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Brothers Karamazov | Fyodor Dostoevsky
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IndoorDame If the whole thing is this heavy on religious philosophy it‘s going to go over my head 5mo
5feet.of.fury Solid cohesive arguments pretty much all around. Fyodor stirring the pot as always. 5mo
5feet.of.fury @IndoorDame the LitChart shows some chapters are very heavy on the Faith v Reason theme, but looks like we will have some respite from it after the next chapter 5mo
BarkingMadRead @IndoorDame same here @TheBookHippie so accurate 🤣🤣 5mo
Cuilin Smerdy is that one kid at Sunday school or R E that the teacher hates and still manages to turn the class agnostic in a few weeks. Lol 5mo
SamAnne @Cuilin 😂😂😂😂 yes!! 5mo
Aimeesue @Cuilin Yesssss! I may or may not have been that kid myself 😂 5mo
Cuilin @Aimeesue moi aussi, 🙋‍♀️ 5mo
CatLass007 I have a friend who was that kid. He was of Jewish heritage and about 5 when his adoptive family decided he needed to go to Sunday school. The teacher was telling everyone how wonderful heaven is when my friend, whose cat had died during the week, asked if his cat would be waiting for him in heaven. She said no, cats don‘t have souls. He said if his cat wasn‘t in heaven then he didn‘t want to go either. The other kids took up the (cont)⬇️ 5mo
CatLass007 complaint and eventually the whole class was in tears. His dad decided he wouldn‘t be going to Sunday school anymore. 5mo
Bklover @Cuilin I do believe that is me too! 5mo
mcctrish I don‘t get why a man would die for Christianity instead of forced faith conversion, most religions think men are great so its not like their freedoms would be constricted 🤷🏻‍♀️ then it all went blah, blah, blah with Schmigadoon repeating himself 5mo
BarkingMadRead @mcctrish the amount of #blahblahblah in this book is concerning 🤣 5mo
CatLass007 @BarkingMadRead I think it‘s such a hilarious story. My friend has studied the Bible and other religious texts and decided he is an atheist. I imagine it all began in that Sunday school class. The damage people can do to kids is unforgivable. I was tormented by nuns from grades 1-7 and I went through an atheist phase. I now am a member of a progressive, forward-thinking Presbyterian church. 5mo
TheBookHippie @Cuilin 💯💯💯 5mo
TheBookHippie @mcctrish I kept hearing the Charlie Brown teacher 😂😳🤷🏻‍♀️. 5mo
mcctrish @TheBookHippie that is exactly the voice (edited) 5mo
currentlyreadinginCO @CatLass007 that exact story, but with a dog, lives on in my family as well 😂😂 5mo
CatLass007 @currentlyreadinginCO Were you the impetus for the story? My Mom had some cringe worthy stories about me in church but turning a classroom full of happy kids into crying kids who didn‘t want to go to heaven was not in my repertoire. (edited) 5mo
currentlyreadinginCO @CatLass007 not me! But I have an aunt who left Judaism at a young age because she was particularly bereft over the death of a dog and learned that the dog wouldn't be going to heaven ... an oft-repeated story. I was raised Catholic, but these days the closest that I come to religion is books like our current read 😂😂 5mo
CatLass007 @currentlyreadinginCO I strongly believe that animals have souls and will be with us in paradise. If anyone requests proof, refer them to Isaiah 11:6 and Isaiah 65:25. For those who claim that the quotes weren‘t meant to be taken literally, I usually ask if Jesus‘s death and resurrection are meant to be taken literally. 5mo
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