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Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.
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Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak
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Finished it just in time to go back to study! And of course I loved it. But I am so not into series anymore so it will be hard to finish the next books.

Here's one of the things I did not like here:

(Spoiler in the comments)

OleAnder Daughter of Blomkvist randomly 'solving' the mystery. I think the author made up her interest in religion just so he had a way to glue things together and it seemed so cliché to me. 3d
OleAnder Didn't take much notice of it when I watched the film but now it just stood out for me 3d
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Been having a great slump lately due to torturous amounts of study ...
But finally with my assignment due in a month I have little spare time to read.
Having seen the film and knowing what happens, I started this with only the thought of getting to know more of Lisbeth, but I am so interested in the Vanger's family so much already! And of Blomkvist's affairs as well!
Lisbeth is just great. I would actually love to be her friend.

Erofan This great trilogy! I read it a long time ago, but it impressed me! I recommend to watch the swedish movie adaptation of the book, I liked it more! 5d
OleAnder @Erofan I didn't know there were Swedish versions of the films! I will definitely watch it!! 5d
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Too Many Books! | Gilles Tibo
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I had a couple units to throw out and no desk so I decided to save some money and just make one myself.
Sure it's a desk. Or have I just made another bookcase? 😂

I have no space for the books to go!! :///
And also many cuts on my hands.

Anyone else needing a bigger room?? I have many books I don't like but I can't(don't want to) get rid of them :( I threw out so many already!!

Tamra You wayyyy handier than me! 1w
tournevis One does not exclude the other! 1w
Moony Perhaps you can donate them? 1w
OleAnder @Moony I thought of that. But that's over 100 books. I don't know how many books people accept in the shops close to my home. They're all very small 1w
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Doctor Zhivago | Boris Pasternak
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I've started to feel better so I want to start reading again. Lately I have gotten back into science.
Do any of you know any good psychics/biology books?
Looking online and seeing all those hundreds of books ain't no help. Can't decide.

LeeRHarry Genome by Matt Ridley - slightly biased as I‘m a geneticist 😏 2mo
OleAnder @LeeRHarry Sounds interesting! I've been reading about autoimmune diseases recently. This will be good! Thanks xd 2mo
LaLecture What field of biology are you interested in? I‘ve heard good things about Sy Montgomery‘s books, especially the one about octopi. 2mo
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LaLecture “What If?” is a fun one too. It‘s a physicist giving scientific answers to rather weird questions. 2mo
OleAnder @LaLecture Honestly I like everything. I'm just not much interested in Chemistry, my brain doesn't want to follow. But Biology anything. I will check those out. Thank you!! 2mo
shanaqui I like David Quammen's work a lot! There's a whole series from Bloomsbury, Sigma, and that has a lot of pop science of all kinds. And I was fascinated by Doudna's A Crack in Creation -- she *beautifully* explains how CRISPR works. Oh, and The Emerald Planet was very good. Both Siddhartha Mukherjee's books so far... I'm mega interested in infectious diseases myself, though. I rec Kathryn Lougheed's book on TB, in that vein! 2mo
batsy Haven't read much of hard science books myself but this is on my list thanks to @Moray_Reads mentioning one of his other books 2mo
OleAnder @batsy @shanaqui Thank you guys!! I will check them all out!! 2mo
jb72 @LaLecture I read that book a few months ago and really enjoyed it. It was such an easy book to read, but I learned a lot about octopus. 2mo
jb72 This is next up for me if it ever comes in from the library. 2mo
PaperbackPirate I loved The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The Botany of Desire, and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. 1mo
OleAnder @PaperbackPirate Sounds like something I am interested mostly at the moment. Thank you!! 1mo
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Crooked House | Agatha Christie
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4 weeks in and I'm on a page 66.
Been so ill I couldn't even read my books aw😭

I miss them...

cobwebmoth Hope you're feeling better soon. 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Feel better soon!! 2mo
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RvnclawWhovian Hope you feel better soon! 2mo
Naj Get well soon 💚 2mo
TaciturnWhenReading Sorry to hear. I hope you are feeling better soon. 2mo
whatshesreadingnow Feel better soon 🤗 2mo
OleAnder Thank you all! :) 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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I like to know what people like to read, so what do you like?

My favourite thing is a book about insanity. Of a person slowly losing their mind. At around early 18' or 1900's; with that kind of writing. I also like journeys, drama and a murder mystery. A bit philosophical and historical. Annnd of course I love characters that just love reading.

It's so hard to explain what I like best in detail!!

