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Sidewalks | Valeria Luiselli
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Finally getting around to posting my #bookspin and #doublespin for March. I'm excited to finally knock Middlemarch off my TBR.

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: France | Katherine Spenley, Robin Gauldie
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Anyone have info on Beauvais France ? 🙃

Dilara I've been to Beauvais airport, if it counts 😂 This is the one low-cost airlines use instead of the more expensive ones closer to Paris. I've seen the cathedral from a distance, but I don't remember visiting it or the town itself, although I no doubt have, as a child, on a family outing from Paris.
It's a small town with a medieval heart surrounded by modern neighbourhoods, including quite a lot of social housing, 1-2 hours north of Paris.
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Dilara It looks nice: https://www.aeroportparisbeauvais.com/en/tourism/translate-to-anglais-visiter-be... but it's probably not worth crossing the Atlantic for 😁. Although if you have a car, it could be a good base for visiting Amiens, Compiègne, Paris, and various small medieval cities.
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Last call! Shirts for sale. Let me know if you have questions.

Party discount: purchase 4 or more items and you will receive 25 % automatically at checkout.
www.babbledabbleteeparty.com to see full book/reading collection on website. Party closes the evening of Monday, March 4.

Off the Map | Trish Doller
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I didn‘t appreciate this the way that I should have; I didn‘t know I wasn‘t in the mood to be reading a romance until I was already committed. I also didn‘t know (or didn‘t remember learning) that it was part of a series with recurring characters. It could and did stand on its own but I think my enjoyment would‘ve been enhanced had I read the other books first. 👇🏻

monalyisha 1/1: That being said, how could I not enjoy an emotionally rich love story set in the Irish countryside that includes a belligerent bull accidentally drunk on sangria? TW: abandonment, dementia, grief, loss. 2d
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Travel Asia by train! Enjoy the way a white writer chooses to detail the many flavours of poverty, squalor, bureaucracy, civil unrest and corruption it has to offer! 🤦🏼‍♂️ The author then seems to be dismayed that things are not messy when he gets to Japan. 🤷🏼‍♂️ The part on Russia seems to devolve into a (really cold)fever dream, but I admit I was skimming towards the very end. 1/?

Robotswithpersonality 2/? When he's not being dismissive or appalled Theroux has a way with words. There are occasionally lovely descriptions of passing scenery, he can be flattering about nature, architecture and accommodations, but too often falls into generalizations, regularly unflattering when discussing the people of various countries/places, or those locations themselves, with varying degrees of cultural sensitivity. 2d
Robotswithpersonality 3/? Always the question in the back of my head: would any of these places or people be as run down and discouraged en masse without a history of colonialism?
To the author's credit, he does ruminate in detail on the negative effects of the American occupation and subsequent abandonment in the context of the Vietnam War.
Robotswithpersonality 4/? Theroux experiences a wide variety of travel partners bouncing between first and second class: his fellow berth occupants/seat mates/dining companions range from a self-identified junkie, supposed cult leaders to engineers and an attorney general. He also interviews locals and gets into discussions with people he meets associated with his lecture tour. I'm just not sure he liked anyone he talked to. 2d
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Robotswithpersonality 5/? Part of the information related seems to be practical observations...but it's nearly fifty years out of date at this point, so while it may or may not be interesting historical trivia, it's an aspect of the work that's lost its usefulness. 2d
Robotswithpersonality 6/7 I got really tired, really quickly of the 'colourful insights' after recognizing that sexual objectification seems to be the main way women enter these accounts, if at all. The author isn't necessarily the one doing the ogling/telling tales of sexual exploits, but he seems happy enough to recount all instances by those (men) around him who do.

I could say this was published in 1975 and it was a product of its time, but I think that serves more as warning to prospective readers than an absolution.
Robotswithpersonality 7/7 I'll keep looking for unique travelogues, after a break I might even go looking for another on trains, but I don't think I'll be picking this author back up.

⚠️racism/xenophobia,misogyny, ableism, transphobia (? Managed two different anecdotes joking about sex with women with penises 🙄), black face (in theatre), mention of SA (in erotic art)
CatMS Paul Theroux is a favorite author of mine but I tend to read his fiction not his travel writing. 2d
dabbe #fanofthepan! 🤩🤩🤩 2d
Robotswithpersonality @dabbe Slow roasted. 😏 2d
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#ItTakesAllKinds #Roadtrip I think it said that they took these signs down in 1963 ,but at its height ,there were 7000 sets in 43 states. Fun car game to look for these on your travels back in the day.Found this little gem ,at the big book sale I went to a few weeks ago . Published in 1965. So six signs spread out a ways , you get a poem!

Aims42 Fascinating! I love little random facts like this 😁 2d
Leftcoastzen @Aims42 thanks! I do enjoy old Americana! 2d
Eggs Oh they were fun (I‘m a 1950s kid)! 1d
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Three Men in a Boat | Jerome K. Jerome

This is an absolute joy if you like: journey novels, gentle humour, English history, PG Wodehouse, & can withstand discussions about whether it‘s smart to bring cheese & tallow on a close boat trip & if you have ever wondered whether the maze at Hampton Court is worth the effort. There‘s no plot, but many extended anecdotes. This book wanders like a drunken tourist. It‘s a book about nothing. A Seinfeldian journey up the Thames and through time.

Lonely Planet Scotland | Lonely Planet
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Camping this weekend and I brought along this little book to get started on planning our honeymoon trip. I'm getting excited! 8 months to go 😄
Hit me with your recs for books set in Scotland to read before our trip or places to see while we're there!
#weekendreading #travelplanning

TheBookHippie How fun! 2d
Kitta Trainspotting is a fairly obvious suggestion but it‘s a tough read as it‘s in Scot‘s dialect! Ian rankin if you like crime, Iain Banks for speculative fiction, and How to be Both by Ali Smith or Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart for literary fiction! I used to live in Scotland and it was amazing. Have a great time! 2d
Kitta Oh wait How to be both is just by a Scottish author not set in Scotland 😆 2d
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Kitta Most of Ali Smith‘s books are set in Cambridge, where she lives 2d
peanutnine @Kitta oooh thank you!!! 2d
vonnie862 We did Scotland last summer and loved it! How long are you going to be there? 2d
peanutnine @vonnie862 two weeks! 2d
vonnie862 @peanutnine that's how long I was there for and did so much. If you're interested in my itinerary, you can email me. My email is my litsy handle plus Gmail dot com. 2d
peanutnine @vonnie862 that's awesome! Thank you 😊 2d
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The Sun Is a Compass: A Memoir | Caroline Van Hemert
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The only hikes I ever do are day hikes which end with a hot shower, but I love compelling stories of outback adventures, and this book did not disappoint. Traveling 4,000 miles on foot, by canoe, on skis, and in a raft… the author and her husband travel across the Pacific coast and Arctic lands and sea. It‘s a beautiful story of stunning vistas, natural dangers, birds, bears, caribou, and her experience of sharing the journey with her husband.

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Looking forward to my reads this month! #tbr