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The first book (on the left) is about the author‘s life during the Cambodian Civil War, which I knew next to nothing about, and the second one is a memoir about her life after she emigrated to the US. It made me think more about what it would be like for people adjusting to a whole different culture, especially while trying to deal with the often horrific situations they‘re leaving behind.
#WeNeedDiverseBooks #24in48 #Hour18

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This Side of Home | Renée Watson
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Some YA books that are on my tbr list this year. #WeNeedDiverseBooks

#24in48 #hour18

heikemarie Akata Witch 💜 💜 5mo
tjwill Simon and Swing are both great! This Side of Home is on my #TBR too. 5mo
Kristy_K @tjwill Simon is a #blameitonlitsy buy and I love Kwame Alexander so I know Swing will be awesome. :) 5mo
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Sign me up for the Kiese Laymon fan club. While these essays don‘t have the gravity and drama of Heavy, they still really broadened my view of what it is to be black in America. And these aren‘t your standard academic essays, they‘re vibrant and told in many different ways, including an epistolary one (squee)! 4⭐️

#24in48 #readathon hit the 8 hour mark! Yay caffeine! ☕️🥤

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My messy #nighttable for #24in48

Every few weeks I clean it off and then piles slowly creep back up 🤷🏻‍♀️ I won‘t mention the drawers that may or may not be full of books...

#hour18 #readathon!

Also I‘m like doing pretty well in this readathon guys. Like I might be able to complete it! Chances are not high, but still, maybe?😂😂😂

LauraJ You can do it! 11mo
Smangela @LauraJ thank you!! I‘m hopeful! 11mo
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Behind Her Eyes | Sarah Pinborough
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For #hour18 of #24in48 I won‘t lie.... I have books stacked everywhere BUT my nightstand. Here is a picture of one of my random book spots

Linsy Love the map! 11mo
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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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#Hour18 challenge of #24in48 was all about nightstands! I have terrible insomnia, and am forbidden from keeping anything fun or distracting in my bedroom, so I have created a little TBR shelf in my living room. Not pictured is an entire shelf of unread books on another bookshelf; this one holds library books and things I am currently reading.

VanChocStrawberry Melatonin is my friend, too! 11mo
Sweettartlaura Melatonin should pay me for all the people I‘ve recommended it too 🙌🏻 11mo
parttimedomestic @VanChocStrawberry ❤️ It‘s so helpful! 11mo
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parttimedomestic @Sweettartlaura yes! It is a life changer! 11mo
Linsy What a pretty pic! 11mo
parttimedomestic @Linsy ☺️ Thank you! 11mo
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I keep my #MountTBR under my nightstand (though I see I misplaced Parable of the Sower there!) so I can sequester those books from the rest of my collection and prioritize them throughout the year.

#24in48 #hour18

nightstand reader | Bob Brewer
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#24in48 Books on my nightstand which I want to finish before August. @24in48 #hour18 24in48.com

ReadZenRites So ambitious 👏🏻👏🏻😊💕 11mo
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All We Ever Wanted | Emily Giffin
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What‘s on your nightstand? #hour18 contest for #24in48. My nightstand is typically clutter free. Besides the obvious lamp, I have a bin that holds a small portion of my TBR. Mostly library books as well as any books I need to get to soon—book club, challenges, etc. Right now I also have a stack of books I‘ve finished for #24in48. Oh, and peeking out from underneath the night stand are all the books I‘ve finished so far this month.

emilyhaldi Pretty tidy!! 11mo
UwannaPublishme So organized! 😊👍🏻 11mo
Mdargusch Impressive! 👍🏼 11mo
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Pretty Little Liars | Sara Shepard
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My nightstand is a mess. I actually just cleaned a bunch of books off it to make room for my #24in48 readathon stack. #hour18 #bookstandchallenge @24in48