MartinaLove Fantasy and mystery/thriller/horror. 🙂 2mo
OleAnder @MartinaLove Today I bought my first fantasy book ever! Hopefully it'll pull me into that kind of worlddd 2mo
Megabooks Essay collections right now 2mo
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Stacypatrice Psychological thrillers and true crime. 2mo
Naj Anything historical/political with good characterization. Something like slice-of-life stories. Apart from that murder mysteries. 2mo
Palimpsest I like non-fiction books about books or etymology. Classics, books with philosophy, historical fiction especially the Victorian era. Lately I‘ve been reading more poetry and I always read picture books with my little boy. My husband would probably love the psychological type books you described! 2mo
paigecon I really like historical fiction, especially about early 1900s in Europe. I feel like I learn something along with the story! 2mo
Erofan My choice of book depends on my mood. Today I want to read fiction, horror, thriller, and tomorrow I will read romance novels, detective stories or comics! 🙄 2mo
yourfavouritemixtape I like crime-stories with more than one storylines and strong characters 2mo
OleAnder @Megabooks I never actually read those but I wanna! Have you read any gooood ones?? 2mo
OleAnder @Stacypatrice I like them, I like the psychological thrillers where there is injustice or some messy stuff, haha. @Naj Ooh, I like political stuff too! I forgot about that uh 2mo
OleAnder @Palimpsest You've got a similar taste to me in some books! I love Classics as well, just bcs of how they are written. Always so nice to read and most cover so many subjects 2mo
OleAnder @paigecon Yes! Historical fiction is good because it doesn't drag and bore like most non fiction historical books do. And you do always learn from them!! @Erofan Sometimes I read something I barely read just bcs my mood is so strange. I never read comics though hmn 2mo
OleAnder @yourfavouritemixtape Strong characters are best. Most my favourite books have them 2mo
Megabooks Also anything by David Sedaris 2mo
Laura317 I love books set in WWII era, time travel books (Doctor Who, anyone?), some mysteries (think Louise Penny) and some Christian fiction. 2mo
bullbunny My favorite kinds of books are ones I get second hand embarrassment, I tend to embody the main character and picture myself as them in the situations they get in. Lately been enjoying contemporary 2mo
jillrhudy My favorite books are English country house mysteries, epic fantasies, and funny books about smart Southern women. 2mo
CouronneDhiver Quirky or unlikeable character with a strange story to tell and an unresolved ending 2mo
Naj @jillrhudy English country house mysteries sounds great. Any recommendations? 2mo
Simona I like when the characters are very unlikable, but the author managed to convince me through the stream of consciousness that I like them and understand them. 2mo
JazzFeathers My favourit genres are fantasy and mystery, especially if mixed with history, if early 1900s even better. I love stories where characters explore their identity and find their true selves. 2mo
jillrhudy @Naj you mean after the usual suspects? Christie and Doyle? Dorothy L. Sayers is my very favorite: Try “Have His Carcase.” Try Georgette Heyer‘s Hannasyde and Hemingway mysteries. Not as brilliant but fun. 2mo
Naj @jillrhudy Thank you 😊 2mo
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I fell asleep during study and when I woke, I remembered that you @GingerAntics commented you have an obsession with books about Accounting. I just tried to find it to comment back. But did that happen or was that a dream cause I can't find it 😂
I might spend too much time on here lol

GingerAntics That was definitely a dream. 🤣😂🤣 (edited) 2mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics See I wasn't sure. I woke up and went straight for litsy 😂 bit disoriented after the nap, haha 2mo
GingerAntics That‘s one hell of a dream. Damn woman!!! 🤣 2mo
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OleAnder @GingerAntics Oh, worse have happened. Some are sooo messed up, It's all because of books 😂 2mo
GingerAntics Oh totally been there. Dreams are trippy, and it doesn‘t help when they feel so real you can‘t figure out where they end and reality begins. 2mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics Oh god, yes. One really messy was switching between different scenarios. In one part, a Japanese woman was trapped in a cage and speaking to me in Japanese and I saw subtitles in front. I was washing dishes and on the TV we saw another woman that had her guts ripped out from inside. I woke up and thought WHaT. 😂 It made me so anxious I didn't go back to sleep lol 2mo
OleAnder Worse ones are from reading thrillers. I end up getting killed every time. 😂 Sometimes when I wake up I question if I'm really alive hah 2mo
GingerAntics 🤣😂🤣 2mo
GingerAntics I can officially say I have never had that happen before. 🤣😂🤣 Thats funny. 2mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics My mind goes crazy with dreams. While ago I dreamed about fly zombies and Angelina Jolie was in it 😂 so crazy 2mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics Are yours more realistic or just messed up crap like mine? Haha 2mo
GingerAntics 🤣😂🤣 mine are sort of a combination of the two. Some of them are really real. My journal is full of really realistic dreams, really weird dreams, and even dreams that were both. 2mo
GingerAntics When they mess with my head because they‘re one of the three, I usually end up journaling about it to help me let it go. 2mo
GingerAntics I used to play softball in my dreams, and it actually made me better on the field. It was really weird. 2mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics Oh, I never thought of dream journaling. Should try it and see if it helps me too. And what! How is that even possible! 😂 2mo
OleAnder When I was 6 years old I had a dream I found a child on the side of the road and I adopted it and took it to school etc. Only reason I remember it is that I for a whole month went to that place on my way to school to see if the baby was there. 😂 I never found it though 2mo
GingerAntics That‘s probably a good thing. That is a very odd dream. 2mo
GingerAntics I don‘t really dream journal, I only write in my journal about dreams that are still bothering me or still on my mind later in the day. 2mo
GingerAntics Apparently this is not entirely heard of. In a dream state, your brain is as active in very interesting ways, so if you dream of doing a drill repeatedly, you actually get the muscle memory from it. It‘s really quite interesting. It‘s apparently the same way that younger siblings of an athlete in their early years can get muscle memory just by watching their older sibling do something repeatedly (like play a sport). 2mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics That is ridiculous! But it's quite cool, tbh. I guess it's the same as thinking about future situations to prepare yourself for it. Like those ones you fear. Weird how mind works, haha 2mo
GingerAntics @OleAnder one is muscle memory and one isn‘t. Really good athletes have a ton of muscle memory. They can act without thinking to make plays because their muscles instinctively know what to do. Practicing situations is similar, though. It‘s like mental muscle memory. It‘s taking something not instinctual to you and hopefully making it instinctual. It‘s definitely similar. The human brain is just awesome. 2mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics That sounds interesting. I guess I always kind of knew that but never really thought about it. I think this is how habits work too. Like picking up a cigarette without thinking is just like throwing a ball, haha 2mo
GingerAntics Pretty much, I would imagine. 2mo
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Bookworm | Marie Lou
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Bookworm | Marie Lou
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Joys of reading books and wanting to live in one📖❤️

