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Infinite Jest | David Foster Wallace
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Two-for-one since I missed yesterday. 😬

DAY 11 #BeautifulStranger | Joelle Van Dyne aka P.G.O.A.T.

DAY 12 #Future | Maybe one day I‘ll read more DFW. I‘m still hungover from this nearly 3 years later. 🤯


emilyhaldi Lol I don‘t think I will ever have the strength to attempt DFW 4w
merelybookish @emilyhaldi Me neither. But always impressed by those who do! 4w
Tex2Flo I finally gave away my Infinite Jest. Having it on the shelf so long seemed like a “failure to launch” kind of situation. Unneeded negativity. 4w
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Cinfhen I remember that buddy read!! Was it nearly 3 years ago?!! Was it with @saresmoore @LauraBeth and @LeahBergen ??? 4w
britt_brooke @emilyhaldi @merelybookish I never would‘ve gotten through it without the buddy read here, but I loved it. It forces you to pay attention to so many details. It changed me as a reader. 4w
britt_brooke @Tex2Flo No need to have it staring you down! I bet that was freeing. 😆 I need to do that with a few, tbh. 4w
britt_brooke @Cinfhen I was trying to remember who all made it through. I know @LeahBergen did! @JenP was the host but she‘s been missing from Litsy for a bit now. Help, Leah! Who else was in that group?! Why is my memory so bad ... 😩 4w
LeahBergen @britt_brooke @Cinfhen It‘s still one of my proudest accomplishments. 😆😆 I can‘t remember exactly who read it with us either! @Simona @Hooked_on_books , I think? 🤔 4w
Cinfhen I miss @JenP 😢😢 4w
LeahBergen @Cinfhen Me, too! 4w
Hooked_on_books @LeahBergen Yes, I was in it. And I made it through! I remember @britt_brooke ended up loving it but I did not. 🙃 4w
britt_brooke @Hooked_on_books I remember that now, Holly! Credit to you for finishing it even though you weren‘t a fan. It was tedious. 4w
BarbaraBB I remember you all reading this when I just discovered Litsy. I was so impressed. I still am. I think such a buddy read is the only way to get though a book like that! 4w
Simona Yes, you are right @LeahBergen and despite that at the end I wasn‘t enthusiastic, I still often think, especially about complexity of the structure in that book. 4w
Hamlet You might try DFW‘s essay collections; they are marvelous and accessible. His piece “The View from Mrs. Thompson‘s” on the 9/11 tragedy is particularly worthwhile. 3w
britt_brooke @Hamlet That‘s a good idea - thanks! 3w
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The woman in white | Wilkie COLLINS
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Walter Hartright encounters a #beautifulstranger all in white and his life is forever changed from there ad he unravels the mystery of her past. Gothic horror at its finest 🖤

batsy Nice one! 4w
Cinfhen This would work for #Booked2020 #GothicHorror 👻 4w
Kalalalatja I was so impressed by this! 4w
Tamra So good! 4w
Reviewsbylola I need to reread this one. 3w
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#MOvember #beautifulstranger

Yeine and Nahadoth.

Jemisin's trilogy is amazing.

Cinfhen I still haven‘t gotten to book one, which I own #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 4w
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Emily Dickinson: Poems | Emily Dickinson
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Emily was quite the #beautifulstranger. She rarely left her bedroom, much less her house, and often insisted on speaking to visitors through her closed from door. #movember

cathysaid I feel ya, Emily. 💕 4w
Cinfhen Interesting #LiveAndLearn 4w
BarbaraBB I didn‘t know! Interesting fact! 4w
emilyhaldi My kinda gal 3w
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Hello! | Janine Amos
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#Movember #BeautifulStranger

Today my older sister, her husband, and my godson Isaac got to meet this beautiful stranger, Amos Matthew, today!

