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We watched the Netflix adaptation of this book last week, and I have mixed feelings about it (loved the vintage aesthetic, am totally confused about the ending). Here‘s to hoping the book is better!

Survivor Song | Paul Tremblay
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When you encounter wide blank spaces and pages, fear not, they are purposeful. Okay, maybe fear a little...

Addison_Reads I really enjoyed this one. I hope you do too. 7mo
Reggie Ughh this one had me 😭. So good! Hope you like it! 7mo
bookishprofessor @Addison_Reads It was good, but I liked A Head Full of Ghosts better. Maybe I‘ve watched too much Walking Dead?! A lot of this book reminded me of the lead up to Maggie‘s c-section in that story (only this book was much more realistic about what would happened). 7mo
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bookishprofessor @Reggie I so, so badly wanted Ramola to find a way to save the day, but I also know there‘s a much bigger impact with how things played out in the book. I liked that the other main character (Natalie) had my name! :) 7mo
Reggie ☺️- yeah, it‘s almost been a year but I still remember that sentence describing how the daughter doesn‘t understand that blip of anger she feels, the one that quickly goes away when she listens to the tapes of her mother near the end. 7mo
bookishprofessor @Reggie I did like the update at the end! I wish we could‘ve gotten even more—was Ramola upset about going back to the place where she promised she wouldn‘t ever return permanently? We only get a brief glimpse of her at the table with her parents and Ramola seems tired/ worn down. It‘s a good look at the sacrifices we make for those we love. I‘m so glad Lily gets to hear her mom on the recordings! 7mo
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The Only Good Indians | Stephen Graham Jones
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Onto book 2 of June! Next up is another thriller—only with an elk ghost?!

DrexEdit Hi! Welcome to Litsy! Thanks for the follow. I'm looking forward to talking books with you. Starting with this one! On. My. List! It looks so good! :-) (edited) 8mo
robinb Welcome Aboard! Happy you‘re here. 😊 8mo
SamAnne Welcome! And loved this one!! Don‘t cross Elk Woman! 8mo
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sprainedbrain Oh I loved that book SO MUCH. Hope you do, too! ☺️ 8mo
bookishprofessor @robinb thanks so much! It‘s going great so far! :) 7mo
bookishprofessor @sprainedbrain @SamAnne The novel was SO different than what I thought I was getting that my brain is still reeling a bit after finishing it last night! I didn‘t expect all of the narration shifts and character exits (!!!) or the literary feel of the entire thing, though I think the book is the better for all of that. I have SO MANY THOUGHTS! :) 7mo
sprainedbrain @bookishprofessor I think SGJ is brilliant... his books are never what I expect. 7mo
SamAnne @bookishprofessor oh this one has stayed with me. The themes of loss of connection to culture and tradition among the native characters, reservation vs. non-reservation life, etc. I am not a big reader of horror, but I want to read more Stephen Graham Jones. 7mo
bookishprofessor @sprainedbrain this was my intro to his work! I love a good horror novel, so I‘m excited to have a new author to read! 7mo
bookishprofessor @SamAnne I think the book blurb really, really doesn‘t do this book justice since the actual story is much more than just “elk ghost”! I love thriller and horror, and even with everything I‘ve read, this book might be the most original take on a haunting that I‘ve read. I‘m still letting it all sink in! 7mo
bookishprofessor @DrexEdit thank you! This book was SO thought provoking! I found the premise unique and the plot unexpected and shocking. It is a spin on horror that I‘ve never read before—I‘m still thinking about it days later! 7mo
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The Whisper Man | Alex North
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Finally getting around to this book that my kids gave me for Mother‘s Day! I‘m about halfway through, and it‘s so spooky (which I love)!

Crazeedi I picked this up at a library book sale this weekend 8mo
bookishprofessor @Crazeedi you‘ll have to let me know what you think! 8mo
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I ♥️ GBBO! Maybe this cookbook that I picked up at the library will instantly turn me into Star Baker. (One can only hope.)

rachelk I love that show! It was my pandemic binge watch. 8mo
Lynnsoprano One of my favorite shows! I bought another of their books for our DIL, but this one looks better, and one that I need to get for me 😄 8mo
bookishprofessor @rachelk yes! It is always my go to show when I am sick or need a pick me up! 7mo
bookishprofessor @Lynnsoprano It is a gorgeous book! I definitely recommend it! 7mo
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Into the Wild | Jon Krakauer
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I didn‘t get to read too much in May (thanks, final grades), but what I did read ended up having an unintentional theme. Any guesses on what the theme might be? The answer is in my monthly reading round-up! >> https://www.bookishprofessor.com/blog/category/monthly+round-up

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful photo!! 8mo
Crazeedi Welcome to litsy! Glad you are here 8mo
bookishprofessor @Crazeedi thank you! I‘m enjoying it so far! 8mo
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Taking advantage of a quiet morning to read a little more! One of my goals this year was to read more (any) nonfiction: I‘m glad I did because I‘ve really enjoyed the last few nonfiction books I‘ve picked up! Do you read more fiction or nonfiction?