Bklover 💙💙 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Unrelated, but has anyone seen this film??
If you have... d'you know a book or another film like it?
If you haven't, you should watch it, it's good 😜 but do not read reviews cause I almost read a spoiler, they're everywhere 😂

dragondrool I liked it quite a bit. 3mo
Reggie Have you ever watched The Game with Michael Douglas? That was pretty good. 3mo
OleAnder @Reggie I have not! I will check it out, thanks! 3mo
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Rebecca | Daphne D Maurier
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There's one thing I both liked and disliked about this book; main characters assumptions and predictions.
I liked to read about her thoughts of what she hoped things to be, what she was afraid of things becoming, etc., but it was a little too much.

Either way this was beautifully written and a great story.

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Mystery of the Blue Train | Agatha Christie
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Loved it. Just what I needed to get out of the slump.

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1.My friend and I build a 2nd floor in my garage as our lil hideaway. One night we collected all kinds of fruits from our gardens and hid them to eat in upcoming days. But I took them home and ate them with my mother. The next day, when my friend and I went to our place, I pretended surprise to see them gone. Still makes me laugh at how savage I was😂
2.Two older sisters
3.Almost a year
4.Managerial Accounting
5. @Moony 😊
@Eggs #wondrouswednesday

GingerAntics Wow, that book sounds exciting. 3mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics Managerial Accounting? It hurts my brain 😂 I study it but I suck at math so badly 😂 3mo
Eggs Thanks for joining in ❣️ 3mo
Moony Oh thank you for tagging me. I had problems with litsy but now I'm here again. Perhaps I can answer the question next Wednesday. :) 3mo
OleAnder @Moony You're welcome. Sure you can xd 3mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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I wanted to join the #24b4Monday but 2 hours in and I'm out. Lol.

(The pic is an app I use to track sleep, reading and study. Helps to see how many hours I have left in a day and how I waste them... not that it helps me not procrastinate but at least I now feel guilty for it. It's a start.)

Also had to take a break from Shrike as I took a shower and kept seeing the dark shadow coming for me and I did not want to die.

Moony That ok, I read at the last two days 3 hours, also. But I finished a book and that's it. 😁 I love the readathon because you know all over the world other people read and have fun. 3mo
Andrew65 2 hours should still be celebrated. 👏 3mo
Andrew65 @Moony I agree totally.@😊 3mo
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OleAnder @Moony So truee! I love my fellow readers. If I can't read, I want to see other people read. Haha. Sometimes that is better than the act itself, really 3mo
OleAnder @Andrew65 Definitely! xd 3mo
courtney88jones @OleAnder You speak the truth. If I can't read, seeing others reading makes me happy. When's the next #24B4Monday 3mo
OleAnder @courtney88jones I think they do them on the last weekend of the month, but I am not sure... 😂 3mo
courtney88jones @OleAnder ok thank you!! 3mo
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Shrike | Joe Donnelly
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Almost half way through this book and even though 200+ pages read and over 5 murders, abductions, suicides... it doesn't feel like much happened at all...
I hooope something happens soon that will make me question.
I want more suspense. Ugh
But I'm enjoying it..

Too Many Books! | Gilles Tibo
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A friend sent it to me.
I don't understand it. Must be a language that's new in this world.

MayJasper I think you have that new virus called selective hearing 😊 3mo
TrishB Where‘s the fun in that? 3mo
GingerAntics That doesn‘t make any sense. Sales are sales. 🤷🏼‍♀️ We don‘t choose the timing of the book sales. If it‘s on the wish list and it‘s on sale, it gets purchased. It‘s logic. You can‘t argue with logic. 3mo
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wanderinglynn I don‘t understand either. I agree that it must be a new language. 😂 3mo
Slajaunie Ridiculous!! 3mo
OleAnder @TrishB Collecting books is just as fun as reading them, huh??👌 3mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics Exactlyyy. I don't understand what is so bad about buying many books anyway. People buy shit they don't need all the time. Books are worth the money though 3mo
TrishB Absolutely 😁 it‘s a comfort blanket! 3mo
GingerAntics Totally agree!!! 3mo
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Saw this book at the library today and I feel like this is the kind of thing that I need.

