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The Song of the Lark | Willa Cather
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Thea struggled to achieve her dream, which was to become an opera singer, but I didn't like her character as much as I did Alexandra in Oh Pioneers and Antonia. They struggled with the land and had humility. I didn't sense humility with Thea.

I cannot say enough about the descriptive writing of the environment. Just gorgeous.
#classicschallenge2020 @Reviewsbylola #Booked2020 #ArmchairTravel
#PopSugar20 - passes the Bechdel test.

Reviewsbylola This is a Cather I haven‘t read. I liked the two books of hers I‘ve read but they didn‘t resonate with me enough to make me want to read her other books. 5d
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Challenges | Serge Lang

Why do I enjoy challenges? Let me tell ya. To learn. I didn't know about the Bechdel test. Thank goodness for #PopSugar20, I now know.

To pass a Bechdel test, a book has to have 2 named female characters who have a conversation about anything, except about a man. Am I the only one who never heard of it?

And I think I found one.

Cinfhen I needed to look up the definition as well😁what book are you thinking of using??? 6d
Megabooks I had heard of it, but just this year. 6d
olivia.ferz I've never heard of this!! 6d
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Butterfinger @Cinfhen Song of the Lark. A few conversations were held between women about music and art. 6d
Butterfinger @olivia.ferz apparently it started with a comic in the 80s. Who knew? 6d
Cinfhen Thanks 6d
Butterfinger @Cinfhen I'm also going to be using it for #ArmchairTravel because of the lovely description of the desert and I have always wanted to visit the ancient homes of the Pueblo or Anasazi of the Southwest. One of these days. 5d
Scochrane26 I knew about it related to movies but didn‘t know it‘s used for other media, too. (edited) 5d
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If you‘re a foodie, romantic, #armchairTraveler, mother or caregiver this book will fill your heart with a swell of emotions. In the most soothing voice Tembi Locke shares her short but intense love story. Audio includes authentic recipes from Tembi‘s kitchen as her husband, Saro was an acclaimed chef. #InfiniteTissueRead

👇🏽challenge prompts

BarbaraBB These prompts! Amazing! You will be finished by March 😉🥰 6d
BarbaraTheBibliophage Nice! I‘ve seen this a few times and wondered about it. ♥️📚👊🏻 6d
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Librarybelle Way to stack the challenges! Awesome! ❤️❤️❤️ 6d
Amandajoy Foodie, romantic, arm chair traveler? You have me sold! Adding it to my audio queue. 6d
Cinfhen I hope you love the audio as much as I did @Amandajoy hearing all the Italian & Sicilian was extra special 6d
Cinfhen So wonderful how all my books are fitting so many challenges @Librarybelle @BarbaraBB I REALLY ENJOYED this one @barbarathebibliophage 6d
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In Other Words | Jhumpa Lahiri
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I understand falling in love with language. I went to college determined to make Arabic love me. Alas, it was just a 3 semester hookup, but I still remember it fondly.

Lahiri fell in love in college, too, with Italian. But she did not give up on her lover. Traveling to Italy a number of times, not only to marvel at the history, but also at the language. Throughout the book, I imagined the essays as a dialogue with and through her lover. 4⭐️ ⬇️

Megabooks @Cathythoughts it‘s on my TBR! I‘ll have to move it up. 3w
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Cinfhen Arabic? Wow!!! It‘s a hard language to read, write and speak. Super impressive. Great review and wonderful choice for #ArmChairTravel 3w
Megabooks @Cinfhen Thanks! I can still read it a bit, but the speaking is totally gone. 3w
Tamra 😆 Great mini-love story re: Arabic. 3w
Megabooks @Tamra I always try to keep my reviews exciting! 🤣 3w
4thhouseontheleft 🤣 I love your review. 😍 3w
Megabooks @4thhouseontheleft Thank you! 😁 3w
Suet624 I‘ve been watching Messiah on Netflix. I love the fact that they use so many different languages in each episode. Arabic is one of them. 3w
Megabooks @Suet624 Cool! Thanks for the heads up. I hadn‘t heard of that one. 3w
BarbaraBB Fab review 3w
Megabooks @BarbaraBB Thanks friend! I hope you had a good day! 😘 3w
BarbaraBB Yes! I had a meet-up with an old friend. Gave me so much energy catching up! Happy sleeping now! I hope you‘re having a good day too 😘 3w
Librarybelle I should read this one...I‘ve been so tempted to read it and just haven‘t officially picked it up. Maybe I will have to soon! 3w
Megabooks @BarbaraBB that‘s awesome! There‘s nothing like an old friend to brighten your day. 😁😁🥂 3w
Megabooks @Librarybelle Same here. I put it off for years, and it ended up being much more interesting than I expected! I‘m excited to see what she does next. 3w
readordierachel Fantastic review! 3w
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Before the Coffee Gets Cold | Toshikazu Kawaguchi
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I love this typical Japanese way of writing, the sparce words, the need to read between the lines. This one is a little gem.
It‘s about a cafe where people can travel in time but when they come back, the present is unchanged. So what is the point of visiting the past? And yet it does make sense. Wow!