Chrissyreadit I love non fiction- but being in school limited my time and focus on it. I‘m excited to read more this year. What are some of your 5 star non fiction reads? 8mo
Christine Welcome! Fellow professor here (sociology). I tend to read more nonfiction than fiction, so maybe we‘ll inspire each other! :) 8mo
bookishprofessor @Chrissyreadit I love all things history, travel, and mystery! Some of my fav non-fiction has been Confederates in the Attic, Hidden Valley Road, Into the Wild, and The Unexplained. What about you? 8mo
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bookishprofessor @Christine Hi, fellow prof! I am trying to expand my horizons with more non-fiction, so send me your suggestions! I can talk waaaaay too much about fiction, so I‘m always happy to send over recs! :) 8mo
mrp27 Hi! Welcome to Litsy. Hope you like it here. 8mo
bookishprofessor @mrp27 Hi! Thanks for the warm welcome. I‘m having a blast so far—I‘m loving all of the engagement Litsy offers! 8mo
LiteraryinLawrence Hi! I read lots more fiction but this year I‘ve added in a lot of memoirs and some essay collections, and that‘s been interesting. 8mo
mrp27 Definitely! Litsy works best when you engage. There are monthly photo challenges, buddy reads of all kinds, reading challenges, readathons, pen pal groups etc. If you wish to engage in any of the above just follow any or all the tagged individuals. @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TheAromaofBooks @TheBookHippie @Andrew65 @Eggs @megnews 8mo
Eggs Thanks for the tag @mrp27 !! 8mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🙏🏻👏🏻🥳 Happy to have you 🙏🏻! 8mo
TheAromaofBooks Welcome to Litsy @bookishprofessor !!! Thanks for the tag @mrp27 8mo
slategreyskies I‘m trying to read a mix of both plus also some poetry every month. Some months go better than other months, but I keep trying. :) 8mo
slategreyskies Also, welcome to Litsy!! 💥✨!! 8mo
bookishprofessor @mrp27 Yes! I‘m looking to dive right in and find some bookish friends! I really need an outlet to talk about books that isn‘t a classroom! 8mo
bookishprofessor @Eggs thank you! I‘m excited to get more involved! 8mo
bookishprofessor @TheAromaofBooks you‘re awesome!! Thanks so much! 8mo
bookishprofessor @slategreyskies I think having the mentality of wanting to read broadly is the biggest step! I STILL find poetry challenging but it is gorgeous when I manage to unlock it. Any favorite poets right now? 8mo
Andrew65 I‘m reading a bit more non fiction too. 8mo
Andrew65 @mrp27 Thanks for the tag 😊👍 8mo
bookishprofessor @Andrew65 any stand outs lately? 8mo
Andrew65 New and not in the database, Equitable Education by Sameena Choudry, a read for my job. Head Teacher / Principal of a Primary School. 8mo
bookishprofessor @Andrew65 thanks for the suggestions! Adding them to my to read list! 8mo
Andrew65 @bookishprofessor 😊 Hope you enjoy them. 8mo
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I‘d never smelled a dead human before, then to find out dead human smells like passion fruit or at least a urinal cake. I think about the lime the townspeople spread around Miss Emily‘s house in Faulkner‘s “Rose for Emily,” and now I‘m thinking, why bother.

Traci1 Welcome to Litsy! 8mo
bookishprofessor @Traci1 thank you! I‘m still figuring it all out! Any tips? 8mo
sharread Welcome to Litsy. 8mo
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Traci1 @bookishprofessor there's a lot of information @ https://raimeygallant.com/2017/10/31/litsytips/ if you haven't already looked at that. A great way to find people to follow is by looking at books you like and seeing who else shares your tastes. If you have any questions, I'm happy to try to answer them if I can. 😊 8mo
bookishprofessor @sharread thank you! I‘m excited to chat about some books! 8mo
bookishprofessor @Traci1 that‘s so helpful! I will dive in and see how things go! :) 8mo
Soubhiville 👋 hi there! Welcome to Litsy! I‘m pretty sure #teachersoflitsy gets used quite a bit if you‘re interested in connecting with other teaching pros. 📚 8mo
Chrissyreadit Here‘s a link with info about Litsy, litsy activities and i would recommend you follow the people who participated in the thread. Welcome to Litsy! 8mo
bookishprofessor @Soubhiville thank you! I‘m excited to be here! I will definitely see if I can connect with some other teachers around here! 8mo
wanderinglynn Welcome to Litsy! 👋🏻 8mo
bookishprofessor @Chrissyreadit that link was so helpful! Thanks a million! 8mo
bthegood Welcome to Litsy - the readathons are fun reading challenges (you make your own goals) you will see them posted on occasion, there are also fun Halloween and Christmas themed reading challenges - 🙂 8mo
bookishprofessor @bthegood thank you! A readathon sounds like it would be so much fun, so I‘ll keep an eye out for one. I‘m loving Litsy so far—it‘s so much easier to interact here than on Instagram! 8mo
Tera66 Welcome! I have the tagged book on audio, can't wait to get to it! 8mo
Tera66 @Traci1 Thanks for sharing this, Ive been on Litsy 5 years and still have so many questions. 8mo
bookishprofessor @Tera66 let me know what you think when you are done! I enjoyed it immensely! 8mo
BookwormAHN Welcome to Litsy 😺 8mo
bookaholic1 Welcome to Litsy 8mo
Smrloomis Welcome! 🥳 8mo
bookishprofessor @bookaholic1 thanks so much! I hope you had a good weekend! 8mo
bookishprofessor @Smrloomis thanks! I hope have a great week! 8mo
bookaholic1 @bookishprofessor I moved all weekend...now that I'm done most of putting my things away...I can now do what we love to do..read, lol. 8mo
bookishprofessor @bookaholic1 we moved last October, and I‘m still not all the way unpacked! My books were one of the first things I set up in the new house. :) I hope you love your new place! 8mo
bookaholic1 @bookishprofessor I hear you on unpacking the books first, lol. Have a great week!! 8mo
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