I need to calm the f**k down. 😂

zezeki I need this too 🙈 3mo
GingerAntics Sign me up!!! 3mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics I also asked about Wolf Tales but they had no physical copies :// I ended up reading Shakespeare on the floor. Uh. I must go back and get the tagged!! I forgot my library card pff 3mo
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GingerAntics Why on the floor? 🤨😆 3mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics The books were on the bottom shelves. Once I was down, I was down 😂 3mo
GingerAntics Oh then that makes total sense. Bottom shelves are insane. 3mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics They are! Good thing no one seemed to mind. Except a very grumpy old man that just didn't have the space to pass me :/ I thought books made you happy. Must have been his first time. 3mo
GingerAntics Yeah, the grumpy old man doesn‘t count. It seems like old people are either really grumpy or really nice...whichever extreme is more similar to their personality. 3mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics Lol, that's so true. I don't think I've met one that's in between 3mo
GingerAntics Right? Where is the happy medium old person? lol 3mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics I think that's who we are going to become. Or just one of the grumpy's, haha 3mo
GingerAntics I kind of hope I am. I‘m always too nice. I hope I‘m a royal bitch in my old age. 3mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics I'm an in between right now. I can be so nice but then I can also be an absolute bitch. It looks like the latter is winning though. So we can have conversations about how much we hate this planet while sipping tea with books on our lap when we get to that age. Lol. 3mo
OleAnder I do it already. On my own. 😂 3mo
GingerAntics I do that with Americans right now. I think it shocks people that I am one. 3mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics It's always our own we hate the most, huh? 3mo
GingerAntics That makes sense. We see them all the time and see the seedy underbelly, but most of what I dislike is stuff other people see. Americans are really good at looking like idiots. 3mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics I was going to say well, you can't control the whole nation. But one person has the power to do that. But yeah, he's not doing a very fine job 😂 3mo
GingerAntics Oh he‘s controlling the nation right into the nut house. 🙄 3mo
GingerAntics He‘s the supreme leader of the idiots. 3mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics It's so crazy. Honestly. People should be able to vote again after a 6 month trial. 6 months is enough to see how a person does the job. But that's just how it is. Look at the Brexit. What they are doing is not what people voted for. 3mo
GingerAntics They don‘t care. They got people to vote for one thing and now they‘re doing whatever they want. They refuse to even do a second referendum to see if people still want this madness. I watched a grown man throw a tantrum live on BBC news because he‘s getting called onto the carpet for doing whatever he wants and it what people voted for. 3mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics And that is why I hate politics. 3mo
GingerAntics @OleAnder right? I know I‘m supposed to care and all, but why? They‘re going to do whatever they want anyway. Power corrupts people, even good people eventually break to it in order to survive. 3mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics Very true!! Which is why I'm scared of the day I become a successful, powerful billionaire(trust me, it will happen 😂 😂) I hope not to lose my clarity then... lol 3mo
GingerAntics @OleAnder you and me both 3mo
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I saw this on the internet and just had to share 😅😂

Tamra 😂😜😂😜😂 3mo
JacqMac 😂 3mo
gradcat 😂😂😂 3mo
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xicanti When I told my mother about Marie Kondo over family supper, she ordered me to leave her house. My aunt was scandalized. 3mo
Sungirl79 😂😂 3mo
OleAnder @xicanti 😅😂 3mo
ByChallaF 😂😂😂😂😋 3mo
GingerAntics 🤣😂🤣 3mo
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The Social Philosophers | Robert A. Nisbet
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I might have made it worse. 😂🙈

Kimberlone Haha I have some old paperback that definitely have fallen apart like that 4mo
deadrabbitsbooks I think half my books have pages stuck together because of coffee 🤷🏼‍♀️ 3mo
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The Social Philosophers | Robert A. Nisbet
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My reading break is over and my study break started. I pick up one of the books I started and not finished last year and this happens!
Yeah. The spine is so easily broken...

Linsy So sad 😞 4mo
Moony Oh no 4mo
C.Perone ☹️ 4mo
tournevis PVC book glue. I have a bottle at home and use it when needed. 4mo
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Walkers | Graham Masterton
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Anyone use a good fitness app to track your walks?
I have one but I do not like it. Reviews are not always true so I can't decide.
I only want to map my walks and miles. I don't care about other stuff most apps have lol.
I want to get in the habit of audiobook-walking.
(Pic from net)

