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Anna Akhmatova: Selected Poems
Anna Akhmatova: Selected Poems | Anna Akhmatova
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Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966) is among the most moving and revered voices in Russian literature. A poet of passion and conscience, she was persecuted after the Revolution and under Stalin, but chose to remain in Russia and bear witness. Her works capture a rich emotional world - poems such as A Ride and By the Seashore reflect a complex attitude to love or explore the duality of her own nature, while others, such as Courage and In 1940, evoke the horrors of war. And in her two great poem cycles, Requiem and Poem without a Hero, she creates a heart-rending depiction of a mother waiting outside a prison for news of her son and a magical layering of the old, joyous St Petersburg upon a tormented Leningrad.
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Selected Poems | Anna Andreevna Akhmatova
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From a biographical note by Akhmatova, included in the tagged book:

‘I have never stopped writing poems. For me they are my connection with time, with the new life of my people. In writing them I was living in the rhythms which were to be heard in the heroic history of my country. I am happy that I have lived in these times and seen events, the like of which have never been.‘

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TheSpineView 😊 3w
Severnmeadows Cover portrait by K. Petrov-Vodkin (1922) 2w
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Selected Poems | Anna Andreevna Akhmatova
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The swans are carried on the wind,
the blue sky is bloodied.
The anniversary of the first days
of your love approaches.

You destroyed my powers,
the years flowed like water.
Why haven‘t you grown old,
but remain as you were then?

Your tender voice rings even clearer,
only your trouble-free brow
has been shadowed with snowy distinction
by the wing of time.


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Anna Akhmatova (1899-1966) first came into prominence as a Romantic poet, but it was her poetry about the horrors of the Russian Revolution that brought her fame. She endured decades of persecution. Her first husband, also a poet, was executed and her son imprisoned. She watched many of her artist friends die by suicide or execution. The poems talk of a history that I know very little. Serious, sad, intelligent and I want to know more.

gradcat I love the cover art, if that IS the cover...anyway, it‘s beautiful. 😍 4w
DivineDiana @gradcat It is the cover art for the Penguin edition. Could not find out the artist. 🤔 4w
gradcat Really nice cover 👍...love it! 4w
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“If an angel had stooped in its flight
Home to El Greco‘s heaven
To explain to me wordlessly
But with a summer smile
That more than all the seven
Deadly sins he was forbidden me.”
Painting- El Greco


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Alexander at Thebes

“Put it all to the fire! There were wonders-gate
And tower and temples-everywhere the king searched,
But suddenly his face brightened with a thought:
‘Be sure that the house of the Poet is not touched‘.”


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“Could Beatrice write with Dante‘s passion,
Or Laura have glorified love‘s pain?
Women poets- I set the fashion...
Lord, how to shut them up again!”


Painting of Anna Akhmatova by Olga Della-Vos-Kardovskaysa

batsy Such a stunning painting 😍 1mo
monalyisha Heck yeah! 😉🌸💪🏻 1mo
OleAnder I love those Russian names 1mo
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Cathythoughts Great post ✨✨✨✨✨ 1mo
DivineDiana @monalyisha ❤️ (edited) 1mo
DivineDiana @batsy @OleAnder @Cathythoughts ❤️❤️❤️ (edited) 1mo
readordierachel Love this! 💙 1mo
kspenmoll Love the verse & painting. The poet Jane Kenyon first introduced me to this poet in her book of writings called 4w
DivineDiana @kspenmoll How interesting! I plan on reading Jane Kenyon for my next book of poetry! 4w
kspenmoll @DivineDiana I love her work. Share your thoughts! 3w
DivineDiana @kspenmoll I plan on sharing, but my current problem is locating my book amidst my towering stacks!!! Not where I thought it would be! 🤔 3w
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In Dreams

Black and enduring separation
I share equally with you.
Why weep? Give me your hand,
Promise me you will come again.
You and I are like high
Mountains and we can‘t move closer.
Just send me word
At midnight sometime through the stars.


Izai.Amorim Great poem and gorgeous picture. 1mo
DivineDiana @Izai.Amorim ❤️ 1mo
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“Tomorrow, her children...Oh,what small things rest,
For her to do on earth-only to play
With this fool, and the black snake to her dark breast
Indifferently, like a parting kindness, lay.”


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When at night I wait for her to come,
Life, it seems hangs by a single strand,
What are glory,youth,freedom in comparison
With the dear welcome guest,a flute in hand?

She enters now. Pushing her veil aside,
She stares through me with her attentiveness
I question her:‘And were you Dante‘s guide,
Dictating the Inferno?‘She answers ‘Yes‘.


monalyisha Every time you tag me I immediately flash to Anna Karenina. 😆 2mo
DivineDiana @monalyisha I understand! Goal: to have this poet‘s name fall easily from my lips. 😉 2mo
monalyisha @DivineDiana It‘s actually a very pretty, rhythmic name! 2mo
Redwritinghood I‘ve got to read some of her stuff! 2mo
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“But the black sky grew lighter,
Someone called to us from a bridge.
With both hands I seized the chain
Of the cross on my breast.”


monalyisha That‘s a beautiful painting/beautiful butt. 🍑 2mo
DivineDiana @monalyisha Good observation! 😂 2mo
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By The Seashore

“And often the woman
Of the new farm called to me
Distantly:‘Why don‘t you drop in?
Everybody says you bring good luck.‘
I shouted back:‘Only horseshoes
And a new moon bring good luck
-And only if the moon is to your right.‘
I didn‘t like entering rooms.”


Severnmeadows Wonderful! 2mo
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Selected Poems of Anna Akhmatova | Anna Andreevna Akhmatova
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One of my Valentine‘s Day gifts. And it‘s all because of Litsy! My first Folio! #blameitonlitsy

BiblioLitten It‘s so pretty. 💙💙 3mo
Leftcoastzen Wow that‘s gorgeous! 3mo
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Mdargusch Pretty! 3mo
Cathythoughts Looks great 👍🏻💙 3mo
batsy Lovely gift 💙 I love what little of her I've read 3mo
DivineDiana @Mdargusch @Cathythoughts I thought so too! ❤️❤️ (edited) 3mo
DivineDiana @batsy Thank you! Glad to know! ❤️ 3mo
HardcoverHearts Welcome to the club of Folio Fanatics! 3mo
DivineDiana @HardcoverHearts Thank you! ❤️ 3mo
LeahBergen Yay!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
readordierachel Oh my, that's pretty! 3mo
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