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I'm joining @Chelleo in a game of #litsyavatar (story/description of your profile pic) and #litsyhandle (Story/description of your Litsy name).

My Avatar: This is my beautiful sweet girl Zoe who passed away at 18 years of age last year. I was sick when I took this picture, and she stayed on the couch with me until I healed up. My little 5 1/2 lb nurse of cuteness.

My handle: That's Zoe and I'm her human (Zoe's human).

Share yours!

Leftcoastzen Awww,some kitties are very good nurses, my current two , not so much .😻I‘m glad you have happy memories. 3y
Chelleo What a sweet story and a gorgeous girl! 3y
Zoes_Human @ Leftcoastzen @Chelleo Thank y'all so much. We were very luck to have her. Our cat Ralphie is also sort of a good nurse. At least in that, he's very pleased when you are sick because it means you stay in one place and he can nap on you. :) 3y
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The Mercantile Library | Cincinnati, Ohio (Library)
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Hi Littens...it‘s been awhile... anyone up for a game of #litsyavatar (story/description of your profile pic) and #litsyhandle (Story/description of your Litsy name)??

I just updated my avatar tonight. I visited and got an after hours tour of the Mercantile Library. It is a beautiful library!

My handle: A mashup of my first and last name:
Mi(Chel)le (Leo)nard. Pronounced Shelly-O even though I hate the nickname Shelly.

Share yours!

Eyelit Great photo! 3y
Hooked_on_books I love your sweater! 😍 3y
Crazeedi What a beautiful picture of you! ❤❤ 3y
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Crazeedi I'll find a recent photo and update in am! Thanks!! 3y
silentrequiem Welcome back! 3y
Butterfinger Beautiful 3y
Sleepswithbooks You look gorgeous ✨✨ 3y
Zoes_Human I'm a Michelle that ALSO hates the nickname Shelly! 3y
MicheleinPhilly @Zoes_Human SAME! I‘ve had people ask me if they can call me that and you would think they asked if they could rob my house. No, no, NO. 3y
Chelleo @Zoes_Human @MicheleinPhilly The only person who has a pass is my Brother-In-Law. I usually go by Chelle with family and friends but flinch when people see it in writing and pronounce it With the hard CH like cello. 3y
MissAimz_55 Hello! I had to go look st what my picture was. It‘s a picture of me with my niece on Christmas when she was only 2 weeks old. Now she is 2 years old! I should update it . My name is just aimee so my user name is MissAimz and then 55 is my favorite number. 💗 3y
Chelleo @MissAimz_55 Look at how little your niece was. So cute! I‘m one of those people that change avatars frequently but if your happy with yours, keep it! No judgment either. 3y
vivastory @MicheleinPhilly @Chelleo I was with my ex (a Michelle) for 10 years & not once was I tempted to call her Shelly. I just find it very strange. 3y
Chelleo @vivastory it is strange whenever people shorten someone‘s name without asking or being told. I also find that Michelle‘s who go by Shelly typically only go by Shelly and never use the formal version. But that‘s just my experience. 3y
Zoes_Human @MicheleinPhilly 😂 😂 😂

In my case, it's a matter of bad experiences. I've known only 2 people actually named Shelly and BOTH of them were awful humans. To the extent that if I meet another Shelly, I'm really going to have to work to give them a chance.
(edited) 3y
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The New Me | Mary Marcus
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Hope I don‘t confuse anyone with the new #litsyavatar I usually change up more frequently...this last one may have set a record for longest length of time with one #profilepic (over a year). I have a thing about my profile pics not looking like my current self. This is my reading tee 😂🤣😂

benchley1 Mine looks exactly like me too 😉😂😂 5y
benchley1 I love it though? Is it drawn or an illusion? It looks cool 5y
Smangela I LOVE IT! Great picture @Chelleo 5y
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Chelleo @benchley1 😂😂😂 Lies!!! I used the Prisma app to give it a slightly artsy look (to hide the wrinkles and grays) #NoShameInMyGame 5y
benchley1 @Chelleo it's a very cool illusion! Just tell everyone you came out of an Ah-Ha video 5y
Chelleo @Smangela Thanks 😉 5y
Eggs Love this! What a great smile❣️ 5y
Chelleo @benchley1 LOL!!! I actually scaled back the effect. You can make pics look really psychedelic 5y
cuethelibrarian Where did you get that shirt I need it!!!!! 5y
Chelleo @cuethelibrarian JC Penny! I was surprised by the find myself! 5y
Pamwurtzler Cute!! 5y
Cathythoughts Gorgeous pic ❤️ 5y
the_artist You always look gorgeous wearing that smile on your happy face 5y
bookandbedandtea Great photo! I'll be keeping eyes out for that shirt, BTW. 5y
Chelleo @bookandbedandtea @cuethelibrarian Correction...I found it at Kohl‘s!! 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️ 5y
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“To a parent, your child wasn‘t just a person: your child was a place, a kind of Narnia, a kind of vast eternal place where the present you were living and the past you remembered and the future you longed for all existed at once.... It was a place you could take refuge, if you knew how to get in. And each time you left it, each time your child passed out of your sight, you feared you might never be able to return to that place again.”