candority I use Strava when I want to track my hikes, and it works well! I‘m not sure what @DarcysMom uses, but it looks good too! (edited) 4mo
MelissaSue81 I use MapMyRun 4mo
Awk_Word_Smith Free: Pacer / Paid: Fitbit 4mo
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julesG @Awk_Word_Smith Fitbit is paid? I'm using the app free of charge, but I have a fitbit device. 4mo
OleAnder @candority @MelissaSue81 I will check them both out and see how they work for me, thanks!! 4mo
OleAnder @Awk_Word_Smith thanks!! @julesG Do you have the smart watch..? I'm thinking of getting something like that... I just want something that is fairly accurate and will keep me motivated. Lol 4mo
julesG No, I've had the same Fitbit One tracker for five years now. It doesn't have all the sparkly functions the watch offers, but I just wanted a step count and that's what it does. 4mo
OleAnder @julesG Hm, I didn't hear of that. I'll check that out. I prefer something simple 4mo
DarcysMom I use Map My Walk 4mo
Redwritinghood I use my Fitbit and the app that goes with it. 4mo
Stacy_31 We use Endomondo. It tracks exactly that- distance, time, and map. 4mo
Lea I use Walkmeter - it‘s a neon green app button 4mo
Lea I also have a FitBit Alta and use that app. I love my Alta - simple with a few perks over the basic. 4mo
Kaye I don‘t have a FitBit or fancy phone. I have an iPod and it doesn‘t have GPS so all it tracks ( I think) is either steps or minutes. (edited) 4mo
Kaye I just put walk meter and map my walk on my iPod to try and see what happens. I didn‘t make it out today. My danged leg that had the blood clot has a horrible big red hard blotch on it up by my knee. Have had it propped up all day. I wore the compression hose yesterday so they may have caused a problem. Kept them off today and propped up leg. Hopefully it looks better tomorrow or back to the Doc. 😱 (edited) 4mo
OleAnder @kaye I use my nephews old cracked phone that has almost no storage 😂 I really prefer simplicity. That sounds bad 😳 I hope you feel better real soon!! Tomorrow will be a good day! 💖 4mo
Kaye Thanks @OleAnder .....ticks me off that I couldn‘t walk today but they‘ve told me I‘m prone to more blood clots. Gotta keep an eye peeled on that leg. Those things are dangerous. If it looks ok tomorrow I‘ll be back to the gym and give these different apps a try. You guys will have to keep walking for me. (edited) 4mo
OleAnder @kaye Be careful. Let me know how you are tomorrow!! 🤗 I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. You'll walk with us 😊 4mo
Bookwormjillk I use Map My Walk and a Fitbit. Hope you feel better tomorrow @kaye 4mo
LibrarianJen I use Runkeeper (you can log more than just running) app on my phone. it keeps track of time and distance and also gives you a map of your walk at the end. You can connect your fitness device and apps to it also like MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc. (edited) 4mo
mountainsandlace I use Runkeeper as well for walks and hikes 4mo
Awk_Word_Smith @julesG I say it‘s not free since you have to buy an extra device to log your activity whereas Pacer utilizes your iPhones Health app to track stats. But yes the Fitbit app is free; the extra device is not. 4mo
julesG @Awk_Word_Smith Ah, well, iPhone. I haven't had an iPhone for 7 years. 4mo
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Walkers | Graham Masterton
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A photo from few weeks ago. But he moved and I could not take the picture the way I wanted it...
So dissapointed.

I'd take a recent picture but there is no green left 😂
My walk this afternoon is dull. Such gray and foggy weather.

Kaye Pretty picture ! 4mo
RaimeyGallant It's great! 4mo
DarcysMom It is pretty. 4mo
readordierachel Lovely! 4mo
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Untitled | Unknown

Unrelated to books!


I just wanted to share one of my favourite songs of all time!! Literally nobody I know seems to appreciate it. Not only the lyrics but the music is beautiful, oh 😭😩❤❤
Music and books are my life!❤

RamsFan1963 I'm not familiar with the song or the singer, but it was beautiful. 4mo
Bookwm85forever Interesting!! I did watch the video twice. I wish I could grasp the whole meaning. Sorry I‘m an idiot. 4mo
Meaw_catlady I love that song! So good. The alternative radio station here has them in studio and they recorded it in studio and I love that version such a cool vibe 4mo
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Sungirl79 I love this song!! 4mo
Naj Wow this was amazing. Absolutely loved it! Thanks for sharing, I had no idea this existed at all. 4mo
sprainedbrain I love that song! 4mo
CouronneDhiver Never heard of the band/singer but that was pretty good! 4mo
OleAnder @Meaw_catlady @Sungirl79 @sprainedbrain Yaaay!!that is awesome 🌸❤ 4mo
OleAnder @RamsFan1963 Wouu, it is! @Bookwm85forever Lol, don't worry. I don't think I got the right meaning too. I just made up my own, hah. 4mo
OleAnder @Naj @CouronneDhiver I am glad you liked it! 😇 4mo
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Untitled | Unknown

I read 15 books at once because I'm having book commitment issues lately, so whoever's following me and thinking I change my books like socks: yes, I am. But I am still reading them. Lol. I'm half way or 3/4rds into all the books I've started recently. 😂📚

julesG I'm good at starting, but have commitment issues, too. 4mo
zsuzsanna_reads Right now I'm having commitment issues too! I try to keep it under 10 books at a time. 4mo
CouronneDhiver All 👏🏽 the 👏🏽 time 👏🏽 I seem to be allergic to book commitment. I‘m always working on 6-10 at a time 4mo
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yourfavouritemixtape That‘s so interesting as I‘m the exact difference: I don‘t like starting a new book when I‘m still reading one.. 4mo
OleAnder @julesG @zsuzsanna_reads @CouronneDhiver I am glad I am not the only one!! 😂🤗 it makes reading such a chaos, doesn't it?? 4mo
OleAnder @yourfavouritemixtape I used to be like that, but not anymore... haha. I just can't read the same thing for long. I need to mix what I read to hold my attention 4mo
CouronneDhiver Kinda. I just review a bunch in a row and then none for awhile. I‘m garbage at challenges though. Lol 4mo
OleAnder @CouronneDhiver Ahh, yes. I can read 10 books in one week but then I won't touch one for another 3 weeks. Did you do the 24hour challenge?? 4mo
CouronneDhiver Nope. Had to work all weekend. I have tomorrow off to rest and read (and shovel - 20cm of snow coming) 4mo
OleAnder @CouronneDhiver oh noo, good luck with that, hopefully it doesn't get too bad! and have fun with reading! 4mo
dragondrool I've always read like this as well. 4mo
OleAnder @dragondrool Do you finish books fast?? Well, do you not put them down for days before you continue, haha. 4mo
dragondrool @OleAnder I swap out what I'm reading according to my mood. Sometimes I finish a book quickly. Sometimes it might sit for weeks or months until I dive back in. I generally have at least a dozen reads-in-progress at any one time. 4mo
OleAnder @dragondrool Hah, sounds familiar. I sometimes like to write on a note what happened so far in the book so when I finally get back to it, it saves me time flipping through or re-reading in the odd case. I find that reading more than 1 book at once, you read more.. 4mo
Weaponxgirl I have this issue too, especially if a book is particularly dense in writing style. I will need other stuff alongside it. 4mo
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The Power of Concentration | Theron Q. Dumont

