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Here is my #BookReport for Aug 14-20
Slower reading week because back to school #LitsyTeacher but still a great reading week!
📔Psycho 5⭐️
🎧The Cabin at the End of the World 4⭐️
🎧A Curious Beginning 4⭐️
🎧The Power 5⭐️
In Progress:
📖The Bone Shard Emperor 18%
📖Making the Match 20%
🎧Husband Material 72%
Up Next:
🎧The Burning God
📚The Hunger of the Gods
🎧A Head Full of Ghosts

Cinfhen Oh wow!! Nice going 😄even with #BackToSchool 🙌🏻 4mo
KristiAhlers I LOVE Kristen Ashley. 4mo
Nessavamusic @KristiAhlers Me too! I was lucky to win this one on Kindle so I got it early! 4mo
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The Wednesdays | Julie Bourbeau
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1. I have a tbr each month, so I try to pick from that, but it also can be what library holds pop up and a little mood reading.
2. My rating is based on how much engaged me, if it kept me thinking about the book and if I‘d want to reread it.
3. I am super grateful for summer vacation #litsyteacher

Eggs Thanks for playing 💕 5mo
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The end of my Winter Break is approaching #LitsyTeacher
Currently reading the three above books. I should finish Fated Blades today. Just started the other two including my first #chunksterchallenge for the year.

Andrew65 We‘ve been back 4 days, already tired. 💤 11mo
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#BookReport for Aug 15-21
Lighter reading week due to work #litsyteacher
Instructions for Dancing 4⭐️
West With Giraffes 3.5⭐️
Skye O‘Malley - just too much nope
One Apocalypse 50% will probably finish this weekend
The Eye of the World 34%
Reset 6%

Naked in Death | Nora Roberts, J. D. Robb
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1. Usually yes, I typically at least have a suspicion.
2. The series I have most committed to. I have read 51 of the 52 published!
3. I love Urban Fantasy-Paranormal anti-heroes, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, and strong female protagonists.
4. I am grateful to start a new school year that will be slightly more normal. #litsyteacher

Eggs #2 amazing! So much to be grateful for ❣️ Thanks for playing 🥰 1y
Viji Love JD Robb‘s In Death! The narrator on the audiobooks does great voices 😍 1y
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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#WeeklyForecast for August 15-21
Back to school this week #litsyteacher so I don‘t know if I‘ll get to all of this.
Currently reading:
📖Two Kingdoms & Instructions for Dancing- will probably finish today
🎧The Eye of the World - going to start listening to it too

Up Next:📚
One Apocalypse-finale of the series
West w/Giraffes- book club pick
Life‘s Too Short

Cinfhen Wow!! Summer vacation is almost over 😝enjoy and good luck …are you back in person?!? 1y
Nessavamusic @Cinfhen Yes, though with masks and other cautions. 1y
Daisey Wishing you all the best as you go back to school. I have one more week of summer break left, but most of it will be spent in my classroom. 1y
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Nessavamusic @Daisey Thanks and good luck to you too! (edited) 1y
kimmypete1 We return to school this week also. Can‘t believe summer is over! 1y
Cinfhen Best of luck all you AMAZING people 🙌🏻💕🙌🏻 @Daisey @kimmypete1 @Nessavamusic #TeachersOfLitsy 😘 1y
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All Rhodes Lead Here | Mariana Zapata
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1. RV! We have a 32 foot motor home, our cabin on wheels.
2. Camp Glamp
3. Tagged was great
4. My reading goal this week is to enjoy one of my last weeks of summer break (#litsyteacher) by diving into some epic fantasy. I would love to finish at least 4 books this week and get started on my August #bookspinbingo

July, July | Tim O'Brien
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Here are my #julyreads
25 books read
1 DNF not listed - Rebecca
1 back on the shelf due to being part of a series
7 Kindle books
7 Physical books
Devil in Disguise, The Bone Shard Daughter, Mindf*ck series, Vicious
Least favorite: The Girl With Stars in Her Eyes
Great reading month! Back to work in a couple weeks so reading will be less in August #litsyteacher

CoverToCoverGirl A fantastic month! 🎉 1y
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Update on my #14Books14Weeks stack.
9 done though one was a DNF!
Hope to finish at least 2 more this month, we shall see. I‘m proud of the number of physical books I‘ve read this summer. Yay for book challenges and yay for summer break #Litsyteacher

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I‘ve lost count of how many snow days we‘ve had so far in just this quarter 🤦🏽‍♀️ This #litsyteacher is not looking forward to make up days in June, but I am going to enjoy this snow day. Highlights for Children and a cup of coffee for me ☕️ #snowday #snowedinandreading

Rachel.Rencher I forgot about Highlights! I used to love that magazine 😁 5y
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