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Cloud Cuckoo Land | Anthony Doerr
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Epic. Just an epic job of weaving the past, present, and future together to tell a timeless story of adventure where loneliness becomes companionship and fear leads to heroism. 5⭐️ a true must-read!

In 1400s Constantinople, a girl discovers reading while a boy waits to invade. In present day Idaho, a Korean War vet works on a translation while a teen worries about climate disaster. In the future, a girl sits in quarantine on a spaceship.

Megabooks @BarbaraBB I have not read All the Light, but this was incredible. My favorite fiction of the year so far…easily. 7mo
Librariana Sounds phenomenal! I picked it up some time back, but am daunted by the magnitude of it (page count-wise) and worried some of the subject matter or language might go over my head. Essentially, I'm afraid that I'll feel dumb 😕 I'm also concerned that it'll be the kind of all-consuming read that'll mean I can't read anything else in tandem. 7mo
Megabooks @Librariana the material was so engaging that it went pretty quickly for me, and I was able to keep my audiobook and group read going too. Don‘t get too caught up in understanding the Greek book right away - took a bit for that to click for me and was the hardest (but also smallest in page count) part. But ⅓ in he really starts to bring it all together and from there it‘s like a tumbleweed gathering more material as it goes downhill. 👍🏻👍🏻 7mo
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squirrelbrain It was one of my favourites last year Meg. And I completely agree with your comments to @Librariana - let it wash over you to start with and then it all starts to come together. 💡 @BarbaraBB - I liked All the Light but didn‘t love it like many do - this was sooooo much better. 7mo
Librariana @Megabooks @squirrelbrain Thank you both for your encouraging words ? I'm a fan of beautiful prose and magical stories, so I'll take the advice of not getting too caught up in trying to understand and just let it "wash over me". 7mo
TrishB Looking forward to getting to this sometime soon! 7mo
BarbaraBB @squirrelbrain @Megabooks If you two both love it so much, I should definitely change my mind. #stacked 7mo
KarenUK I loved this too… one of my favorites from last year 💕 7mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB add @KarenUK to the list of supporters!! 💜👍🏻 7mo
Megabooks @TrishB I hope you enjoy it! 7mo
Megabooks @KarenUK such a fantastic book! 7mo
Cinfhen I agree, it was epic but it didn‘t reach 5 stars for me. I think I got caught up in trying to understand it all more than allowing myself to just float along. Good advice to @Librariana 7mo
Cinfhen Perfect prompt choices 💕 7mo
Cortg One of my favorite reads last year! I loved how the stories all intertwined and the end was fantastic! 💕 7mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen you had an arc if I remember correctly?? So I got to benefit from having more people‘s reviews and advice to let the beginning just happen, which really helped. And yes! Checked so many prompts! 7mo
Megabooks @Cortg agree! A truly fantastic read! 7mo
Cinfhen That‘s probably true. And I wonder if I would have enjoyed it more on audio!?? 7mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen idk 🤷🏻‍♀️ when I listened to the audio sample it didn‘t click but a lot of people have lived it. 7mo
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The Echo Wife | Sarah Gailey
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A solid read about a female scientist, renowned for her work in the field of cloning, who meets a clone representing herself. This woman is her ex husband‘s new lover. A great start, an engaging middle and a weak ending make for a soft pick. I don‘t think it should have made the #ToB22 shortlist. I do think that of several books this year 🥴

