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Hot Spell | Lora Leigh, Emma Holly, Meljean Brook, Shiloh Walker
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Anymore, I classify my days as #ItWasAGoodDay if the temperature stays below 95. So today, not so much. #90sInJuly

merelybookish Ugh Kansas heat! We drove across a week ago and it hit 106. 3y
scripturient Oh my! That is hot. My colleague was in Hays for three weeks earlier this month, btw. :) 2y
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Anne of Green Gables | L M Montgomery
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A #minimalistcover for Anne (even if she looks more like Merida from "Brave"). ? #jubilantjuly Also catching up on yesterday's #90sInJuly: #itwasagoodday when my mom first introduced me to Anne. ❤️

batsy Yes I was thinking she looked familiar 😁Meridaesque indeed. 3y
Penny_LiteraryHoarders Ha! I thought the same thing when I first saw your post (Brave!) 😁 3y
monkeygirlsmama I was gonna say it looked like a Brave cover too! Haha 3y
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BookishGirl06 I thought she looked like Merida too 3y
Kalalalatja Great cover though 👌 3y
[DELETED] 3803335244 She does look like Merida! Love this cover too! 3y
KerriNTurner Merida was my immediate thought! 😄 3y
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A Perfect Day | Lane Smith
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I love Smith's style of illustrations for this fun story. When bear has a good day no one else does.
May we have good days, but hopefully not at the expense of others!


Robothugs Nice! 🙌🏻 3y
EchoLogical Great choice! I literally just put this out for circulation today and it never even crossed my mind to use it for today's prompt. 😌 3y
britt_brooke Looks cute! 3y
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Cinfhen I love kids books ~ this one looks adorable 💗 @EchoLogical do u work in a library?!? 3y
EchoLogical @Cinfhen Yep. I'm a library assistant in the kids department. 📚👪👦👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 3y
Cinfhen So jealous 💕that's amazing @EchoLogical 3y
LibrarianJen Lane Smith is one of my favorite authors/illustrators. ❤️ 3y
EchoLogical @Cinfhen I'm lucky to have fallen into this line of work. I love it 3y
EchoLogical @LibrarianJen What'd you think of Lane Smith's other book? 3y
LibrarianJen It's a great conversational book for kids and the pictures, is it sponge paint? Are fun too! I sent his chapter book as my LGP book 3y
EchoLogical @LibrarianJen There was kind of a "controversy" brewing over it last year when it first released. http://www.slj.com/2016/07/diversity/there-is-a-tribe-of-kids-generates-controve... 3y
LibrarianJen Yeah I know, which makes it even better! It's one of those you either love it or hate it, which is why I chose it for my book club. 3y
LibrarianJen Oops I should have checked the link. I thought you were talking about Augie's controversy. No, tribe of kids is controversial and it allows me to ask my son simple questions about the book. Then, when he's older I can discuss the harder issues with the book such as racial depictions. He's going to have a hard time as it is being a pale-blond Hispanic so we will be talking about these issues throughout the years. 3y
LibrarianJen For now though, he only wants to imagine what it will be like playing with penguins because they are his favorite. 3y
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#90sinJuly #ItWasAGoodDay I've been trying to be more mindful, practice gratitude & find at least one simple thing in each day that delights me & reminds me that it was a good day & it's a good life. The line & poem in the pic captures that & this book of poetry-a #blameitonlitsy library e-book checkout-is beautiful, meaningful & makes me want to read more from Mary Oliver. I like how she communicates the beauty & power of nature in her words.💜📚

TrishB It's a good approach to the day 😀 3y
Cinfhen This collage needs to be a poster!!!!! 3y
JenReadsAlot That's so pretty! @cinhen I agree! 3y
tammysue Yes! The power of positive thinking👍🏻😊 3y
DebinHawaii @TrishB @whatshesreadingnow It's a nice way to end the day--thinking back in those moments. 💜😀 @Cinfhen @JenReadsAlot Thank you! 💜💜💜 3y
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Not from this book but actually a tweet from her Twitter account on May 17, 2013. It's amazing that someone who went through everything she did could still find the beauty in the world and know #itwasagoodday
May she RIP

