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“ It's like I am in a dream“
She sees pirate creatures in her room late at night and all the sudden she is getting kidnapped by them , and taken back to the pirate creatures ship for doing “The Deed“.

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#Movember #GhostTown I'm sure ghost pirates come from ghost towns, right? 😂

Cinfhen I would think so!!! 👻👻👻👻 5d
Velvetfur For sure! Ghost pirates sail their ghost ships out of ghost towns 😂👻 5d
Bookwomble Hodgson is one of my favourite authors 😊 If you like The Ghost Pirates, you might like to give The Boats of the Glenn Carrig a go, too. 5d
Nute Girl, please! There is no more definite conclusion than that!👻👍🏽😂 5d
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Treasure Island | Robert Louis Stevenson
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"Three years!" I cried. "Were you shipwrecked?"
"Nay, mate," said he; "#marooned."
I had heard the word, and I knew it stood for a horrible kind of punishment common enough among the buccaneers, in which the offender is put ashore with a little powder and shot and left behind on some desolate and distant island. #QuotsyNov19

hannah-leeloo I loved this book and its sequel ❤️📖📚🙃 1w
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The Edge of the World | Kevin J. Anderson
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#BookHaul #Pirates #Maps #Fantasy

From attending a ComicCon last year and sitting in on Kevin J Anderson‘s talk, he shared the plot of his nautical book, which totally seemed up my alley; pictured here. I found a copy at #SHPL used book store!

And found another children‘s pirate book to add to the shelf! 🏴‍☠️


Book was great. The way in which the stories are being told through the poems makes it easy for children who are starting out with poems to understand and become familiar with the layout and meaning of poems.
This book has a great usage of rhythm that is like a song, but also just the common rhythm of poems. Aside from that, the illustrations are fun and colorful so the reader stays engaged and is able to see what some of the objects look like.

em_lemo One of my favorite stories/poems throughout this book goes like this:
“I'm Captain Kidd,
Me treasure is hid
In a chest on Gardiners Isle.“
I liked this one because it kept up with the theme and the constant story. It was also able to connect the book more by doing this. Published in 2012.
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Pirates: A History of the Most Notorious 17th Century Pirates | Charles Johnson, Captain Charles Johnson
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