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@persephone1408 the book is on its way to you it should arrive by next Tuesday. #LMPBC #Round15 #GroupX @Readergrrl @KateReadsYA

persephone1408 Awesome! Can't wait 2w
KateReadsYA Ohhhh this one is gonna be good I bet! 2w
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LibrarianRyan I am curious for your group. What do you think about the Nora Roberts incident and how it ripped Adeyemi's book deal apart. There is still no sign of book 3, after book two didn't sell as well. Maybe/probably because of the Nora Roberts thing? 2w
KateReadsYA @LibrarianRyan I'm not sure what incident played out, I'll have to look into it. 2w
KateReadsYA @LibrarianRyan ugh I just read up on it and it's all unfortunate. I'm not that big into social media as I don't like to see a lot of negativity but I do hope they work their problems out in a healthy way! 2w
LibrarianRyan @KateReadsYA Since it was years ago, it did kind of get worked out. NR wrote an open letter to readers about their power and how they weld it with social media, and also how creators weld the power of their following. I was half way through this book when this all happened. But eventhough book 1 was a huge seller (it was Jimmy Falons first ever book club pick) it lost it's momentum. And I don't think it was an accident. I think it was a 2w
LibrarianRyan publicity stunt gone wrong. If both sides had been in on it, it might have worked. They could have “rode each others coat tails“ and brought their fans together. And instead it created a backlash as it was only one sided. This book was huge before all this happened, and now not so much. Even the authors website is ho hummmmmm. (at least when I checked a few months ago.) It's like they never wrote a book, or it was a side project, instead of 2w
LibrarianRyan a majorly backed publication. 2w
KateReadsYA @LibrarianRyan wow cool to know! Lately I've just been reading the first book in series so now that you've let me know it lost its momentum I will definitely keep that in mind hahaha! 2w
persephone1408 @Endowarrior21 I got it today 2w
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For the Wolf | Hannah Whitten
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Working my way through this fun novel on this beautiful cool morning! Good morning, Littens! #LMPBC #Round15 #GroupX

lirahlu That's a great mug! 4w
Maria514626 What a lovely morning! 4w
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Cozy Mystery Collection | Leighann Dobbs
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So excited to discover some new #cozymysteries during #Round15 of #LMPBC! #GroupM , I think we made great choices! I‘m looking forward to reading with you all. @Kdgordon88 @Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon

Thanks for organizing this, @suvata !

Avanders 🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️ can‘t wait! 1mo
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The Christie Curse | Victoria Abbott
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And the winner is…

The Christie Curse.
#LMPBC #GroupM #Round15

Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽😄 1mo
Kdgordon88 Yay! 1mo
julieclair Woo hoo! 1mo
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I kept Cocaine Blues and The Christie Curse. I popped in a wildcard of the tagged book because I was just looking at that book cart. Let‘s vote.
##LMPBC #GroupM #Round15

Kdgordon88 Cocaine Blues✅️ 1mo
julieclair My vote goes to the Wildcard! 1mo
Avanders Hmmm tricky tricky… still happy with all 3, but I vote for…. You know, I kinda wanna pick The Christie Curse to leave you as the tie breaker to pick your top choice 😁 But if you‘d rather me pick-pick, furreals, let me know and I can/will. 😘 1mo
julieclair @Kdgordon88 @avanders @MaleficentBookDragon Oooohhhhh…. a 3-way tie! Very suspenseful! 🕵️‍♀️🤨❓ 1mo
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Yes! I loved it! It had me all emotionally invested & feeling close to all the characters.

It‘s a very ‘bookish‘ book following the life of a bookseller (AJ) and his bookstore on Alice Island. AJ‘s wife dies in a car accident & he adopts a toddler that someone leaves at his store for him to find. You will have to read it to find out more but overall it‘s about books, people & relationships. 😊

#LMPBC #Round15 #GroupI

Maria514626 That was fast! 🏃‍♀️ 1mo
Hazel2019 @Maria514626 happened to have some free time and this was a fast read that‘s difficult to put down! 1mo
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Here we go!!! 😀

Yes, I‘m trying to be organized 😆

@Pogue @Maria514626 @TheBookHippie @suvata

Karisa Good book! The author just released some notes on Goodreads for the book too: (trying to paste the link, but my phone isn‘t letting me) 1mo
Maria514626 Woo hoo! I‘m excited to spend some time with spies! (edited) 1mo
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Maria514626 Awesome image! 1mo
Hazel2019 @Karisa I will have to check these out thank you!!! 1mo
Hazel2019 @Maria514626 I know, I‘m excited for that one too! 1mo
Hazel2019 @Pogue @Maria514626 @TheBookHippie I‘d love to send you a little snack or something sweet later this month to enjoy while you‘re reading our LMPBC books this round 😁 please let me know what you like! 1mo
TheBookHippie I‘m real original coffee and m&ms 🤣 1mo
Maria514626 That‘s so sweet! I‘m all over red licorice. 😆 1mo
Hazel2019 @Pogue what kind of sweets or snacks do you like? 1mo
Pogue Chocolate or salty! Thank you 1mo
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Little Thieves | Margaret Owen
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All right #GroupA ! I‘m going to choose Little Thieves by Margaret Owen, a retelling of The Goose Girl! I can‘t wait to read all your picks! #Round15 #LMPBC

wordslinger42 I'm really looking forward to reading it!! 2mo
KateReadsYA I really liked this book! ❤ 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#LMPBC #GroupI #Round15

 @Maria514626 @Pogue @TheBookHippie

Here are our books for this round!! 😊


TheBookHippie Oh thank you for this!! ♥️♥️♥️ 2mo
Maria514626 Thank you! This is beautiful and helpful! 2mo
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OK, I think we have a winner! Here‘s my pick for #Round15 #GroupI #LMPBC read!

@Pogue @Maria514626 @TheBookHippie @suvata

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