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Getting some more #audioknitting done to the surprisingly good thriller I started yesterday. I‘m trying to finish the blanket before bubbas 1st birthday🤞Almost at adding the next colour, just gotta choose which of the ones I have go best with the green🤔I totally recommend the audiobook,both the story & narrator are very engaging. They chose the right voice for this, he very much sounds like a Navy SEAL🦭⚔️ #JubilantJuly #readathon #litsycrafters

jenniferw88 Do you have a grey/silver? #slytherin 4mo
Lizpixie @jenniferw88 Hah! I do but I‘m already surrounded by Slytherins thanks #proudgryffinclaw🦁🦅 4mo
Andrew65 That‘s great 👏👏👏 4mo
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I finally finished this beast! It‘s for my not quite 5ft Nana and this thing is big on my 6ft husband! 😂😂 we are taking a quick trip to TN to see my Nana and Papa next week and I think she‘s gonna be excited and love it! She is always cold and purple is her favorite color so I think this will be a perfect fit for her 🥰🥰 now to start the next one! I think it will be a #slytherin one

BethM That looks like the coziest blanket in the world! 5mo
Aims42 Awww, love this! Beautiful blanket, I‘m sure she will love it!! 5mo
Sapphire That‘s beautiful! Love the colors and pattern! 5mo
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julesG It's gorgeous! 5mo
julesG May I leave some tags? Delete if you don't want them. #CrochetersOfLitsy #HookersOfLitsy 5mo
Seekingtardis @BethM it is really soft! I‘ve enjoyed being partially snuggled under it while working on it! 5mo
Seekingtardis @Aims42 thank you so much!! 5mo
Seekingtardis @Sapphire thank you so much!! The yarn is stunning and I just looped it together lol 5mo
Seekingtardis @julesG thank you!! Of course!! I welcome all the tags 🥰 and love these!! 5mo
Mollyanna That is beautiful! It looks so warm and cozy. 5mo
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Slytherin Witchcraft | Draco Malfoy
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All green for Slytherin 🐍
#slytherin #harrypotter

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A perfect representation of me (a hufflepuff) and my sister (slytherin) hehe. @CymbaX13 us having munchies 🐍🍪🍪🍪🦡 this cheered me up. Amazing artwork. #hogwarts #hogwartshouses #hufflepuff #slytherin #cookies #snacktime #sisters #love #sharing

CymbaX13 @hannah-leeloo that's just made my day sis I ❤ it 1y
hannah-leeloo 🐍🤗❤🫂🦡 @CymbaX13 1y
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Just for fun. Come on littens got to have a few Harry Potter fans here, what's your Hogwarts House❓🦡❔🐍❓🦅❔🦁❓
I am a proud Hufflepuff 💛🦡🖤 happy reading everyone
#litsygames #litsyfun #hogwartshouse #hufflepuff #slytherin #ravenclaw #gryffindor #commonroom #litsylove #justforfun

zezeki Proud Hufflepuff as well! 🙋🏻‍♀️🦡 2y
hannah-leeloo Hufflehug @zezeki 🖤🫂💛 2y
starlight97 Ravenclaw! 💙 2y
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hannah-leeloo Yay we can read on beanbags @starlight97 😁 2y
sdbruening Ravenclaw! 🤓 2y
hannah-leeloo Yay another ravenclaw 💙 @sdbruening 2y
Sharv_Sona Slytherin (Just to clarify, I'm not evil) ;)
hannah-leeloo I wouldn't think you evil at all hehe @Sharv_Sona 💛💚 2y
RaeLovesToRead I'm a Ravenclaw with Hufflepuff tendencies! 2y
hannah-leeloo Hehe yay. I'm a hufflepuff with ravenclaw tendencies lol @RaeLovesToRead 💛💙 2y
RaeLovesToRead @hannah-leeloo Ravenpuff & Huffleclaw!!!! 😁😁 2y
Roary47 Hufflepuff 💛 2y
hannah-leeloo Yay hufflehug @Roary47 🤗💛 2y
hannah-leeloo Wheres the Griffindors??? Not had one yet 🦁❓❓ 2y
PathfinderNicole Team Hufflepuff!! 2y
hannah-leeloo Awesome I wasn't expecting so many Hufflepuffs hehe 💛🤗🖤 @PathfinderNicole 2y
Scochrane26 Hufflepuff 2y
bookseller_cate Hufflepuff Pride! 2y
hannah-leeloo Lots of us litsy hufflepuffs @Scochrane26 @bookseller_cate 🖤📖📚💛 2y
Cupcake12 Got to be Gryffindor 🦁 2y
hannah-leeloo Yay the first Gryffindor! @Cupcake12 something we are different on for a change haha 💛❤ 2y
Deblovestoread 👋🏼 fellow Hufflepuff 2y
Kimberlone I‘ve accepted my classification as a Slytherin 🐍 Always considered myself a ravenclaw, but I‘ve done the pottermore quiz multiple times and always get slytherin 2y
hannah-leeloo Nothing wrong with that. We all have mixed traits lol @Kimberlone 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘ve never read HP 🤦🏼‍♀️ 2y
hannah-leeloo Oooh that's OK @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks you can still connect to a hogwarts house based off their traits 🤗❤ 2y
dragondrool Ravenclaw 2y
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Apparently my answers change every few months because I was a Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin at some time or other. 🤣 2y
hannah-leeloo Lol 😆 well just means you fit in with everyone haha @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick 2y
bthegood I'm a hufflepuff 2y
hannah-leeloo Aw Hello fellow hufflepuff 🤗💛🖤 @bthegood 2y
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My niece calls me Aunt Sissy because she had a speech delay and couldn‘t actually pronounce my name until she was older. I sent her the illustrated Harry Potter so we could start reading them together on FaceTime even if a pandemic is keeping us far apart. I think she‘s a Gryffindor. #Hogwartsismyhome #Slytherin

Chrissyreadit I love this ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
SRWCF I love these types of terms of endearment! My father couldn't pronounce his baby brother's name, which was Jerry. All he could muster was "baby doy" (baby boy) and the name "Doy" stuck!. They grew up in a small town, and he was known by that name forever more. 10mo
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The Winter Palace | Eva Stachniak
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Sunday afternoon starter pack!
I don't regret anything 🤟

#slytherin #kindle #winterpalace #sunday

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So this was my 2nd time reading this book since I was 12 and I‘ve just turned 16 two days ago. Now that I‘m older, I notice more things like the fatphobia and quite a bit of discrimination mostly against Slytherin, but Hufflepuff (my favorite,) too. #HarryPotter #Weasley #Gryffindor #Hufflepuff #Ravenclaw #Slytherin #HermioneGranger #RonWeasley #HarryPotterAndTheScorcersStone

Harry Potter | JK Rowling
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Today a friend of mine has brought me this beautiful wand from south Italy 😍
I found the perfect spot in my bookshelf! 😍

#jkrowling #harrypotter #wand #polyjuice #potterhead #always #deatheaters #slytherin #proudtobeaslytherin

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I finally framed these two HP ⚡️ inspired beauties. My BF and I recently rewatched all 8 movies, which were great background to finish the Slytherin 🐍 one for my best friend Maggie. I‘m currently working on another HP piece too! #Hufflepuff #slytherin #crossstitch

Freespirit Beautiful work💕 2y
JillsBookshelf Those are beautiful! You made them yourself? ❤️🧡💚💙 2y
Deblovestoread Beautiful! 2y
Saknicole @jillsbookshelf Thank you! Yes I did! They were a good use of all that home time we had haha (edited) 2y
JillsBookshelf You‘re very talented. I love them! 😍 2y
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