SarahRotenberry I just posted part of this same passage. So powerful 5y
readherwriteher @SarahRotenberry It sums up motherhood for me, this is exactly what it‘s like to look at your children. It also sums up the book. She‘s such a great writer. (edited) 5y
DebinHawaii Welcome to Litsy!! 🎉📚👍😀Hope you enjoy it here! 5y
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readherwriteher Thanks @DebinHawaii I‘m sure I will, just trying to figure out how it works. 🙋🏻‍♀️ (edited) 5y
RaimeyGallant Great quote. And welcome to Litsy! #LitsyWelcomeWagon Some of us put together Litsy tips to help new Littens navigate the site. It's the link in my bio on my page in case you need it.
readherwriteher @RaimeyGallant Thank you! I will check out the link. 😊 5y
Knightingale Welcome! 5y
Librarybelle Welcome to Litsy! 5y
JennyBookworm Welcome! 🙂 5y
Chelleo 👋🏾 Welcome to Litsy! Hope you like it here! You may want to check out #LitsyAvatar and #LitsyHandle to learn a bit about other Littens 🤗 5y
DebReads4fun Welcome to Litsy! 5y
mrozzz WELCOME WELCOME 🙂🙃🙂 5y
readherwriteher @Knightingale Hi! Thank you. 😊🙋🏻‍♀️ 5y
readherwriteher @Chelleo Hi! I‘ll check out those hashtags. Thanks for the warm welcome. 🙋🏻‍♀️😊 5y
readherwriteher @mrozzz Thanks! I‘m looking forward to seeing all your posts in my feed.🙋🏻‍♀️ 5y
Purrfectpages Welcome to Litsy! 5y
readherwriteher @tpixie thanks! I followed them both, thanks for recommending them. 5y
mrozzz Likewise! 5y
jfalkens Welcome to Litsy and happy reading 😊🎊📚🎉📖 5y
Bklover Hi! Welcoming me to Litsy! You will love it here!! 5y
readherwriteher @jfalkens Thank you! Same to you. 😊📚 5y
readherwriteher @Bklover I think I‘ve found my people. 😁📚 5y
tpixie ♥️♥️♥️ 5y
Bklover @readherwriteher I think you probably have! There‘s so much love here, and so much to do. Monthly challenges, gift swaps, all kinds of stuff. If there‘s something you want to ask just post a pic of something and ask! You‘ll get plenty of answers. And follow as many people as you can! 5y
MoBee Welcome 💖 5y
readherwriteher @Bklover Thank you for the great tips. They are much appreciated. 5y
readherwriteher @MoBee Thank you. 😊 5y
alvingregorio Welcome! And what a heartbreaking quote. I adored this book! 5y
readherwriteher @alvingregorio I loved it too. And thank you! 😊 (edited) 5y
vkois88 Welcome to Litsy! 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Welcome to Litsy! 5y
readherwriteher @vkois88 Thank you! I love it here. 5y
readherwriteher @BarbaraTheBibliophage Thank you so much! 😊 5y
readherwriteher @RaimeyGallant your blog post was SUPER helpful. Thank you so much! 💆🏻‍♀️ 5y
RachaelusGilkinius I just started this book and I‘m considering getting out of bed now (5:30am) before the rest of the house wakes to read it. At the part where Izzy is just finding herself. 5y
Jess7 Loved this book! 5y
readherwriteher @RachaelusGilkinius did you get up and read? It‘s such a good book. You won‘t regret it if you did. 5y
RachaelusGilkinius @readherwriteher I did! And I got to the same place in the book where the quote you pulled out is. I had the same urge to share it. I‘m at work now awaiting my time to return to it. 5y
readherwriteher @RachaelusGilkinius yay! This quote just nailed what being a mom is. I know I‘ll refer back to it again and again. Let me know what you think when you finish the book! 📚 5y
Hokey That's a great quote. ❤️ 5y
readherwriteher @Hokey it is. It sums up the book, perfectly. 5y
booksensation Welcome to Litsy!!! 5y
readherwriteher @booksensation thanks so much! 5y
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This picture is taken by my sister in June. I wanted one special picture for my book blog. And sister found this idea me sitting on the floor with books around me. I use this picture in all my social media (FB, IG, GR...). I love it.❤❤😍

JazzFeathers It is a great picture 😀👍 5y
Chelleo Very cool pic! 5y
maich @JazzFeathers @Chelleo Thank you😘😘 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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#litsyavatar #profilepic
I cropped my pic from my family photo. This was our Christmas Card photo in 2016.
My son is now 23, my Yorki-Poo is 9 and my Pom-Chi is 3.