Thanks again Carolyn for sending me this one❤️. As promised it‘s coming your way now Cindy!

#pop20 #jennyis30

TrishB I got this one for Christmas 😁 looking forward to to it 👍🏻 3w
mhillis I like this story too and there is also a movie! (edited) 3w
Cathythoughts I see this one in the bookshop ... very drawn to it now 👍🏻❤️ 3w
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BarbaraBB @TrishB I hope you will like it! 3w
BarbaraBB @mhillis Is there? A Japanese one? 3w
BarbaraBB @Cathythoughts I think you might enjoy it too 💕 3w
mhillis @BarbaraBB Yes! It has been subtitled in English. I watched it last month on the airplane! 3w
BarbaraBB @mhillis That sounds great. I‘d really like to watch that too. I will check out If it is on view anywhere here! 3w
Cinfhen Thank you lovely @BarbaraBB and my dear friend @CarolynM 💕💕I‘m happy to pass the book along to @Cathythoughts after I read it!! Seems appropriate to keep a time traveling book traveling 😜 3w
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen That is a great idea, to keep it travelling ❤️! @Cathythoughts 3w
Cathythoughts @Cinfhen Thanks! That‘s great Cindy , I‘d be delighted , & happy to send it on again. This is for the #armchairtravel prompt too , well we are working this prompt beautifully.. (edited) 3w
Cinfhen I‘m curious to hear what @jenniferw88 says about the “cat” prompt 😂😂😂 3w
jenniferw88 @Cinfhen it works! Basically anything goes! 3w
Cinfhen Hahaha, that‘s awesome @jenniferw88 so I might just use this one then 3w
jenniferw88 @Cinfhen yes. I'm either going to use The Silver Collar (there's a character called Kitty) or 3w
BarbaraBB @jenniferw88 Thanks for going easy! You‘re safed too now @Cinfhen 😂😘 3w
Cinfhen Thanks Barbara for the suggestion/ I still might read this book @jenniferw88 3w
CarolynM Glad you enjoyed it, Barbara🙂 @Cinfhen @Cathythoughts 😘😘 It will be a very well travelled book! 3w
Cinfhen It‘ll be neat to see how many countries and continents this book will travel @CarolynM @BarbaraBB @Cathythoughts 🥰 3w
KarenUK This one sounds lovely.... 💕 3w
Cathythoughts @KarenUK yes, it does. Will you be next in line after me Karen ? 3w
KarenUK @Cathythoughts oooh that would be lovely!! 💕 3w
Cathythoughts @KarenUK oh great !! @Cinfhen hasn‘t even got her copy yet ... then me ... then I‘ll send it to you ! 👍🏻❤️this is fun ... We‘ll be in touch 😁 3w
BarbaraBB @Cathythoughts @KarenUK It takes forever to reach Israel but you‘re in for a treat when it finally reaches you 😀💚 3w
Cathythoughts @BarbaraBB @KarenUK @Cinfhen @CarolynM So , is it Melbourne - Amsterdam- Israel ( not sure of your city Cindy ) - Cork - Florida ( city ? ) .... woohooo we are some networkers 💪🏻 (edited) 3w
Cathythoughts And that‘s only the beginning..... this book will be well read 📚😍 #LitsyLibrary (edited) 3w
Cinfhen Love this xxxx so great to know it‘s eventually winging its way to you my dear friend @karenUk 💖🙌🏻 3w
KarenUK @cinfhen this thread makes me so happy! Love a Littens so much! 💕 3w
BarbaraBB @KarenUK @cinfhen @Cathythoughts @CarolynM This book really travels the world. Love it 😍 3w
Megabooks Definitely stacking this one! Great review Barbara!! 3w
BarbaraBB @KarenUK I think I have a next address for you for the book ⬆️ @Megabooks 😀 3w
KarenUK @megabooks perfect! 👍😊💕 3w
Megabooks @KarenUK thank you!! 3w
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The Great Alone | Kristin Hannah
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My first book of 2020!! This was a fantastic compelling story. So many emotions!! The characters went through so much but there was a consistent theme of community and love that brought hope. Definitely a worthwhile read. PLUS it works for the Armchair Travel prompt for #booked2020 and the Rural Setting prompt for #readharder! Thank you @cathygee for the excellent gift!
@Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft

Cinfhen Yes!!! Alaska is totally another character in this novel/ great choice for #ArmchairTravel 🥶 4w
maleahrae Absolutely!! @Cinfhen Thank you! 4w
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One review says it‘s more than a love story, it‘s about the author learning and building a new life in Paris, after she fell in love with a Frenchman and the French cuisine. This light memoir comes with recipes, so it sounds really good, if you love food and 🇫🇷. The author‘s 2nd book, Picnic In Provence, follows her, her husband, and baby-on-the-way, to Provence where they ventured into artisanal ice cream business.
#MOvember #livingforlove

ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled This will be the perfect book for my francophile teenage daughter!! ❤️ 🇫🇷 She‘s traveling to Paris next summer. 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Ooo, exciting! Hope she‘ll have a great summer there! 🇫🇷 @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled 2mo
Cinfhen This sounds like fun and great for #ArmChairTravel #Booked2020 2mo
lynneamch Enjoyed this one. Also just watched and liked this movie adaptation of another Provence-themed book 2mo
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I‘m only on chapter 6 but what an eccentric cast of characters.....and they aren‘t fictional 😉I‘m intrigued so far #MidnightParty #NonFictionNovember

Cinfhen OMG!!! Chapter 7 was WILD 😳I hope none of you are going to be offended....lots of foul language and The Lady Chablis is quite a character 😛 (edited) 2mo
SamanthaMarie I looooove this book!!! :) 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm I‘m not able to start yet! 2mo
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vivastory Your posts are making me really eager to start this, but honestly it might be a couple of days before I do. I really want to finish Dark Tower before I begin any other books right now. 2mo
Balibee146 I'm only a couple of chapters in but loving this.... Its making me want to travel 👍 2mo
Suet624 A great story. This book got me interested in reading non-fiction 2mo
Cinfhen I always say real life is stranger than fiction @Suet624 but this group is UNREAL 2mo
Cathythoughts I‘ve started too ...I liked the start with Jim Williams & Danny .... a lot more characters coming in now , but I‘m anxious to get back to the main story about the murder. Savannah sounds like an interesting place for sure 😁👍🏻 unusual place 2mo
Cathythoughts I have to keep reminding myself it‘s non - fiction 😳 2mo
Balibee146 I need to get a couple of hours reading tonight.... Need to get to Chapter 7 right 😉😁👍 cheers reading buddies 💕 2mo
lele1432 Ugh my audio loan has been saying "available soon in the next few days" since last week! ? Hopefully it will come through tonight or tomorrow lol 2mo
Bookzombie You are all making me want to push this one up on my TBR. 🙂 2mo
mrp27 I enjoyed this book so much I added a stop in Savannah on my cross country road trip (summer 2001) Loved the city. 2mo
Cinfhen This book is great for #ArmChairTravel but like you, @Cathythoughts I‘m curious about the murder....I purposely haven‘t read anything about it so I don‘t even know who was murdered and who was accused of murder @Balibee146 @mrp27 @lele1432 it reads pretty quickly so I‘m sure you‘ll catch up. @erzascarletbookgasm @vivastory haven‘t begun either so no worries. If you have a copy and want to join in @Bookzombie feel free!!!! 2mo
Cathythoughts I thought everyone knew ( I didn‘t) about this murder because it‘s a true story.... I‘ll be careful with my comments when I get there 👍🏻😘 (edited) 2mo
Cinfhen Ha, nope I‘m ignorant of all info @Cathythoughts and it‘s better that way... but don‘t worry about slipping up ❣️ 2mo
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This is a story of the investigation into a true crime that happened in Iceland in 1974. It‘s a bit dry with lots of emphasis on the mistakes made. The real gem is the historical facts about Iceland #ArmchairTravel ⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2

Cinfhen Uh, too bad it wasn‘t great! I‘ll still keep it on my list #ReadingEurope2020 2mo
Freespirit Yes keep it on the list @Cinfhen it is very readable😄 2mo
Cathythoughts Sounds good ! I‘m thinking book challenges 2020 too 👍🏻❤️ 2mo
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