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Fingersmith | Sarah Waters
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This has been on my to-read list for ages. Who doesn‘t love historical gay fiction? My first book by Sarah Waters as well.

#fingersmith #sarahwaters #cover #newbook

Freespirit It's fabulous! 8mo
Cathythoughts Brilliant book 8mo
Minervasbutler Loved it. 8mo
JamieArc One of my favorites of this year. 8mo
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Fingersmith | Sarah Waters
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I‘ve finished rereading Fingersmith and this is still high on my list of favourites by Sarah Waters. I‘ve also panned Lolita. It‘s gone from my favourite modern classic to my most hated book and I‘ve shelved it at page 70. I‘m out. I‘m going home today after a weekend away and acquired six new books whilst here. So that‘s fun! I hear I have bookmail at home too! How was your weekend? #booklover #bookaddict #bookblog #sarahwaters #historical

Bronte_Chintz I‘ve just acquired Affinity by Sarah Waters as a gift from the JB group it‘ll be the first of her I‘ve read. She is one of those authors I‘ve meant to try for years and never gotten around to it. 2y
AJBowers I love your wallpaper! 2y
Weaponxgirl Oh thank god! I just got to where he meets lol and I haven't been able to keep up the two chapters a day but if your out too I feel I can let it go! I just didn't want to be the person who bailed first. 2y
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JenniferEgnor Love the wallpaper! 2y
Mdargusch 🙋🏼‍♀️ I love the wallpaper too! 2y
FerFer Your wallpaper is beautiful! 2y
FerFer @Weaponxgirl - I finished it (with great difficulty) a year or so ago. It‘s very disturbing. 2y
Weaponxgirl @FerFer I think it's a well done book but I just don't want to read it anymore and it's slowed down all the rest of my reading as it now feels like I should be reading this 2y
FerFer @Weaponxgirl - I concur; it‘s well written. But it‘s difficult to read about an adult sexualizing and abusing a child. And I commend the author‘s bravery in writing such a controversial book. It‘s a dark topic and one that I‘m sure brought him significant criticism. 2y
Sophoclessweetheart @Bronte_Chintz Oh! Jolene! I loved Affinity too! I hope you enjoy it! Xx 2y
Sophoclessweetheart @AJBowers 😹😹Thank you. My daughter picked it. 2y
Sophoclessweetheart @Weaponxgirl 😹😹We can bail together! Don‘t worry Shirley! 🖤🖤 It was fun discussing with you though! Well have to buddy read again sometime x 2y
Sophoclessweetheart @JenniferEgnor @Mdargusch @FerFer Thank you guys! My daughter picked it. I‘m not just randomly sporting Disney princess walls at 26 😹😹🖤 2y
Bronte_Chintz @Sorceryandswords I‘m sure I well. I‘m pretty sure I‘ll read this one and then have an overwhelming desire to read the rest 😂 2y
Sophoclessweetheart @Bronte_Chintz Definitely a possibility! I did! One after another until I read them all 😹😹🖤 2y
Bronte_Chintz @Sorceryandswords 😂😂😂👌🏻 2y
Weaponxgirl @Sorceryandswords yes, you too! Hopefully I can join in some other time with a book we can both actually get through! 2y
Sophoclessweetheart @Weaponxgirl That would be wonderful. Did you get my JBUK package? I‘ve just had an email saying it‘s been delivered 🤔🖤 2y
Weaponxgirl @Sorceryandswords I have a box in my building for mail and just checked. I LOVE this poem thank you so much. I will get stuff sent out at some point. My post office is just a faff to get to 2y
Sophoclessweetheart @Weaponxgirl Oh! I‘m so glad! 👏 I hope you enjoy it! Xx 2y
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Rebecca | Virago, Daphne Du Maurier
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Anniversary editions. I could not resist these beauties!! #bookhaul #dauphnedumaurier #rebecca #tippingthevelvet #sarahwaters

MrsMalaprop 😍😍😍 2y
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Tipping The Velvet | Sarah Waters
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Rainy day plans ☔️

#weekendreads #sarahwaters #histfic

tpixie Pretty!!! 2y
tpixie What will it be? 2y
emilyhaldi Lovely 💗 2y
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emmaturi very nice! 2y
SheilaChew Lovely! I need a rainy day too. 2y
readtheworld @tpixie It's a baby hat - just finished it 😊 2y
tpixie @readtheworld that‘s what I guessed. Congrats! Great colors/pattern!! 💖💖💖 2y
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Tipping The Velvet | Sarah Waters
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Capping off the weekend with a new book! I read Sarah Waters's Fingersmith a few years ago and loved it, so I'm excited to try this one.

#sarahwaters #historicalfiction #coverart

ohyeahthatgirl That is some great cover art! 2y
erzascarletbookgasm This is on my TBR. I loved Fingersmith:) 2y
BooksForEmpathy That cover has me swooning over here. 2y
MicheleinPhilly One of my favorite books of all time! 2y
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Affinity | Sarah Waters
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I found this book utterly intriguing. So much material to discuss. Our flawed heroine loves her best friend, who married her brother. It was devastating. She throws herself into volunteering at a Women's Prison and meets a young woman who communicates with the spirits. Their story is wild, tumultuous, and the ending! 😭

#IKissedAGirl #JuneTunz #VictorianEngland #SarahWaters

*photo repost of my prior post on this- because I love it*

britt_brooke Beautiful photo! 📷💕 3y
Jess_Read_This @britt_brooke Thank you! I occasionally get lucky with my lighting! 💕 3y
Lindy I loved the ending! 3y
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Jess_Read_This @Lindy I read a few reviewers that felt Margaret committed suicide by the statement "the thread went slack" completely heartbreaking for me. I was really rooting for her. This was such an original story! 3y
Lindy @Jess_Read_This I think suicide is entirely plausible (she had already attempted it unsuccessfully). What struck me most was the way the author got me to cheer for the success of the unlikeable character, the prisoner, who pulled off such a clever ruse. 3y
Jess_Read_This @Lindy I cheered for Selina too... Up until the end when I think I felt a sense of betrayal like Margaret felt. I had such hopes for Margaret'a happiness- she was such a troubled soul! But what a book! The twists! 3y
Bibliogeekery Beautiful picture of a beautiful book! 😍 #queerbooks 3y
elliemcc11 I'll get there (eventually) with this one 🙄 3y
Jess_Read_This @elliemcc11 Lol!! This is your reminder post calling.... 😂😂😂😆 3y
Jess_Read_This @Bibliogeekery Thank you! It is such a beautiful edition with a story that sticks with you. 3y
elliemcc11 I needed it a good few months back 😟🤣 3y
Cinfhen This one sounds good ❤️ 3y
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The Paying Guests | Sarah Waters
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Haha! Oh yes, I do so like to be cheerful and nicely dressed for my husband at breakfast as well! #sarahwaters #favoriteline

The Paying Guests | Sarah Waters
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#currentread #sarahwaters

I bet it will be an amazing book. Sarah Waters is top 👌

Suzze Loved it! 3y
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Affinity | Sarah Waters
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"Your twisting is done--you have the last thread of my heart. I wonder: when the thread grows slack, will you feel it?" A delightful October book club read. I'm so glad to read this book with a group of ladies. So many themes to discuss! Highly recommend for book club reads. #affinity #bookclub #bookwormbeacons #bookish #octoberread #sarahwaters #riverheadbooks #bookstagram #litsy #pick #recommend #october

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Fingersmith | Sarah Waters
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Opening line:
"My name, in those days, was Susan Trinder."
#bookgnome #sarahwaters #fingersmith

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