This was an interesting read! Definitely will try some of the exercises mentioned since my attention span sucks.
An old book but the ideas and views have not changed much throughout the years. And there is a lot of new knowledge which this book is lacking. An updated version with new points would have been a big pick.

The Villa | Nora Roberts
post image

I don't even know what happened...
Least the ink is a nice colour 😑😕

julesG Interesting! Was the book in a bag together with some pens. Looks like an uncapped felt tip pen bled into the pages. 4mo
OleAnder @julesG There were no pens that could have done that. Maybe this happened before and I only just realised it. Lol. 4mo
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The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. Indifference emotionally, indifference physically.


No one, though, has any idea of the churn of a secret life. Your desire to crash catastrophe into your world is like a tugging at your shirt. But only sometimes, and then its gone. With the offer of a bath, or a cup of tea, or the dishes done.

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You don't have, any more, a sanctuary in kindness and good deeds and surrender; you're changing, you can feel the souring. A thrill plumes through you when couples split, a feeling that order's restored, that it's the way we're all meant to be, alone.
What have you become? Unhinged, no longer a doormat, just like everyone else?

post image

I wanted to join the #24in48 but my brain is saying no. I made some progress in Tony Robbins book and then switched to this one and read 177 pages in total in 2 hours 31 minutes. Including 3 naps.

I started at 1pm today and it's almost 11pm. Huge progress 😂
I do admit I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and listened to music most the time I was awake so I take the blame for my failure today.

post image

My TBR... I am not the only one, am I? 😂😂
I read books as much as I collect them📚📖❤

C.Perone Wow! That's all I can say, Wow! ....Oh and you're my hero 😁 4mo
Naj I'm with you! Also, this picture is so satisfying lol 4mo
Stacypatrice This room is a treasure!!! 4mo
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OleAnder @C.Perone @Naj @Stacypatrice All these books and I have NOTHING to read... Lol 4mo
C.Perone Lmao ... I know and hate that feeling! 😆 4mo
Naj @OleAnder we all know that struggle 😆 4mo
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post image

Beautiful story. One of my all time favourites.

wanderinglynn What a cutie pie! ❤️🐶 4mo
scowler1 I am not imaginary, wow 4mo
Gizmo86 I have this but I've not read it yet. Do you recommend? 4mo
OleAnder @Gizmo86 Yes! 😊🌸 4mo
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I love these books. This writing is just my favourite.

Lcsmcat What a great opening! 4mo
SamAnne Bad ass opening. What wit. 4mo
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post image

Yes. Yes. Yes. YES.

akckitty Me. Every day to anyone who'll listen :') 4mo
Book_Fairy_Mary Me, too! 4mo
CoffeeNBooks Yes! 🖐 4mo
Crazeedi Certainly!! 4mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled 🙋‍♀️ 4mo
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The Lovely Bones | Alice Sebold
post image

I have no idea if this one is popular or not, but for some reason I hated this. So much I actually ripped it apart. Yep. The only book I've ever destroyed and I still feel no guilt for it. It felt so good in the process lol

TheReadingMermaid Oh my goodness! May I ask what was it about the book that you didn't like? Or is it a tender subject? 4mo
Alfoster Yup, threw it across the room! Too misogynistic and graphic for me! @TheReadingMermaid 4mo
TheReadingMermaid @Alfoster American Psycho is a very hard pill to swallow. Most of the book revolves around Patrick Bateman's conversations with his so-called friends and their conversations are just the worst... Like I don't even have words to describe. I found the movie to be a bit more digestible. But only a bit. LOL 😋 4mo
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OleAnder @TheReadingMermaid It was the whole story. Everything about it. Every scene, every character. read it long ago so I don't remember much of it now. The abuse-in some way I felt like she was mocking it and trying to make it appear as less than it was. More a play than a crime. Idk. I think everyone has that one book, hahah 4mo
TheReadingMermaid I can understand that. I definitely don't like when authors make that stuff to be less than it is. If that makes any sense. 4mo
TheReadingMermaid And you are definitely correct, everybody does have that one book 😉 4mo
OleAnder @TheReadingMermaid Yes, it does. It's just that the book was actually based on that, it should have gotten more attention-real attention. I didn't even feel anything for the girl. In fact I found her verrry annoying. If authors are using such crimes for their stories, they should at least make them good. 4mo
MsLeah8417 Circe. It was so boring. I actually enjoy reading Greek mythology but Circe fell flat. 4mo
Reggie I didn‘t like the end of the Lovely Bones because she gets to inhabit the nerdy girl to hook up with a guy. I was like, listen, Alice, after all this death and sadness, you can‘t do that. It just really bothered me. 4mo
OleAnder @Reggie I haven't got to that part since only half way or so I could not force myself to finish, but I read this on reviews and wanted to break a wall. Lol. I read all kinds of crime, love them, but this one really bothered me. It just seemed wrong in this book. 4mo
Hunsakermountain Pride & Prejudice. Sorry everyone! 4mo
OleAnder @Hunsakermountain I started that book many times and still have not read it... the hype made me not want to read it. 4mo
Nevermore88 Same! I‘m into weird reading but this was just messed up 4mo
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The Little Prince | Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
post image

Actual goal for today was 10km and I'm quite disappointed with the time. What did I do? Crawl???

