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Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War | Nathaniel Philbrick
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A history of the Pilgrim settlement of New England challenges popular misconceptions, discussing such topics as the diseases of European origin suffered by the Wampanoag tribe, the fragile working relationship between the Pilgrims and their Native American neighbors, and the devastating impact of the King Philip's War. By the author of Sea of Glory. 450,000 first printing.
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An extraordinary book on the beginnings of America. A real eye opener. Fascinating not a dry text book at all. Wonderful, wonderful!

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I have a very Mayflower-esque Litfluence.

BookwormAHN Congratulations 👏🏻 5mo
JoScho 🥳💜🥳💜🥳 5mo
Dragon 👍😀🎉 5mo
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It seems appropriate to follow up A Kingdom Strange with Mayflower. Both authors give full histories of England‘s takeover of Native American lands, even the ugly, selfish parts.

SamAnne I‘ve read Mayflower but have not hear of Kingdom Strange. Looking it up now. 8mo
LibrarianChels @SamAnne it was a very quick read! 8mo
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The story of the Pilgrims does not end with the First Thanksgiving; instead, it is a fifty-five-year epic that is at once tragic and heroic. Philbrick is an absolute master of his craft, and this book is no exception. The story related in Mayflower is an electrifying account that answers a supremely loaded question: How did it all begin?

Bradleygirl Ooh, I remember listening to this one! 9mo
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1. Maybe read minds? I'm torn.
2. Mayflower, tagged. Very good.
3. To not argue with fools on the internet, to try to be kind to someone every day, and to thin down the stuff in my home (books not included 😉)
4. Designated Survivor, recommended by a friend. It's ok, but it's no West Wing.
5. I'm on it!

@howjessreads #Friyayintro

Suet624 Mind reader for me too. 9mo
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Today‘s Prompt: Favorite Reads of May

Thanks to these Instagrammers for the prompt post idea.


LYING IN WAIT by Liz Nugent


BEACH HOUSE REUNION by Mary Alice Monroe


THE HIGH TIDE CLUB by Mary Kay Andrews


THE WAY OF BEAUTY by Camille Di Maio


Reecaspieces Ooooooo love those covers 10mo
SilversReviews @Reecaspieces 😊 😊 Thanks for commenting. 10mo
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I made some sourdough doughnuts, cleaned up the kitchen, and took a walk this afternoon, all while listening to audiobooks. I finished Barracoon, and although I appreciate the recorded history and importance of his story, I was underwhelmed. The book was shorter and had less substance than I was expecting. Then I went on to start Mayflower, which seems an appropriate choice for the next week or so.

#nonfiction #audiobook #NonfictionNovember

Velvetfur Mmmmmm doughnuts 😁 11mo
sammisho Those doughnuts look so good! 11mo
Caterina I felt exactly the same about Barracoon! 11mo
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Zelma I listened to Mayflower and really liked it. Definitely a fascinating part of history, and not what I learned as a kid. (edited) 11mo
Daisey @Velvetfur @sammisho They were delicious! 11mo
Daisey @Caterina Nice to hear because most of the reviews I had seen were glowing and I wondered a bit what I missed. 11mo
Daisey @Zelma I‘ve really enjoyed another of Philbrick‘s books so I‘m looking forward to it. 11mo
Kaye Look at that blue sky and sunshine 🌞 11mo
Daisey @Kaye It was beautiful yesterday afternoon! I should have taken a longer walk than I did. 11mo
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The month of May was a decent one for me in terms of reading. Both the quality and quantity were 👌🏽. Looking forward to more of the same in June!🦋🌼

mrozzz 😃 1y
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I got a little behind in April but got mostly caught up in May. Now it‘s on to this fun challenge from @Cinfhen & @GypsyKat but first to #wrapup May reading:
-Shoot Like a Girl #bookclub
-The Bear and the Nightingale #Russia
-Hollywood Homicide #POCmystery
-Still Mine #whodunitbymail
-Sunburn #LauraLippman
-Howl‘s Moving Castle #steampunk
June #TBR includes:
-Bless Me, Ultima #GAR #libraryholdthatjustcamein
-Behind Closed Doors #whodunitbymail

Cinfhen Thanks for the repost and congrats on an awesome month!! You knocked off several of your challenge prompts 🙌🏻💜 1y
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May #recap

Twenty-two, but several are short stories.

Highlights: St Mary‘s! All of them. I can‘t get enough.

Reviewsbylola Amazing month!! 1y
2BR02B 👏👏👏 1y
LauraBrook St Mary‘s are the best! I stopped reading a few books ago (bc I was caught up and the newest hadn‘t come out yet), but they‘re all waiting for me in my kindle. ❤️ 1y
umbrellagirl @LauraBrook I‘m complete with novels and short stories through #8. I still have Argumentation and two stories but I don‘t want them to end! 1y
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It feels a bit cheaty to tag these since they're really May TBFinished, but this is the current lineup: #MayTBR

RaimeyGallant You can do it! 1y
Bradleygirl @RaimeyGallant thanks!! Finished 3 of these so far ✊ 1y
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A #theunreadshelfproject2018 challenge fail but a win at the library? Made it 21 days into the New Year before finding myself at the library today. Picked up 3 new titles and Mayflower for 25 cents at the library sale. My son is studying the Pilgrims and the New World this month at school. Good or bad idea to read this at the same time?

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That time I met historian Nathaniel Philbrick, author of "Mayflower," "Valiant Ambition," "Bunker Hill," "The Last Stand" and "In the Heart of the Sea."

LeahBergen Cool! 2y
Amiable @LeahBergen Yes, he was incredibly gracious and warm -- wonderful to talk with! 2y
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My favorite used bookstore did not have a copy of GWTW. 😭 Of course, I didn't leave empty handed. 😳#bookhaul #mustbuysomething

Zelma I listened to this one on audio and enjoyed it. Very detailed but fascinating. 2y
DGRachel @Zelma Good to know, thanks for the input!! 2y
Daisey This is on my shelf, but I have not made time to read it. I also really enjoyed In the Heart of the Sea. 2y
DGRachel @Daisey I loved that one, too, which is why I picked this up. I figured Philbrick was a safe pick. 😊 2y
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A perfect book for this time of year, Philbrick looks at the Pilgrims and their plight in New England. Perhaps I should have realized this beforehand, but a vast majority of this book examined the wars with the Natives, specifically King Philip's War. A good part of US history to know, but maybe I was not in the mood for such detail.

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"We think of the Pilgrims as resilient adventurers upheld by unwavering religious faith, but they were also human beings in the midst of what was, and continues to be, one of the most difficult and emotional challenges a person can face: immigration and exile."

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Next book up on my to read list.

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Look, I think a @Litsy meetup is an acceptable reason to buy some more books at the book sale 😂 So glad that I got to meet up with @BookishFeminist @JPeterson & @TheNextBook and snag some winners! #TreatYoShelf #LitsyIRL

RebeccaSpeas Oh, and @becausetrains as well!! 3y
4evamoore Excellent start to a Nora Irish trilogy. One of my faves. And Hugo Cabret! Outstanding book. 3y
JPeterson Yay! Yesterday was a lot of fun! 😄 3y
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Your interesting little info tidbit for the day.