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Sandman | Neil Gaiman
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Bk1 of #Scarathlon2022 & #20in4 #readathon is done! Loved this full cast recording of a comp of Sandman GN inc: The Song Of Orpheus, Brief Lives & Worlds End. Brilliant stories told by a brilliant actors. 5⭐️ #WordSearch #LittenListenBingo #AutumnAtoZ #31x31 #Spookaween #Pointsathon #AutumnBingo #JustALittleSpookish #StabbyBingo #NoShameReadathon #OctoberReadathon #Thrillathon #TheHauntingOfReadersHouse #BooktrovertBingo 👇 #TeamSlaughter 2,381pts

Catsandbooks Woo! 🖤 13h
DieAReader 🎉🎉 13h
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Clwojick Awesome! Way to go! 12h
TheSpineView Fantastic 12h
Ann_Reads Wow! Good for you! 🎃👍 12h
aperfectmjk Get it girl!!! 👏 12h
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The Hacienda | Isabel Caas
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This was a low pick for me. I ended up listening to it on audio (only during the day). I feel like I should have been creeped out while reading, but I wasn‘t really.

The story surprised me and I did enjoy it. I just felt like it was missing something for me to love this book. Not sure what.

It had:
Creepy house 🏠
Ghosts 👻
Mystery 🧐
Gothic Horror
Historical fiction

Using for #NoShameReadathon - Supernatural horror
#BOTM #Debut

The Night Shift | Alex Finlay
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I picked this one up for #NoShameReadathon - Slasher horror pick

I‘m not a horror person, I‘m such a wimp and I‘m definitely not a slasher film person! So I was definitely hesitant. Definitely a bit gruesome at the end.

However, I really liked this book and couldn‘t put it down. It was also a super quick read.


Andrew65 Great 👏👏👏 2mo
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Breathless | Amy McCulloch
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This was a low pick for me. I‘m kind of over thrillers, but decided to give this one a try.

Cecily is given the opportunity of a lifetime, climb a mountain over 8,000 meters with a team. If she summits, she gets an interview that will help her journalism career. But there is a killer on the mountain. I wasn‘t expecting who the killer was and the twists were good.

#Booked2022 - about an expedition
#NoShameReadathon - thriller

ReadingOver50 I really enjoyed this book 3mo
Cinfhen This actually sounds good, because im kind of over thrillers too!! 3mo
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Untitled | Untitled
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Thanks for the tag @EadieB !

1. So-So. I‘m behind on my GR challenge to read 200 books. I‘m only at 95, so I‘m 6 books behind. I‘m completely slacking on #ShelfofShame, doing good at #pop22 and doing okay at #NoShameReadathon and okay at #Booked2022

2. The #ShelfofShame is to read books I already own. Supposed to read 12, haven‘t read 1 😬. But I have been reading my own books not on that list.


TheSpineView At least you are working on already owned. Better than me for sure! Thanks for playing! 3mo
EadieB You're welcome! Thanks for playing! 3mo
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Wuthering Heights | Bronte Emily
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I finally read Wuthering Heights and honestly I think some of the movies are better (especially the one with Timothy Dalton). The book was just so dark and Heathcliff so monstrous. I am glad I finally read it though.
#BFC2022 @wanderinglynn
#BookSpinBingo @TheAromaofBooks
#NoShameReadathon #DarkRomance @Nessavamusic

wanderinglynn I‘m not a fan of the book either. 4mo
Nessavamusic I have yet to make it through this one. 4mo
TheAromaofBooks I finally made it through this one thanks to the #PemberLittens' buddy read earlier this year. I was NOT a fan! Early in the book I printed off a little cast of characters/family tree and I've never enjoyed crossing people off as they kipped over quite so much 😂 4mo
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Shamela | Henry Fielding
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Approximately Mid-Year No Shame Readathon Update. I'm currently at 56%. (I am also terrible at tagging my books.)

@Nessavamusic #NoShameReadathon

Nessavamusic Awesome job!! 4mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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I planned TBR for June, here are fantasy/scifi books. My list to choose from :) #SciFiJune

Clwojick I love the Etiquette and Espionage series from Gail Carringer. Hoping to read Soulless for the #NoShameReadathon 4mo
PageShifter @Clwojick That series I haven't read!! But this series by her I have finished and even wanted to read this short-story. I hope you'll enjoy this series as much as I 💞💞 That readathon seems to be unfamiliar to me 🧐 4mo
Clwojick I just heard about it a few days ago, but it‘s been running since the beginning of the year. I decided I had to join in though, since the prompts are all sub genres. 💛 4mo
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PageShifter @Clwojick sounds fun :) 4mo
truebookaddict Now that's an awesome list to choose from! Glad you are joining us for another readathon. I hope you enjoy the reading! 😊 4mo
PageShifter @truebookaddict Thank you, I am so excited. Even though I have already edited my TBR sooo many times. But. I hope I'll get some of these read as well, haha 4mo
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Rebeca / Rebecca | Daphne Du Maurier
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Looks like I‘m doing pretty good with the #NoShameReadathon challenge so far this year. I‘ve finished 17/25, leaving 8 more to go! I used some sticky notes to jot down some options for the subcategories I have left, since they‘re not ones I‘m super familiar with. @Nessavamusic

Bookwormjillk Sticky notes is a good idea! 4mo
Clwojick @Bookwormjillk Yes! I couldn‘t survive without my stick notes. So handy for bullet journaling and planning layouts or upcoming reading. 🌸 4mo
Nessavamusic Love that, I wish I were better at journaling. 4mo
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Sapphire I love your journaling lay out 4mo
Clwojick @Nessavamusic @Sapphire Thanks! 🌸🌺 4mo
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When Dimple Met Rishi | Sandhya Menon
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So nothing really wrong with this one. It‘s just not my genre. I feel a bit uncomfortable reading about teens kissing and making out.

I only read this for #NoShameReadathon - YA romance

It was of course very predictable. I was a bit uncomfortable with her parents trying to marry her off at 18 in a contemporary novel.

I did like that she had passions in web design and really worked at her goals and didn‘t have to change herself.

Nessavamusic It is a cute one. I feel past YA contemporaries too. The older I get the less I can tolerate teen drama. 😉 5mo
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