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Pretty Girls: A Novel | Karin Slaughter
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definite page turner. this book got me through a shitty weekend and made me stay up so late i called in to work today 🤫 no regrets! highly recommend! #bingeread

BlameJennyJane I loved it too! Didn‘t want to stop reading it to sleep or work myself! 2mo
beautifulcrevice @BlameJennyJane are there any other good slaughter books to recommend? this is the first i‘ve read of hers 2mo
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The Man Who Tried to Get Away | Stephen R. Donaldson
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After waiting over a month for a book I ordered, I found out a few weeks ago that my package was lost. Thrift Books sent me an apology, refunded my money, and told me to keep the book if it did eventually show up. Well, guess what I found in my mailbox today? Totally made my day 😁 Now that I finally have the penultimate book in this series I can #bingeread the last two books! #BookMail #BetterLateThanNever

Andrea4 Best news!!! 6mo
TK-421 @Andrea4 😁 6mo
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Heir of Fire | Sarah J. Maas
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Just landed in Montana! Week and a half in Yellowstone/Grand Tetons! And through this entire thing, I‘m binging my way through the Throne of Glass series. I finished book 2 half way through the flight and immediately started book 3. Thank god for ereaders!

#throneofglass #vacation #ereader #ebook #bingeread #love #sarahjmaas #bozeman #montana

StayCurious That series is on my TBR list for sure. Have a good trip! 6mo
JennyM Enjoy your trip 😊 6mo
wanderinglynn Enjoy! Yellowstone is a great place! 👍🏻 6mo
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julesG Enjoy your trip! 6mo
Christine What a great trip! If you find yourself in Red Lodge, MT, consider a stop at their wonderful library, and say hi to the director Jodie - she‘s my sister-in-law. :) 6mo
Fridameetslucy Go to Chico hot springs in Montana (cheap old lodge with amazing hot spring and restaurant ) - it‘s about 30 minutes to Yellowstone entry (edited) 6mo
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The Unhoneymooners | Christina Lauren
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This was absolutely brilliant! I was dying over all the Minnesota references!!!!! This is the story of what happens when you meet a guy at the Minnesota State Fair, he judges you for enjoying cheese curds, your twin sister marries his brother, and then you get stuck on a very tight flight to Maui with the guy you've hated since the cheese curds because everyone at the wedding got sick from a seafood buffet.

Schnoebs @Birdsong28 I‘m using this for an author who uses a pseudonym for #52booksin52weeks I‘m pretty sure Christina Lauren counts 🤷‍♀️ 7mo
BlameJennyJane Who DOES that?!?! (Judging someone over cheese curds... shudders) 7mo
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Schnoebs @BlameJennyJane honestly, I‘ve judged myself over the amount of cheese curds I‘ve eaten 😂 7mo
BlameJennyJane @Schnoebs 🤣🤣🤣 me too!! But someone else judges me and we are gonna have an issue. Lmao. Iowa State Fair always means cheese curds for me... if nothing else! 7mo
MellieAntoinette I read this in one sitting. Great review! 7mo
Birdsong28 @Schnoebs I certainly does! 😁📚📖 7mo
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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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A binge-read excuse. Yaaassssss! Thanks @TheReadingMermaid and @Andrew65 👏❤️🙌
#readathon #bingeread #24b42019

TheReadingMermaid Totally great excuse 😉 thanks for sharing sweetie 12mo
Lola Love this! I missed 24 in 5 so hoping to get in on this one! 12mo
Andrew65 Thanks for reposting! 😊👍 12mo
Andrew65 @Lola Will be great to have you with us. 😊👍 12mo
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A quite satisfying Saturday. #weekendreads #bingeread

mabell Cozy! ❤️🐶😍 1y
Maria514626 @mabell 🙂 He is surely that! 👏❤️ 1y
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I See London, I See France | Sarah Mlynowski
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I devoured this 375 page book in 5 hours! Yes, 5 hours. I had to know what would happen to all the characters, plus to Sydney with Jackson. Also, extra points for the main characters being from my home state Maryland! This book was a cute, light, fun read. I really want to know more about these characters in a sequel.
#bookstagram #bingeread #fastread #contemporary #ya #youngadult #travel #cute #light #fluffy #litsy #littens #bibliophile

