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The Burning Maze | Rick Riordan
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It‘s not you, Apollo/Mr. Riordan, it‘s me. You see, there are two more books yet unreleased in this series and I don‘t have it in me to read this book only to have to WAIT, so it‘s back on the #TBR until the series is fully published and I can read the rest all in one go. See ya in a few years, buddy. (And I really can‘t wait for my Little Bug to meet you in a decade or so!)

#bibliophileproblems #raisingreaders #returnoftheTBR

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I have no willpower.

#bookhaul #whatbookbuyingban? #bibliophileproblems

Lovesbooks87 Internment was so good!!! Also what's a book buying ban? Tried it and failed miserably!!!! 3mo
Joanielovesbooks Salt fat acid heat was great 3mo
aeeklund What is “willpower”?? *buys more books* 3mo
CouronneDhiver Such a pretty cover! (The top one) 3mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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I just finished Akata Warrior on #Kindle, my spouse is back from his four day work trip and on baby duty, giving me another few hours to read peacefully. Can‘t decide what to pick up next but it‘s one of these three for sure.

#goawayimreading #readblackwomen #readblackauthors #currentlyreading#bibliophileproblems

Palimpsest I like your mug. 🙂 4mo
lauren.lerner Thanks, @Palimpsest!! I found it on Etsy. Lmk if you want the link — it‘s my all time favorite mug. 4mo
Linsy I need that mug! 4mo
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Weekend reads while down by the Bay. I should probably finish one of the two novels I‘m already in the middle of but the tagged book is calling to me.... especially since neither vampires nor wintery lands seem appropriate in my current summertime setting. 😉


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Spinning Silver | Naomi Novik
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Should I have done this when my #TBR and #BOTM TBR stacks are both huge? No.
Did I do it anyway? Yes.

#bibliophileproblems #ihavezeroselfcontrol #nowihavetogoreadmoresoicanjustifythispurchase #whataproblemtohave

Burghbookaddict I support your decision 11mo
JSW I see nothing wrong here 11mo
felinesandfiction Haha my life. 😂 11mo
HufflepuffGirl90 You mean that‘s not what you‘re supposed to do??? 📚💜😅 11mo
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Property Of: A Novel | Alice Hoffman
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I just finished The Book of Joan, and I have a lot of....thoughts about it. I‘d planned to start one of the new books I have on my #Kindle and come back to Property Of another time but I‘m still too much in Joan‘s world to make a decision, so #TeamAlice it is! #ihaveatleastfortyunreadbooksonmykindle #bibliophileproblems

MicheleinPhilly Only 40??? Girl... 12mo
lauren.lerner Lmaooooo 😂😭 @MicheleinPhilly !!!! (To be fair, I have another 60 or 70 #TBR hardcopy books stashed around my house.) 12mo
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Jane Eyre | Charlotte Brontë
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When you get a new car, you obviously have to transfer your emergency book from the old one to the new one. #bibliophileproblems

BookwormM Obvs!! 🤣🤣 12mo
KateFulfordAuthor Superb idea! 12mo
Gezemice Congrats on the new car! 12mo
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Well it became very obvious, over the last few months, it was time for a bigger mailbox. We are hoping our mail delivery person is happy they don't have to honk for us to come out, attempt to fit all the books we order in, or get out of their truck to put them on our deck (above and beyond the call of duty for sure)! Our old box (right) was almost 7 inches wide and the new? 16 INCHES! BRING ON BOOK MAIL! #bookmail #bibliophileproblems 😁

Jinjer That is awesome!!!! 11mo
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The Wife Between Us | Sarah Pekkanen, Greer Hendricks
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My mom made this her first #BOTM pick in December then realized three chapters in that she wasn‘t up for psychological thrillers right now. I, on the other hand, am absolutely up for a psychological thriller right now so I‘m going back to my old (pre-pregnancy) read-more-than-one-book-at-a-time ways. #bibliophileproblems

emilyhaldi I loved this one!!! Kept me guessing. 1y
Eggs I thought it was brilliant 1y
Cinfhen How‘s the little guy doing??? 1y
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lauren.lerner He‘s great, getting strong and chubby and so so delicious, @Cinfhen — thanks for asking!! 1y
lauren.lerner @emilyhaldi @Eggs — high praise! I‘m glad I‘m adding this one to my reading stack today! 1y
lauren.lerner He‘s actually four weeks today, @Cinfhen — so your timing is excellent 😉 1y
Cinfhen Oh wow! Time flies...so glad to hear he‘s doing well...such a big milestone today 🎉💙💙💙💙chubby & delicious are my favorite adjectives for a newborn 👶🏼 😊😘glad you‘re getting reading time in too 1y
Eggs @lauren.lerner I forgot you had a Christmas baby!!!! Caring for the babies/toddlers: in retrospect the best years of my life 💕 1y
lauren.lerner He was a winter solstice baby — he made the shortest day of the year all his, @Eggs 😉 I‘ve wanted to be a mom for a very long time so I couldn‘t be happier he‘s here, even if he arrived eight weeks early! 1y
Eggs 💕💕💕💕 1y
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Help Me | Rosina Davies
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Yeah so this also happened. This flight has been great 😭😂😭😂😭😂 #BibliophileProblems

Natasha.C.Barnes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 AMAZING 1y
RiotMom 😂😂😂 1y
Hooked_on_books I‘m a 41 year old surgeon and recently introduced myself to a patient‘s wife, who then said, “You look like a little girl.” Sadly, sexism even comes from other women at times. 😡🙄 1y
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Alfoster So flattering but weird😆! 1y
Alfoster @Hooked_on_books But maybe she meant it in a good way and just wasn‘t thinking because of her husband in the hospital?? My new dentist looks like she‘s in high school and I had to stop and think before I commented😍! 1y
brilliantglow I didn't realize you posted this at first and almost tagged you in it thinking "wow that's crazy! What a coincidence that someone else is also traveling while reading law articles"???? 1y
Hooked_on_books @Alfoster That‘s a nice thought, but her tone said otherwise. I‘ve gotten variations of this many, many times. It is what it is. 1y
Alisnazzy @brilliantglow Hahahaha!!!! 1y
Alfoster @Hooked_on_books Then it must be hard not to have some snarky remark like, “Don‘t you wish you were this smart?” Sorry you have to deal with this😫! 1y
Johanna414 I‘ve been employed by 2 different school districts since I was 25 and have been mistaken for a student in both... it gets old, doesn‘t it? 1y
mrsmarch In other news, this guy totally thought he was going to hit on a high school aged girl tonight. 😡 I hope he gets scorpions in his house slippers. 1y
CouronneDhiver Haha! Omg. Happens to me all the time. 1y
Kaye I‘ll trade you guys places . Wait til they start calling you Ma‘am or Hun.....can I help you carry your groceries to the car ? If some geezer hit on me, I‘d wish for 🦂 scorpions In his underpants. Hit ‘em where it hurts. 1y
Lynnsoprano Read this to your father, and he‘s 🤣 1y
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