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Do you see any books you‘ve wanted to read, or books that you‘ve enjoyed? Let me know your suggestions, and I might just buy them! #thrifting

vumblereads Maybe million dollar baby? I haven‘t read the book, but I‘ve seen the movie and it was pretty good. 4y
Tove_Reads Code to Zero! We are starting a buddy read this week! 4y
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Tove_Reads The Maeve Binchy one! 4y
Birdsong28 This one 4y
Emilymdxn Thousand splendid suns for definite! 4y
BookHoarder32 The Charlaine Harris books are pretty entertaining... 4y
Clwojick @vumblereads thanks for the rec! I have yet to read or see it, so I picked it up today. 😀 (edited) 4y
Clwojick @Tove_Reads thanks for the rec! I have a few Meave Binchy ones that I need to read at home! I love her books 🥰 (edited) 4y
Clwojick @Birdsong28 @TheSpineView I read and loved The Help! 4y
Clwojick @BookHoarder32 I have a few of those books at home, and am planning on starting the series in the fall, if I can get my hands on the first few I. The series. There‘s quite a handful of them if I remember correctly 4y
LeahBergen A wonderful one in the bottom row! Go back and buy 4y
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The Perfect Girlfriend | Karen Hamilton
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GASP!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

This is why I LOVE THRIFTING! I have wanted to read this book so bad, and I almost bought it for $20 at Chapters yesterday, but I just found it for $2.99. I will happily pay $2.99 for this book 😍 #thrifting

RadicalReader Thrifting is such an amazing opportunity unlike any other to find what you have been looking for even though you didn‘t know it until you see it 4y
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Meme: Poems | Susan Wheeler
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I‘m headed to a different thrift store today, cause I have nothing better to do, and also because BOOKS.

#thrifting #BookishMemes #buyALLthebooks

Q84 Soooooo true! 4y
Foragingfantasy Love this. I‘m the same. But my house is so tiny I feel like we are being evicted by my books. I‘m boxing a lot of them up to store until I get my promised wall of bookshelves in the (near/distant) future. 4y
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And these 6 books also cost me a total of $10. Worth it! #thrifting

See any that you‘ve been wanting to read? Or any that you have read and enjoyed?

BookHoarder32 Looking for Alaska ❤️ 4y
Victoriahoperose Nice! Loved Looking for Alaska and the Girl Before and the lying game. Awesome stack. So jealous lol! 4y
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LeslieO Nice haul! 4y
Eggs Have read Alaska, Widow, Lying Game. Nice haul! 4y
RadicalReader Absolutely loved The Girl Before 4y
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Thrift Score | Al Hoff
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So......all this: 240 books for $20.14

Christmas for all my readers ❤️📖📚📚📚

Thrift store fun during lunch!

Lovesbooks87 That's amazing! 4y
Andrew65 You are just not trying hard enough! 😂🙌 4y
GingerAntics W-O-W 4y
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TrishB Cool 😁😁 4y
AmyG You‘re the best! Holy cow! 4y
kspenmoll I say Wow too! Lucky kids! 4y
robinb Here‘s your crown and trophy...👑🏆 Amazing!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 4y
TheBookHippie @Andrew65 I need to practice my Tetris 📚📚📚📚📖📖🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 4y
Andrew65 @TheBookHippie Yes so many empty spaces in that trolley. 😂😂 4y
Lcsmcat Wow. 😮 4y
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Thrift Score | Al Hoff
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Went thrift shopping with my Mom today and found this interesting book. 😂 Also 5 vhs sets of Titanic if anyone needs one?

BookNAround Is the dude in the background ogling dog or lady? 😂 4y
biblio_ginger @BookNAround 😂😂😂 I hope it's the lady! 4y
BookNAround Each time I scroll past this, the title makes me giggle and sends my mind straight to the gutter. And yet the cover looks so very wholesome. 😂 4y
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biblio_ginger @BookNAround my mind went straight to the gutter too! 😂 sometimes it's fun there! 😉😎 4y
BookNAround @biblio_ginger I have no problem wallowing in the gutter but I mostly try to watch it in comments since not everyone appreciates the classiness. 😉 4y
biblio_ginger 😂😂😂😂 @BookNAround well you're always welcome to be yourself in my comments! 4y
LitDrivenGirl Thank goodness Linda doesn't raise roosters 😂😂😂😂! 4y
biblio_ginger @LitDrivenGirl 😂😂😂 I'm sure that book is out there! 4y
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Thrift Score | Al Hoff
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So I just downloaded this app and while signing in...WA-LA...a 15% off coupon! Oh the possibilities. Easton Press used books mama's coming for you!!!

Trade Wind | M M Kaye
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We went #thrifting for pants, but I never can resist the book section. I'm so stoked to pick up this #historicalfiction by the author of my current read! 😄👖#Victorian #slavetrade

LauraBrook Great score! 5y
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Book haul from thrifting on Sunday. All this for under £10. 👍#thrifting #shelfie #preloved

Quantum Leap: The Wall | Ashley McConnell
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Found this #thrifting today 😂😂😂 I can't wait! I love quantum leap. Didn't know this existed! #treasurehunt #usedbooks #obscure #tvbooks

LeahBergen That cover! 😂 6y
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