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The Dry | Jane Harper
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Penny and I enjoyed our first #bingeread of the summer. The Dry was an easy page turner that had some solid twists and turns. Glad I picked up this #kindledeal last week! #thedry #janeharper

ReadingSusan Love your pillow!! 2y
kaitieclark Thanks, @ReadingSusan! ❤️ 2y
SledgeReader Loved The Dry. Can‘t wait to read the new one! 2y
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kaitieclark @SledgeReader This was the first of hers I‘ve read, now I‘m trying to catch up on her other stuff because this one was so good! 2y
SledgeReader @kaitieclark It was my first too. I‘ll have to go back and look at the others! 2y
SledgeReader Penny is too cute! #dogsoflitsy I‘ll post mine in a bit. 2y
kaitieclark Thanks @SledgeReader, she makes a great reading partner. Looking forward to seeing your pup! 🐶 2y
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A Grave Matter | Anna Lee Huber
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#marathonread! Is that a thing? Please tell me it‘s not #bingeread cause that just sounds weird! 😜

It | Stephen King
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Waited 3 months for this book from my local library. Already worth it. #stephenking #bingeread #ishouldbedoinghomework

Chelleo Welcome 🤗 Check out the Litsy Tips by @RaimeyGallant : https://raimeygallant.com/2017/10/31/litsytips/ and Litsy Video tutorials here: https://youtu.be/mH6Xdr_CACI Hopefully they‘ll help you to get settled in here. Follow @LitsyHappenings to find out about the various swaps, challenges and meet-ups taking place. 2y
Cinfhen Welcome to Litsy and thanks for making the introduction @RaimeyGallant 💕😊 2y
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drscott Thank you all so much for making me feel welcome! @Chelleo @RaimeyGallant @Cinfhen 2y
Cinfhen I haven‘t read IT but saw the movie recently 😱🤡 2y
drscott @Cinfhen i can‘t wait to watch the movie once i‘m through with the book. Only 1300 more pages to go! 🙈 2y
Cinfhen Ha😂at least you get 3 weeks from the library 😆 2y
Jess7 Welcome! Glad you‘re here! Definitely checkout those links @Chelleo posted. They‘re great for new Littens! If you have any questions, I‘m happy to help @drscott ! - I‘ll tag a few more to get to know @TheLibrarian @britt_brooke @mrozzz and @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 2y
Jess7 Also @TricksyTails - because she is big Stephen King fan. I think she may even be doing a buddy read for his books. 2y
DebinHawaii Welcome to Litsy!! 🎉📚👍Hope you enjoy it here! 2y
TheLibrarian Welcome!!! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy @drscott 👏🏻🤗☺️😘📚 2y
TricksyTails Welcome to Litsy! 👏😁🎉📚 Hope you love it here! I‘m hosting a huge Stephen King buddy read in publication order. If you‘d like to join in any time after you‘re done with this beast of a book, we‘d love to have you come along for the fun! I‘ll tag you in the LosersClub schedule so you can check it out! Welcome! Thanks so much for the tag @Jess7 🤗 2y
BookaholicNatty Welcome to Litsy @drscott so glad you have joined this awesome book community. New book friends are the best. I have never actually read this book. I remember starting the movie as a kid at a sleepover but then turning it off bc we got too scared. That was over 15 years ago so I think it‘s safe to say I‘m probably good to read the book now😂🤡 2y
Jess7 Hope you were able to checkout @TricksyTails ‘s losers club for the King book connection! 2y
Ingerella Welcome to Litsy! 2y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Welcome to Litsy 🖐🌞 2y
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