I can‘t wait to meet him myself! 🥰

DGRachel Congratulations! 4w
Amiable Congratulations! I love the name! 4w
Reviewsbylola Congrats. I love the name Amos! 4w
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Sace Congratulations! 4w
BookwormAHN Congratulations 💙 4w
Chrissyreadit Congrats! 4w
Wife How wonderful! I think I remember you announcing your godson‘s birth on Litsy too! 💙💙💙 4w
CrowCAH @Wife yup, I did; almost two years ago! 😊 4w
Cinfhen Awwww, he‘s beautiful 💙congratulations 🍼looks like he‘s a big hearty baby xx so cute 4w
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#beautifulstranger #movember
Quite a few on my kindle with beautiful in the title. Only these two with stranger. Not yet read either of them 😁

Cinfhen Gotta love that search feature on Kindle & GoodReads 💕 4w
charl08 Not read it either. Must read it! 4w
TrishB @charl08 I‘m train travelling end of next week if that suits you for our buddy read? I try to save kindle reads for travelling. 4w
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TrishB @Cinfhen especially for tired people who‘ve had long days ♥️ 4w
charl08 Sounds good! 4w
Velvetfur Oohh, Stuart Hall was mentioned several times in that book I read recently, 'Homecoming', about the Windrush generation. 😊 4w
batsy I'd love to read the Stuart Hall book, as well! He was amazing 💜 4w
TrishB @charl08 👍🏻 cool I‘ll start on or about 22 Nov 😁 as in train to London then. 4w
TrishB @Velvetfur @batsy looking forward to getting to it even more now! 4w
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As Ted Severson gets talking to a woman in a Heathrow bar he sees no harm in confessing his secrets to this #beautifulstranger, but by the time they land in Boston a murderous plan is formed.

#Movember @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Great pick 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4w
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Lily and Dunkin | Donna Gephart
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When Dunkin sees a #beautifulstranger in the form of a blond girl, in a red dress, with eyes as blue as forest lakes, he becomes instantly interested in learning more about her. But the next time he meets the girl, she is wearing boy‘s clothes and says her name is Tim. Which is the name Lily was given at birth, but not the name of her real self.

And so begins the story of Lily and Dunkin, which is shaping up to be just wonderful ❤️


JennyM This sounds a great read! 4w
Kalalalatja @JennyM I‘m using it as my #diversemiddlegrade book for #Booked2019, and it is really great so far. I got through half of it on audio during my commute today 👌 4w
Cinfhen Lovely MG choice 💕 4w
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The Accidental | Ali Smith
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Another collage of covers for the novel that made me fall in love with Ali Smith. A family of four is on vacation when the #beautifulstranger Amber shows up. Who she is, no one knows but her brief stay has immense impact on each member of the family.
Love, love, love this book! It's bizarre and brilliant and the language is so vivid, it crackles!
@Cinfhen #MOvember

Cinfhen Ohhh!! What a great blurb. I don‘t have the best track record with Ms. Smith but I‘m very tempted to try this book!!! 4w
MayJasper I need to try an Ali Smith 4w
AnneCecilie This is still on my tbr. Maybe next year? 4w
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emilyhaldi Oh man I need to get my hands on this one!! I ❤️ Ali Smith 4w
merelybookish @Cinfhen I would love you to try it. But it is strange... 4w
Cinfhen I‘ll watch for a used copy or a library loan. It‘s worth a try 4w
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Bunny: A Novel | Mona Awad
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Strange, wealthy women who call each other “Bunny” invite outsider Samantha Mackey into their clique.

#beautifulstranger #MOvember @Cinfhen

⚠️ Disturbing scenes of harming rabbits occur.

Cinfhen I heard about this book!! It‘s meant to be dark & disturbing 😳 4w
Emilymdxn I found this very odd but it was one of the best books I read this year I think! 4w
AnansiGirl @Cinfhen oh it lives up to the dark & disturbing reputation! 😧 4w
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AnansiGirl @Emilymdxn trippiest book I‘ve read this year. I don‘t think another is going to outrank it before 2019 ends. 4w
Sace Thanks for the warning. I'll be taking this off the TBR. 4w
AnansiGirl @Sace the book should have a warning but I‘m not seeing it on the blogs or goodreads reviews. It‘s bananas as is without that scene. 4w
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