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Chasing Rainbows | Kathleen Long
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How about a shelf rainbow. I'm still trying to rearrrange but it's so cold. #bookrainbow #aprilbookishmadness

#findarainbow #hopintospring

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love the colors!! 🌈 2y
LibrarianRyan @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks thank you. The ones on the other side are pink and green 2y
vkois88 Love it! 2y
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The Muppet movie | Steven G. Crist
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PenguinInFlight I love this!! I was (am, LOL) a huge Muppet fan. My dad used to sing me The Rainbow Connection in a Kermit the Frog voice. ❤️🐸🌈 (He‘s been gone 11 years this month, and I still tear up a little whenever I hear it.) 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️ 2y
C.Perone @PenguinInFlight Awwww, what a great memory of your Dad, I love it💕💕 I used to know every word to that song, now all I remember is ‘the lovers, the dreamers, and meeee‘ 2y
vkois88 ❤💛💚💙💜 2y
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The James Bond Books | Ian Fleming (Schriftsteller)
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#AprilBookishMadness Not a perfect #BookRainbow, but certainly as colourful! I picked up this set for my husband for his birthday & I'm THRILLED that he's enjoying reading again! He keeps telling me how glad he is that I got him these books 😍 and that's the pot of gold for me 🌈🏆 #FindARainbow #HopIntoSpring

emilyhaldi Very cool!!! 💯 2y
GarthRanzz Love that set! It‘s gorgeous! 2y
CarolynM Fantastic! 2y
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PenguinInFlight That‘s awesome!! 💜 2y
vkois88 That's awesome! 2y
LeahBergen That‘s wonderful! 2y
LibrarianRyan I love that you found the noir style covers. I love the anniversary covers but they are boring compared to those. 2y
erinreads My husband has these editions too! I even gave them their own cubby on the big square shelf since they‘re so pretty together! 2y
GlassAsDiamonds Could you post the ISBN please? (Also in possession of a husband who would adore these!) 2y
TK-421 @GlassAsDiamonds Here's the info:

The Penguin Complete 007 Centenary Collection: Box set of 14 Ian Fleming James Bond novels, released in 2008 by Penguin Books (UK)


I found the set at a used bookstore for $70, which was a steal considering that new, it'd be worth twice that in US$ (and about $175 CDN)
TK-421 @erinreads Awesome! I haven't found a spot for these yet so they're still sitting on our coffee table! 2y
TK-421 @emilyhaldi @GarthRanzz @CarolynM @PenguinInFlight @vkois88 @LeahBergen @LibrarianRyan Thanks! My husband absolutely loves the cover artwork on these and he's really enjoying reading them too 😊 2y
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Rainbow Brite: Sparkling Star Sprinkles | Quinlan B. Lee, Jeff Albrecht
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This isn't my picture, but I feel fairly certain I have this book somewhere!! The ultimate way to #findarainbow is by picking about a book about Rainbow Brite herself! #HopIntoSpring @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

GripLitGrl ❤💚💜💙💛 2y
Liatrek Oh the childhood memories😍 2y
vkois88 @GripLitGrl ❤ ❤ ❤ @Liatrek right??? 2y
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LadyRuthven Wow the memories. I had Rainbow Brite bedsheets when I was little.💙💚💛 2y
ReadingRover I have this book!!! 2y
Endowarrior21 100000000x like 2y
LibrarianRyan Yeahhh. A Funko pop comes out in June. 2y
vkois88 @LadyRuthven I don't remember having sheets, but I def played with my sister's doll... @readingrover that's awesome! @Endowarrior21 ❤💛💚💙💜 @LibrarianRyan I KNOW!!! I'm most likely going to get it. I try to avoid having too many, but I realllllllly want it. And the Fraggles. 2y
LibrarianRyan @vkois88 I want the dragons tooo. But I have restrained. 2y
vkois88 @LibrarianRyan it's a very slippery slope! 2y
ReadingRover @LadyRuthven Omg!!! I had the sheets too!!! They‘re still at my moms house!!! 2y
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Fistful of colours | Su-chen Christine Lim
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#HopIntoSpring Day 3: The tagged book reminds me of #FindARainbow - both books are “local” titles, the first one is from Singapore, while the second book is written by a Filipino author living in Singapore and published here as well. This is one way that readers can #PayItForward (Day 4), making sure that we buy books by local authors, read them, and share them with even more readers to celebrate #OwnVoices.

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful cover 💕 2y
BiblioLitten Both the covers are stunning.💞 2y
vkois88 2y
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This pic, stolen from Pinterest, makes me happy. I covet these editions and they look so beautiful, like a rainbow, arranged by the colours. 😍
#hopintospring #findarainbow

Meredith3 Gorgeous! 💛💜💙💚❤️🖤 2y
Mdargusch I want that so much! 💙❤️💚 2y
Mitch I dare not buy one - for fear where it might lead! 🤣 2y
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Cinfhen Soooooo pretty❤️🧡💛💜💚💙 2y
JoScho Love 💕 2y
Emilymdxn It aches how much I want beautiful books like these 💔 I never tend to buy more than one copy of each book for money/space reasons and my old battered paperbacks will have to do for now! 2y
Kalalalatja Ooooooooooooh 😍😍😍 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful 🌈💗💕 2y
GatheringBooks gorgeous!!! 🌈 indeed. 2y
readordierachel So pretty 😍 2y
tammysue Gorgeous!! 💜😍 2y
vkois88 Love this! 😍 2y
youneverarrived So gorgeous 😍😍😍 2y
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Comic book covers gives me #warmfuzzies. That bright, saturated color is joyously delicious #eyecandy that cannot be passed over like old shoes at a yard sale. Thanks @Snikt6 for introducing me to the world of comics 14 years ago and for helping me #findarainbow ! 😘

#hopintospring #photochallenge

Snikt6 Amazing post @amber_ldsmom! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful ❤️💕👏🏻 2y
TK421 I love it!👍 2y
vkois88 Love X-Men. Need to invest in some 2y
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
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Throwback photo to when my hubby decided to #findarainbow for my Mother's Day gift! He's a sweetie. #Hopintospring

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love it!!! 🌈❤️💗💕☺️😘 2y
vkois88 Beautiful ❤💛💚💙💜 2y
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Part of my collection from my #favoriteauthor ❤️ #authoryoulove. In the tagged #booksetinanothercountry, some characters say #RIP2myyouth. And you can sorta #findarainbow in this picture. #aprella #aprilbookishmadness #readingresolutions #hopintospring #aprilinbooks18 #multitasking

Reviewsbylola Haha, love it! 🙌🏻 2y
Cinfhen Awesome pic 😍well played 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
emilyhaldi Very nicely done! 😆👌🏻 2y
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Jess7 Pretty!! 2y
BethM Holy beautiful colors! 2y
Mdargusch Love! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So pretty!!! 2y
Sarah83 Wonderful picture 😍 2y
LeahBergen Cuthbert‘s tea?? Very cool! 2y
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen A lucky thrift shop find. 😊 2y
vkois88 Beautiful ❤ 2y
rather_be_reading 😍😍 2y
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