@Robothugs @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Beautiful 🙌🏻💕 3y
DebinHawaii Gorgeous💜💜💜 3y
EchoLogical @Liatrek I promise I'm sending your letter soon! I was on the hunt for fancy stationery but soon realized it's much harder than I thought to find some I'd like. 😥 3y
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Liatrek @EchoLogical Hi, I was checking my email did you inbox me your Address? 3y
EchoLogical @Liatrek Probably not! I'm such a slacker. Send it right now. 3y
Liatrek @EchoLogical this is why we will be prefect pen pals lol 3y
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Robothugs 😂 3y
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Last year I met Mary Higgins Clark and for me #itwasagoodday! I bought one of her books in a used bookstore when I was about 10 and that book helped me fall in love with reading. As a young child with social anxiety to discover the escapism that comes with reading has made me a more social person and helped my introverted self face the world! So to meet one of my favorite authors at 89 years old was an incredible experience! #90sinJuly

Cinfhen That's such a great story 3y
Bookworm83 Oh wow! She's such a legend. Her books were the first adult books I read when I was younger. 3y
Robothugs That's amazing! 3y
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mklong What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it! 3y
MaleficentBookDragon ❤️MHC! 3y
DebinHawaii Beautiful story! 💜💜💜 3y
BestDogDad That's very cool! 3y
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Emily Dickinson's Herbarium | Emily Dickinson
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Lordy.. #ItWasAGoodDay. I've heard of this facsimile edition of her herbarium. I priced it at $765-$2000+ and figured I'd never see a copy. Then I checked the state library system.. and I could check out a copy! 😱It sits on my dining room table and I'm in awe. She worked so hard compiling her flower collection.

#90sInJuly #MyLibraryIsCoolerThanYourLibrary #Thankful #LibraryLove #Herbarium #EmilyDickinson #CleanHandsBeforeTouching

Robothugs That's amazing 💗 3y
DebinHawaii Gorgeous! 🌱💚 3y
batsy Oh wow 😍 3y
rohit-sawant How fantastic! 3y
Jess_Read_This @Robothugs @DebinHawaii @batsy @rohit-sawant Thank you! I'm still so shocked a library would loan it out. I kind of want to email them asking if they know how much it is worth! 3y
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Montreal and Quebec City | Regis St. Louis, Simona Rabinovitch
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For #ItWasAGoodDay I'm sharing some pictures from my recent trip to Quebec. Each day of the trip was great! I'd love to read some more books set in Canada, especially Montreal or Quebec. Suggestions welcome! #90sinJuly @Robothugs @Cinfhen

Robothugs It looks amazing there! 3y
MallenNC @Robothugs I loved it! But was glad I was there in spring - too cold in winter for me. 3y
TheKidUpstairs Quebec City is such a beautiful place. I got engaged there ❤😁 My brain is tired at the moment, but I'll send you some more Canadian lit suggestions in the morning when I can think properly 😉 Tagged one set in Montreal in the 90s. 3y
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TheKidUpstairs Oh! And this one is supposed to be great! 3y
MallenNC @TheKidUpstairs Thank you so much! I'll check these out. 3y
CouronneDhiver 🇨🇦 Woohoo! 3y
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A Really Good Day | Ayelet Waldman
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#itwasagoodday today as I got to see an old friend while she's back in the US (she's working in China). We had a yummy dinner with a great dessert. Then I came home to find out the husband ran into some issues with installing the door so hope that's fixed or I won't sleep tonight 😖


Robothugs WHAT IS THIS??!!! 🤤 It looks delicious! 3y
Debiw781 @robothugs It's sopapillas from one of our local Mexican restaurant. And it was definitely delicious! 3y
Robothugs I'm jealous! I hope the door problems get resolved! 🤞🏻 3y
Debiw781 @robothugs looks like the saga of the first door is close to ending. Doorknob going on now. Told him to worry about trim another day 3y
Robothugs Glad to hear it! 3y
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