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A superb thriller to follow up the Cuckoo‘s Calling. Cormoran Strike slowly grows on you. He may not be a Sherlock Holmes but his powers of recall and deduction are really good. There are no major twists and turns but you can see how, gradually ties the loose ends up.. worth a read.. Rowling surpasses expectations..

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Happy Publication Day Deathly Hallows....today marks the 12th anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. #books #jkrowling #reader #reading

Conversations With J. K. Rowling | J. K. Rowling, Lindsey Fraser
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Here is my bookish Prime haul.

I ended up buying the Boxcar set as a Christmas gift to my kids and the Word Cloud set for myself for my birthday.

The HP books are also a Christmas gift for my kids. I struggled over whether to get them to full set of the regular books or this three pack of the illustrated editions.

I got KU for free for 3 months and Audible for $4.95 for 3 months so I figured I‘d give them a shot!

lele1432 Nice haul! I don‘t take advantage of Kindle Unlimited as much as I should, but I think you‘ll love Audible if you‘re into audiobooks! With a new baby, it's pretty much the only way I get to "read" anymore lol. 3d
Reviewsbylola I highly doubt that I‘ll utilize KU so I plan on canceling in 3 months if that‘s the case. We‘ll see tho! @lele1432 3d
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Over the moon with my new "Headmaster's Office" candle from Frostbeard Studio! If Dumbledore's office smelled this good, I don't think I'd mind getting into trouble! ?️?‍♂️⚡?

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light." ?

#candle #newcandle #frostbeardstudio #writerlife #harrypotter #albusdumbledore #dumbledore #talesofbeedlethebard #magic #beedlethebard #jkrowling #books #dumbledorequotes

LeslieO I love those Frostbeard candles! 7d
RhianJMartin @LeslieO Me too! They smell delicious and burn so nicely! 🕯️ 7d
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The Cuckoo's Calling | Robert Galbraith
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I was initially very engaged by this book, by the back and forth between Robin and Cormoran and their individual characters. But as it progressed, I found it to be rather tedious and too long. Much of this is probably my general blasé toward mysteries, but I think the other part of it was too much interviewing of witnesses - too much telling.

Ruthiella I haven‘t read this series (yet?) but I wonder if her publisher is reluctant to edit her (goose = golden egg). which leads to sprawl in her books.🤔 1w
Bklover @Ruthiella I think you may have something there! 1w
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It‘s HP build day at BN. Yes I registered. No I don‘t care that I am adult. I‘m making my Golden Snitch.

Leftcoastzen You go girl!😂👏❤️ 1w
Texreader Good for you!! 1w
LibrarianRyan So there are some adults who didn‘t register who wanted to make and BN staff told them they are letting unregistered kids go first. I was first in line so I snagged my parts and scaddled. I‘ll build when I get home. @Leftcoastzen 1w
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wordslinger42 You're not alone! I'm 26 & I asked for the Hogwarts castle Lego for Christmas 😁 1w
LibrarianRyan @wordslinger42 I want that so bad but we put limits this year has we have house repair. Yuck. I did get the flint stones LEGO‘s though. 1w
wordslinger42 @LibrarianRyan I hope house repairs go well & you're able to get it soon! I'd love to have the Flintstones Legos; truthfully, I'll build pretty much anything! 1w
britt_brooke Love it! 1w
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This book is written by Chelsea Clinton and Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger. This book is a B and talks about many women through their different times where they fought for equality with education, freedom, creating medical tools and becoming a reporter this book entails girls and show women to not think anything is impossible. So these thirteen women that the book goes over have persisted. #ucflae3414su19

galacticbees I reviewed this book too! I think it would be so incredibly useful in the classroom. I love how many remarkable women are represented in this book and honestly it'd be so cool to read this during women's history month to better help them understand how far these women have all come. 2w
Stephanie5 In my classroom I would present this book as a RA the reason being there are many words that would most likely have to give prior knowledge to and would be great for open ended questions. So with that being said I would use The ESOL strategy 20 to have students to see the words and put more up there while reading if necessary. The UDL that I would use is 3.1 which would help with the ESOL strategy and deepen understanding. 2w
Stephanie5 http://www.booknerdmommy.com/persisted-mini-biography-activity-idea/ this is an awesome activity to increase their thinking. 2w
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The Silkworm | Robert Galbraith
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I continue to be surprised by how much I am enjoying this series. I think I liked this book even more than the first.

BeckyMerilatt I‘m obsessed with this series. Each book gets better. 2w
ruskigurl16 I ❤️ this series!! 2w
mom2bugnbee Agree with above comments! Keep going! 2w
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Cuckoo's Calling | Robert Galbraith
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I‘m an outlier but I thought this was disappointing. There‘s probably a good cozy crime in here, with some serious editing. It‘s too long, too rambling, I had the solution figured early doors and the author is clearly still annoyed about all those complaints about lack of diversity in Harry Potter and is determined to make sure you know that she can do diversity.

SherlockAndEarlGrey The 2nd is better and the 3rd blew me away. I say give them a shot. 4w
Verity @SherlockAndEarlGrey I do already have the second one on the pending shelf... 4w
britt_brooke Love and appreciate your honesty! 3d
Verity @britt_brooke thanks! It‘s strange because so many people are so keen on this series. And obviously a bit hard to say because: JKR. I‘m going to read the second one and see if that‘s better. 3d
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