But I made progress on this book. It's taking me so long to read, lol. - listening on audio.

Kaye ⭐️Golden star ! 4mo
readordierachel Nothing to be disappointed about! You did great! 4mo
OleAnder @readordierachel Thank you! I'll do better next time. If I choose to wear comfortable shoes instead of New boots! Forgot how hard they are before you walk them for a bit, lol. 4mo
readordierachel @OleAnder Comfy footwear is key :) 4mo
OleAnder @readordierachel Mmm now I remember, haha xd 4mo
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Has anyone read this?
I can't pick what I want to read tonight.

Weaponxgirl No, but I should as this is the book that popularised my name for girls. If you read it let me know what it‘s like please 4mo
OleAnder @Weaponxgirl Oh, that's awesome. I will! I'll try to have a start on it tonight xd 4mo
Weaponxgirl I really hope that Shirley is an awesome character 😂 4mo
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OleAnder @Weaponxgirl Me too!! I've been 'drawn' to this book for sooo many dayys. But I had to study and I read non-fiction instead. Even if biology has nothing to do with business my mind was at ease because I was absorbing useful info, even if not useful for my study. Lol. But to hell with it. I will read this! 4mo
OleAnder I read Jane Eyre before(half, didn't finish yet) but liked it. Maybe this will be good too. Fingers crossed! 4mo
Weaponxgirl I‘m on a total nonfiction binge myself atm. I feel like I need to fill myself with information. Good luck with studying and your reading 4mo
OleAnder @Weaponxgirl Enjoy all the information! Thanks. I'm gonna start reading some :) I'll let you know how good it gets 4mo
SamAnne Plan to begin this weekend. Reading the Bronte books I missed. Just finished Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte! 4mo
OleAnder @SamAnne How did you like it? I started it many times and always switched to another... my brain fears classics but loves them. Lol 4mo
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After many confusing attempts to calculate how long it'll take me to fill this with read books-it will hold 10k-I came to this conclusion:
If I read 100 books in a year, I will finish it in 100 years. No.
If I read 4books a week(easy) I will finish it in 52 years.
A book a day=28 years.
No matter what, book number is so low and time so high.
Life is too short!!! This is so depressing.

Lauram I couldn‘t ever have a notebook like this. It would drive me bananas. 4mo
GingerAntics It‘s a gorgeous looking notebook. 4mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics Took me almost 4 months to finally write in it, lol. It is! 4mo
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GingerAntics I have that same sort of apprehension when I get a nice notebook, too. It‘s so nice, you want to make sure what you put in it is worthy of it‘s beauty. 4mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics Exactly!! 4mo
Cailey_Mac Honestly I would just like immortality to read all the books, and learn all the instruments 🤷🏻‍♀️🙌🏼📚 4mo
Crazeedi @OleAnder is this notebook specifically for tracking books? I recently got one that I can fill with 100 total. So I'll need another before end of year. But yours??? Wow! 4mo
GingerAntics So glad I‘m not the only one with that problem!!! 4mo
OleAnder @Crazeedi Now it is! If you look at my recent post, the pages are lined so it made it a perfect choice to keep track of books in it. I'd buy another one but I don't remember where I got it from :( 4mo
OleAnder @Cailey_Mac Oh hell yes! 👏🏼 4mo
Crazeedi @OleAnder thanks, I'll check it out! 4mo
Crazeedi @Cailey_Mac oh me too! 4mo
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Reading this made me think of films.
How differently successful men and women are portrayed. I never noticed it.
Women are made to manage both work and home. And if they choose to go further with their career, they are seen as neglecting and arrogant.
But men do it all the time and they are admirable.
But isn't part of this our fault? That we let it happen? We all act(believe) like we have to care about everything and everyone, but we don't.

OleAnder We don't have to solve everyone's problem. We don't have to be caring. We don't have to be giving.. 4mo
GingerAntics Society expects it, but the reality is, we don‘t have to do it any more than men do. I completely agree with this. 4mo
OleAnder @GingerAntics Exactly. I don't think it's an individuals fault. But society's as a whole. When I speak to any people about this or similar topics, they all(98%)agree, or agree after a short discussion. But when you speak to them as a whole, not many will agree. Same people but such different outlooks coming from different directions lol 4mo
GingerAntics Yeah, the whole group think thing is scary. 4mo
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The Reading List | Linda Kay
post image

Decided to keep a list of books read.
-2018 is a messy mixture of books read last year and books read who knows when.

2019+ will be better organised, lol.

Helped me with my 400 daily goal! So far the highest is 360 pages. I'm slowly getting there. Finding a system that works, haha.

