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Untitled | Unknown
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I know a lot of people don't like these unrelated posts but new #profilepicture because I'm feeling myself today 😜. My three year old is wearing this same shade of matte lipstick as I was unwise enough to leave it on the sink.

britt_brooke Great pic! 4y
Eggs Pretty 4y
parasolofdoom @britt_brooke @eggs thank you! 😊🤗 4y
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Bandwagon | Dwight M. Dixon
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I‘m gonna jump on the #litsyavatar bandwagon and share mine! My #profilepicture is my husband, Jay, and I after my Mom‘s wedding! My stepdad has a son and a daughter, they‘re both married. My Mom has two daughters, we‘re both married. They had all 8 of us stand up with them at the wedding. 😊 My #litsyhandle is AshleyHoss820 Ashley is obvious. Hoss is a nickname my husband had in HS, short for Husemoller, so I get called Mrs. Hoss everywhere I go.

The First Part Last | Angela Johnson
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My #litsyavatar #profilepicture is a selfie from a hiking trip I took this fall. A yoga studio hosted the hike, and we meditated at the top of the mountain. Other than reading, yoga is my go-to for #selfcare. @Chelleo

The book I tagged is a new #audiobook I started listening to this morning! I'll post more about digging into audiobooks later.

Chelleo That‘s sound like a great outing!!! I need to do more yoga but honestly I keep falling asleep. 5y
gjacobs @Chelleo I do the same if I try to do it at home! I prefer classes at studios or outings like the hike. 5y
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Family Pictures | Jane Green
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#litsyavatar #profilepicture
My pic is this one cut down - with hubby and daughter! Looks like I didn‘t want my photo taken!
Litsy name is just my name - I can never think of anything else 😁

Cinfhen 💕💕💕 5y
Cathythoughts Gorgeous picture 💫💫💫 5y
merelybookish Sweet! 5y
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SandyW I'm usually terrible at this, but I can see both you and your husband in your daughter. 5y
Kalalalatja Awesome snap 👌 5y
Rachbb3 Great pic! 5y
Velvetfur That's a lovely family photo 😊 5y
Chelleo 💕 lovely family 5y
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