Alfoster So cute! You‘re like models!😀😀😀 5y
BeaG @Alfoster You are too kind. Thank you!! 5y
BeaG @Chelleo I forgot to tag you in the post since you started avatar/profile pic thread. 5y
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Chelleo Beautiful photo! 5y
BeaG @Chelleo Thanks 5y
BookMaven407 Great family photo. ❤️ 5y
BeaG @BookMaven407 Thank you! 5y
Kaye Beautiful photo. You look gorgeous in those colors. They‘re our school team colors too, so I‘m partial to red and black, although I don‘t own very much in those colors. 5y
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The Avatar Experiment | Aubrey Parker
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I‘m a little late to the #LitsyAvatar party but I just switched mine up. I‘ve never done a bitmoji before & usually just use my Edgar Allan Poe tattoo wannabe (if I ever get another tattoo it‘ll be that image on the coffee cup) for my avatar here and Instagram. But I finally created a bitmoji and loved the one of lounging in a coffee cup, something I would do (COFFEE!). So I removed the kitty and added my friend Poe. That‘s me in a cup, literally.

Ingerella It's a pretty great avatar! 5y
GarthRanzz @Ingerella Thanks! The only thing missing is me holding a book. 😊 5y
Chelleo That‘s very cool and creative! 5y
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GarthRanzz @Chelleo Thank you! 5y
DivaDiane Love it! 5y
GarthRanzz @DivaDiane 😀 Thanks! 5y
Gezemice Cool! 5y
AloeMantis Awesome avatar! 5y
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Bandwagon | Dwight M. Dixon
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I‘m gonna jump on the #litsyavatar bandwagon and share mine! My #profilepicture is my husband, Jay, and I after my Mom‘s wedding! My stepdad has a son and a daughter, they‘re both married. My Mom has two daughters, we‘re both married. They had all 8 of us stand up with them at the wedding. 😊 My #litsyhandle is AshleyHoss820 Ashley is obvious. Hoss is a nickname my husband had in HS, short for Husemoller, so I get called Mrs. Hoss everywhere I go.

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Let me jump on this #litsyavatar post. My daughter, lover of all books, and I. Parents, what is your favorite book to read to your child? Any suggestions?

AshleyHoss820 Lovely, the both of you!! My favorite book to read to my kids was The Monster at the End of this Book because you get to do Grover‘s funny voice! 😊 5y
JaclynW Great picture! One of my daughter's favorite books to read together is 5y
JaclynW @AshleyHoss820 I second this book! It's always a favorite! 5y
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JGadz11 I don‘t have any children, but I am a middle school teacher. They love when I read Scaredy Squirrel, and also the Pigeon series (Mo Willems). Scaredy is a little more nuanced, maybe for a little older - but the Pigeon is fun to add voices and emotions to! 5y
AshleyHoss820 Oh! Also: My middle boy LOVED (edited) 5y
Peddler410 My daughter has loved The Story of Ferdinand forever! We also loved (edited) 5y
CarolynM My favourite was Sandra Boynton's Moo, Baa, La La La. I always gift a copy to firstborns. 5y
Eggs Precious photo 5y
Kaye I can‘t remember what all I read my kids. They are now almost into their 40s. Long time ago in a galaxy far away. When I took care of my grandson, he loved all Dr Seuss, the Froggie books, the one with the boy named David, but his favorite was The Spooky Old Tree. 👻 5y
minkyb Note: My children are adults now but I remember reading Jamberry, Ten in the Bed, When I‘m sleepy, Magic Treehouse, Cam Jansen, Junie B. Jonas, Andrew Clements, Katherine Paterson...I could go on forever. 5y
MrsSpencer @Peddler410 my youngest loves that book too!! 5y
MrsSpencer @JGadz11 im going to add these to my collection!! 5y
MrsSpencer @minkyb there are so many! I love reading to all our kids 5y
MrsSpencer @Kaye dr Seuss is always a fave! 5y
MrsSpencer @Eggs thank you! I‘m a professional photographer, but my oldest son took this 5y
MrsSpencer @CarolynM oh that‘s a great idea for gifting. For my youngest instead of cards, we asked for books with a message. I love reading those messages now 5y
MrsSpencer @AshleyHoss820 that‘s one I haven‘t read, I‘m going to have to check it out 5y
Eggs @MrsSpencer Who you should consult is @LibrarianRyan !! She reviews children lit (her job) and includes lots of illustrations and info 💕 5y
LibrarianRyan @Eggs thank you. Thank you. My fave picture book is 5y
LibrarianRyan Anything illustrated by Catrow. 5y
LibrarianRyan Also awesome is 5y
CSeydel An unusual Dr Seuss that we really enjoyed was 5y
MrsSpencer @CSeydel I have not read that one! Thanks for the new idea! 5y
Hamlet Love the tattoo 5y
MrsSpencer @Hamlet thank you! 5y
Sophoclessweetheart This is adorable. I love to read The Gruffalo and Everybunny Dance! to my little one. She adores them! 4y
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Thought id jump in here on the #litsyavatar post! I actually just changed it not long ago! Before it was a picture of my ferret Coco (who passed) laying on my arm as i was reading. Now its just a pic of me! Makeup is my thing so i take an obnoxious amounts of selfies trying to get it right! 😜

kamoorephoto Such cute glasses on you! 5y
Kaye Pretty ! 5y
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minkyb That bun! ❣️ 5y
bookish_wookish Its a full blown craft project!! 😂 @minkyb 5y
Chelleo Cute bun and glasses! 5y
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