇧 Thank you!

Chrissyreadit 😍😍😍 10h
Avanders Yay!! I‘m glad you liked it 😁 I‘d been gathering London stuff hoping you still felt the same way about the city 😳😆😘😘 9h
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1. I speak Spanish and Portuñol
2. I try to learn at least the basic phrases, and I look for internet radio or streaming shows to “tune my ear.”

TheSpineView Thanks for playing! 😊 16h
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Assassination Vacation | Sarah Vowell
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Sarah Vowell was a guest speaker at my school today. I can't wait to read the tagged book.

ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled LUCKY!! Im so envious! I bet she was amazing. 18h
BeaG @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I wasn't able to hear her speak because I had a class during that time. My coworker got 2 books for me. She gave each student a signed cooy. 10h
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Ive only read Assassination Vacation, but I loved it. I have several of her other books in my stack. So smart and funny. 10h
BeaG @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled This one came highly recommended and you confirmed it. I'm going to start with it. It will be my first book by her. I also have Lafayette in the Somewhat United States. I can't wait to start Assasination Vacation. The title alone piques my interest. 58m
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#SoaringScores The Mongol Derby is the world‘s toughest horse race. A feat of endurance across the vast Mongolian plains once traversed by the people of Genghis Khan, competitors ride 25 horses across a distance of 1000km.

In 2013 Lara Prior-Palmer – nineteen, underprepared but seeking the great unknown – decides on a whim to enter the race. What happened next was history in the making. #SuperFeats
I listened on audio 👍🏻🎧

Cathythoughts Sounds great & that it would be a good one for audio 👍🏻♥️ 1d
Cinfhen Lots of reviewers seemed to be put off by Lara but I found her youth, stupidity, bravado and determination endearing @Cathythoughts She came across as VERY AUTHENTIC if not perhaps a bit naive and spoilt 1d
Freespirit Sounds great...what an amazing story! 1d
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CrowCAH I heard about this; quite the extraordinary tale 🐎 1d
Cinfhen She‘s super gutsy that‘s for sure @CrowCAH @Freespirit 23h
BarbaraBB I read Laura Palmer instead of Lara and thought you were writing about Twin Peaks...! 😂 19h
Cinfhen Ha!!! I kept thinking of Twin Peaks too!!!!! @BarbaraBB 19h
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Found a digital copy of this one. Wanted to take a photo of the cover before I release it into a little library. I like this cover

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Enjoying a laidback Monday morning (last day of my daughter‘s mini Fall break).

My daughter wanted to be on Litsy. 😁

Caroline2 Cute photo! 😍 2d
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The Crossway | Guy Stagg
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A journey book for my journey...

Lonely Planet Jordan | Lonely Planet, Jenny Walker, Paul Clammer
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A different kind of book. So excited 🥰

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Are you going? Petra is AMAZING! 2d
FountainOfWords Yep we are currently planning a 10 day trip which should take us around most of the highlights of the country. So looking forward as we are splurging on this one 😊 1d
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And, last but not least, one of my favorite fall traditions, other than just cozying up inside and reading, of course, is hiking in the crisp fall air! I don‘t do so well in the heat and winter brings ice, but this time of year is perfect! 🍂