#pop22 #OnomatopoeiaInTitle

Laughterhp Yeah, this one was a low pick for me as well. 9mo
alisiakae I didn‘t even think to use this for the onomatopoeia prompt! I‘ll do that too, although All‘s Well just won out over The Echo Wife as my next #tobshortlist read 9mo
Suet624 Smart idea for a story. Too bad it seems it didn‘t quite hit the mark. 9mo
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squirrelbrain I agree - I enjoyed it but it just wasn‘t ‘enough‘ to make the shortlist. Love your pic! ❤️ 9mo
BarbaraBB @4thhouseontheleft I was pretty pleased with myself for using this book for the onomatopoeia prompt 😉 9mo
BarbaraBB @Suet624 No it didn‘t. It‘s definitely an entertaining read but the ToB? No… 9mo
Cinfhen Awesome use of prompt challenge!!! I liked this book, wayyyy more than Klara but I agree, not best book to make the shortlist. Also gorgeous photo!!!!!! 9mo
Megabooks That prompt 💯! I was just okay on this, too. Low pick for sure 👍🏻 9mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen I think I liked Klara better. I am a bit annoyed by the ending of this one. 9mo
BarbaraBB @Laughterhp @squirrelbrain @Megabooks too many low picks on this year‘s shortlist if you ask me 🤷🏻‍♀️ 9mo
Megabooks Yes, I either loved them or they were just blah. Not many middle of the road. 9mo
julesG Great picture. This book is on my #MountTBR. I don't understand what part of the title makes it onomatopoeic though, but I might be a bit nitpicky. Don't want to criticise, just curious. 9mo
Ruthiella Let‘s see what the judge says...a few readers on Goodreads are noting that the author intended the book to reflect how young women are groomed by their abusers. But this isn‘t something I picked up on when reading it. (edited) 9mo
BarbaraBB @julesG I thought (though am not sure, English is not my first language) that it‘s a word that‘s written the way it sounds? Well, the word echo echoed is echo… I was quite pleased with it but maybe I‘m interpreting it wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️ 9mo
BarbaraBB @Ruthiella In her afterword the author emphasizes to stand up against domestic violence indeed. But I didn‘t pick that up while reading either. 9mo
Cinfhen I think it works as onomatopoeia 😘😘and I was MORE annoyed by the ending of Klara. Regardless, I agree, too many meh or so-so books made the final 16! 9mo
sarahbarnes Great review. I‘m definitely on the fence about reading this one. 9mo
alisiakae @julesG @BarbaraBB @cinfhen well, echo is an onomatopoeia if you yell echo! 😂 But it also works for the mirror image on cover prompt. 9mo
julesG Barbara, yes, you are right. I thought more along the lines of 9mo
julesG @4thhouseontheleft I was way too far off thinking about stupid words you can yell in a canyon to get a slur as a reply than to actually realise "echo" was onomatopoeic. 9mo
thebluestocking I agree with you in the ending of this one. I also just felt liked it pushed up against (and maybe past) my willingness to suspend disbelief that some of the shenanigans weren‘t discovered. 🤷‍♀️ 9mo
Chelsea.Poole I finished this last week and just now getting to my review. I felt the same way you did 😊 9mo
Sharpeipup I bailed in the middle and feel better knowing it has a week ending. Thank you for that! 9mo
kwmg40 I agree with your assessment of the book, but I did really enjoy this one despite the flaws. 9mo
BarbaraBB @thebluestocking @Chelsea.Poole @Sharpeipup I found it so improbable that someone who was living solely for science would throw that all away for someone who she despised in the first place. I could get over that because I liked the way their relationship developed but after that ending also being improbable I feel a bit let down! 9mo
BarbaraBB @kwmg40 That is true, it certainly is enjoyable! 9mo
Mindyrecycles I liked it but am surprised it‘s in the tourney, too. Not what I would consider literary. Interesting premise, though, and kept my attention. My husband read it, too, after I told him a little about it. That‘s never happened before with a tob contender! 9mo
BarbaraBB @Mindyrecycles That‘s true, it kept my attention too. What did your husband think of it? 9mo
Mindyrecycles He liked it but didn‘t love it. 8mo
Readerann @BarbaraBB I totally agree about the start, middle, and weak end. 6mo
BarbaraBB @Readerann Do you think it was Tob worthy? 6mo
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The Murmur of Bees | Sofa Segovia
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This was a surprising blend of historical fiction and magical realism. The best thing about it is that they completely worked together! Both aspects drew me in. The historical aspect was set during the Spanish Flu, so I was immediately drawn to learn more about that, and the mysterious element helped make it a truly unique story. #NewYearWhoDis #MountTBR #PopSugar2022 #OnomatopoeiaInTitle @monalyisha @jen_the_scribe

jen_the_scribe This was one of my favorites from last year, so glad you enjoyed it! 9mo
Bren912 Love your first@sentence review! Spot on! 7mo
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