Gina You have very nice handwriting. My handwriting looks like my brain and my hand are in an eternal struggle. Ahhhhh, the trials of having a motral body, I dare say... 4mo
OleAnder @Gina Oh, writing a book list in capital letters when I have time isn't so bad. But writing anything else is like this tom~~ I w~~ ... I write a letter or two and just finish with a squiggly line, lol. Worse than doctors handwriting. But my mind thinks soo fast! 4mo
Naj This looks straight out of one of those satisfying hand-lettering lists. Really pretty. 4mo
LA1 That‘s a pretty cool idea and super neat handwriting, and it is very satisfying to look at 😊 4mo
Crazeedi I love your system! 4mo
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post image

Day One of 400 pages a day: FAIL
Lol. Only managed 64 pages... BUT I had a crazy busy day. Out at 7:30am and home at 22:30. And only found an hour to sit and read-with disturbances!

I did not think it was going to be this hard. But I must find some way.
I want to do this!!

Velvetfur As an aside, Daria is the absolute best so thank you for the cool pic 👍 4mo
Velvetfur Oh and hey at least you did some reading so don't despair! We all have super busy days when we don't do as much reading as we'd like, don't let it defeat you 👍😁 4mo
CarolynM Daria♥️♥️♥️ 4mo
OleAnder @Velvetfur I will try again tomorrow! xd I can do this!! Lol Thank you! ❤🌸 4mo
Moony Yes! Everyday is a new day! 4mo
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Read, Read, Read! | Amy Ludwig Vanderwater
post image

I decided to throw myself a challenge and read 400 pages a day.

Read at every opportunity!
Let's see how that goes. Lol.

MelissaSue81 Oooh! That‘s a LOT of pages. 4mo
britt_brooke Ambitious! I like it! 4mo
OleAnder @MelissaSue81 @britt_brooke I passed an article today about Warren Buffett and his '500 pages every day' and decided to see if I can do it! But I took away 100. Of course. I'm not crazy. 4mo
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britt_brooke @OleAnder 😆👏🏻 4mo
AmyG Good luck! 4mo
BookNerd9906 Impressive! 4mo
Ashley_Nicoletto Oh my gosh. So many pages. 👏🏼👏🏼 4mo
cherinium Wow! I'm lucky if I get 100! 4mo
GingerAntics Oh wow, that‘s a balls to the wall challenge. 4mo
CouronneDhiver What she said! ☝🏽 @GingerAntics 4mo
Moony Wow Good Luck! 100 pages I only read when it's sunday or I'm ill. So it's rarely. Do you have an statistic sheet or how do you notice it? 4mo
OleAnder @Moony Well, it's harder than I first thought. Lol. But before I could manage to read 2 300pages+ novels in a day so I figure I can do 400! If I find a system for it... 4mo
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How Does It Work? | Jack Long

Wow. I just noticed you can like a post by double tapping the picture... 🙈🙈
I'm still learning how to use this app 😂

readordierachel It took me a while to figure that out too 😆 4mo
CouronneDhiver Omg. I didn‘t know that either ... and it‘s not like I don‘t spend time hanging out here. 😂😂 4mo
DGRachel I think I was on Litsy for two years before I learned that trick. 😂😂 4mo
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Crazeedi I didn't know this,thanks! 4mo
BarbaraJean Whaaaaat?!? 🤯 I‘ve been on Litsy for 2 1/2 years and this is the first time I‘ve heard that trick!! Thanks for the tip!! 4mo
OrangeMooseReads If it happens to be a review post without a picture you can double tap the green bar to like it as well 4mo
TheLibrarian I didn‘t know that either!! 4mo
batsy I totally found out by accident one day 😆 4mo
Birdsong28 Never know that I have been on here for 2 and half years!!! Thanks 😘📚📖😍 4mo
OleAnder @Crazeedi @BarbaraJean @Birdsong28 You are welcomee 😊📚❤️ @readordierachel @CouronneDhiver @DGRachel @TheLibrarian @batsy I am not the only clueless one then!! 😂 @OrangeMooseReads Thankss!!😇📖 4mo
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Glamour: A Novel | Louise Bagshawe
post image

😬 I love reading about women that know what they want, what they can do, what they deserve and know that they will get it. Ahhh

Not giving up on what you want, no matter how bad things get, and believing in yourself is the best thing any person can do.

I salute you! 👏🏼👏

Glamour: A Novel | Louise Bagshawe
post image

Yep. Exaggerate much? It's called a fight. Miscommunication. Wanting what is rightfully yours-when it belongs to all three.

Deadly rivals? Is this hunger games?

julesG Annoying! So annoying! 4mo
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Readings About The Social Animal | Joshua Aronson, Elliot Aronson
post image

I have heard this many times and I want to believe it. But 90% of my favourite books are murder mysteries and favourite characters are villains, most of whom have lost their mind.
So combine the stories and figure out that I'm a psychopath 😂

Slajaunie Love the analogy! 💚 4mo
GingerAntics 🤣😂🤣 4mo
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"'Poor greenheads', wrote the Puritan Daniel Rogers of those who married purely for love when a year or two had passed and they had skimmed the cream of their marriage, they would soon envy the good fortune of those whose union was built on stronger foundations."


"She [Lettice Morrison] was an exceptional character, not only for her beauty, but also for a genuine love of study, which marked her out from most girls of her time: 'oft-times at a book in her Closet when she was thought to be in bed'."


... Frances Purbeck, the wife sought 'for wealth', and Robert Howard, who sought her for love.