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A Time of Gifts
A Time of Gifts: On Foot to Constantinople: from the Hook of Holland to the Middle Danube | Patrick Leigh Fermor
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In 1933, at the age of 18, Patrick Leigh Fermor set out on an extraordinary journey by foot - from the Hook of Holland to Constantinople. A Time of Gifts is the first volume in a trilogy recounting the trip, and takes the reader with him as far as Hungary. It is a book of compelling glimpses - not only of the events which were curdling Europe at that time, but also of its resplendent domes and monasteries, its great rivers, the sun on the Bavarian snow, the storks and frogs, the hospitable burgomasters who welcomed him, and that world's grandeurs and courtesies. His powers of recollection have astonishing sweep and verve, and the scope is majestic.
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I was very keen to read this travel book about the authors journey by foot across Europe in 1933/34. The middle section when he was walking through Germany just as Hitler had come to power was particularly compelling. Fermor's charisma is apparent and he is a keen observer. He was only 18 at the time though and the insights and reflections an older traveller might have are perhaps lacking. Walking from Britain to Turkey was quite a feat in itself!

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Time of Gifts | Patrick Leigh Fermor
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I fell asleep while reading the introduction. A sign?

I loved the idea: travelling by foot. This book was written 40 years after the journey and doesn't have the voice of 18-yo. His 60-yo voice wanted to show how wise he was and how much he knew about history, art and poetry.

I liked the chapters about Germany because Hitler had came in power in the same year and people had opinions about politics.

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TheSpineView Hope the next book is better! 6mo
PageShifter Thank you @TheSpineView 💞 6mo
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In 1933, at age 18, Briton Patrick Leigh Fermor walked from the Netherlands to Constantinople. He chronicles the first half of his trip here, just as he enters Hungary from #Slovakia. I loved this idea, but the writing was too meandering and flowery for me, in a book-reader mismatch.

#ReadingEurope2020 (2 to go! Will I get there? 🤞🏼)

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Time of Gifts | Patrick Leigh Fermor
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In the winter of 1933 a young man started a walk from Holland to Constantinople. This adventure hooked me right away. Fermor conveys the immediacy of his experience along with learnèd musings on the medieval history of the land (& some sad post WWII notes). His lively encounters along with his walker‘s perspective drive the book. His erudition can be dense at times—I have a new journal of ideas for him—but the joy of the trip makes it all work.

charl08 One of my favourites. 3y
Hamlet I hope more people discover it in this NYRB edition. 3y
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My time would be better spent reading then posting, but taking a moment to enjoy my surroundings.

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Thinking of going along with Leigh Fermor, even if I have to constantly look up words like “spinneys”

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Oh my goodness. I already know I'm going to ADORE this book.

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Powell's #bookhaul, from two different days because just one visit isn't enough. And apparently, I was in a specific mood as we've got here travel non-fiction and science fiction only.

charl08 Love those Leigh Fermors. Hope you do. 6y
RanaElizabeth @charl08 I am beyond thrilled to find them. The third in the series was on the sales table and luckily, Powells had the first two in stock. I have never heard of this author but travel stories are soooo my thing. 6y
Hooked_on_books It's so easy to get sucked into a section and just want to buy every book in it, don't you think? 💙Powell's 6y
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I described the book to my husband as the memoir of a guy who traipsed around Germany getting drunk with locals and speaking Latin, at which point my husband commented, "Ah, so, your spirit animal." I've already bought the two books Fermor wrote after this one and can't wait to read.

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🎄There will be no guessing in MY family as to what I'll be #GivingasGifts. It's the same every year and they rely upon me for reading material now (and have become quite demanding!). #12DaysofXmasPhoto

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I-read-and-eat I wish my family read more I would love to go christmas shopping for books 😊 6y
Moray_Reads I've had to stop buying my immediate family books. They're not readers despite my best efforts. But my little cousins and my niece always get books! 6y
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ThatBookishGal Mine too!! And then my husband complains that I buy people books for Christmas but I'm like....they asked for them!!! 6y
MaryAnn1 Love, love, LOVE!!!!💕🤓 6y
Bookworm54 Damn, that means you are a pro! I am jealous of your secret santa matches! Haha 💕 6y
PurpleyPumpkin Love those stacks!😍 6y
jessberk13 I wish I could give more people gifts for Christmas!! I got my cousin a few poetry books, and my future MIL some ebooks. But I would love to wrap physical books like that ❤️❤️❤️🎄🎄🎄 6y
LibrarianRyan Love it. Looks like you wrapped as many as I did. 6y
Hobbinol I have a friend who confessed to me after 15 years of gift-exchanging that she didn't like books!!! I must have been driving her 😜 crazy! I got her all signed books in her interest areas too. Oh well. 🙄Now I try to pretend I'm really shallow and shop while batting my eyelashes so fast that I get dizzy and things are working out much better! 6y
Lizpixie @Hobbinol 😱😱😱😱😱😱 6y
Lizpixie I too have a family of mostly non readers. Sigh. But I'm already working on my grandchildren, they have their own shelf in my library, I constantly buy them books (Possum Magic was a recent hit) and I've read to them since they were babies. My eldest is now in kindy, and told me her favourite day is Monday coz it's library day! Yay!😊 6y
LeahBergen @I-read-and-eat It IS pretty fun! 6y
LeahBergen @Moray_Reads I ALWAYS buy books for the kids ... and any new babies, too. 😀 6y
LeahBergen @vivastory It really IS the best type of shopping, isn't it? 6y
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LeahBergen @LibrarianRyan And I'll have a few more to wrap, too! 😀 6y
LeahBergen @Hobbinol Noooo!! 😮 I'd LOVE to be your in-real-life, Xmas-gift-exchanging friend! I love signed books to an unhealthy degree ... AND you and I have so much in common! 😂😂 6y
LeahBergen @Lizpixie That's so great! You're raising 'em right! 😍 6y
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MrBook Goodness, why are you giving out so many DVDs? 6y
LeahBergen @MrBook Because everyone needs a little Jane Fonda's Workout in their lives. 6y
MrBook ????????? When I was a youngin', I literally thought some people were robots because my mom had the "Buns of Steel" videos ??. 6y
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