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It's been a bit crazy round here so I'm catching up on my #uncannyOctober challenges. My #Octobermostanticipated and #waiting book happen to be one and the same. It doesn't come out until Halloween. I've been waiting since season 3 of Twin Peaks ended! @RealLifeReading

SkeletonKey I want this one as well!! 2y
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I‘m REALLY behind with my photo challenges! These are my October most anticipated. I‘m trying to finish up some series that I‘m only half way through. I also have my #whodunituk book and a Bible study about finding emotional healing.

I‘ll let you know how I fare!

rabbitprincess I have that Poldark on my to-read pile as well! 2y
Libby1 @rabbitprincess - I WILL finish the whole series! 2y
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Gwendy's Button Box | Stephen King
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#TBRTuesday I posted my #OctoberMostAnticipated yesterday but not the rest of my #OctoberTBR so here it is, minus e-books, audiobooks, #chapteraday books and/or other books that strike my fancy. The top 4 are for book tour reviews so they will get read, the others I will try to read but we'll see. I keep ignoring The Winter People for other books so I'm hoping since it's spooky-I'll finally get it done in October along with the tagged book.📚😬📚

Too late for love | Jennifer Cole
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I never manage to follow a monthly plan so I don't have a specific list, but I do have a few goals in mind. One of those is to try to participate in several photo challenges. I'm already a day behind, so I'm combining multiple prompts into one post about my #OctoberTBR!

#OctoberMustRead: library loans that expire soon

#OctoberMostAnticipated: 80s teen romance novel read-along, @RestlessFickleBookSlut's #HorrifiedReads. Sure to be a scream!

RebL Ack! I helped the kiddo with college stuff all weekend and didn't get to my favorite bookstore to look for my 80s teen romances. I may not enjoy the errand, but I'm going to love the reading. 2y
Sace Good luck with keeping up. I love the photo challenges, but I never seem to be able to keep up with them. Those 80s romances look good! 2y
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TK-421 @RestlessFickleBookSlut Thanks! I used to try to post one photo for each challenge every day, but it got to be too much. Now, I just pick & choose prompts and combine them if I can. I'm not sure where to start with the 80s books. Do you have yours picked yet? 2y
TK-421 @RebL Hope you find lots of 80s books to read! Can't wait to see what everyone is reading! 2y
Sace Is it cheating that I already started reading Superflirt back in September? 😊 2y
TK-421 @RestlessFickleBookSlut I won't tell anyone lol 2y
Sace Whew! 😥 My secret is safe! 2y
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The Historian | Elizabeth Kostova
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October means Halloween and creepy/scary stories. Here are few I'm looking forward to reading this month. #octobermostanticipated #uncannyoctober

JordanGraft That is a great book! Started my obsession with all of Larson's books, and it has been a very good obsession :) 2y
Loreen @JordanGraft I've heard so many good things about it. I love true crime and serial killer stories so it's time for me to read his books! 2y
JordanGraft There are some very good, creepy documentaries out there about HH Holmes as well, in case you want an extra scare 2y
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Loreen @JordanGraft good to know. I'll have to check them out. 2y
CoverToCoverGirl Love that picture! 😍 2y
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Phantom | Jo Nesbo
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#nfaboutacountryyoudliketovisit #octobermostanticipated #uncannyoctober
Last night i took a photo of four books i have lined up for October including the next in the harry hole series in much anticipation of The Snowman with fassbender. Then i noticed the four books are from Sweden and Russia definitely places i want to visit.

Cathythoughts Loving this list 😱👍 2y
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Silmarillion | J R R Tolkien
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#UncannyOctober #OctoberMostAnticipated
#SpookyOctober #OctoberTBR
#HalloweenReads #OctoberMustRead

Since l've not been very good in September, most of these are carryover. And l've left out the #AgathaChristieClub reads just so l don't get depressed. Only two of these are in my #TBRBingo and what about the other couple of ARCs l still need to read?
And I'm not even mentioning the two nonfiction books l'm reading.

I'm doomed 😫

RealBooks4ever Littens never say die! 😆📚📚Just keep reading! 💜 2y
TK421 I love The Silmarillion! There are so many good stories inside. I love Tolkien's founding and history of Middle Earth. Enjoy!😃 2y
JazzFeathers @RealBooks4ever Of course! 💪😆 2y
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JazzFeathers @TK421 l read thd Sklmarillion as a kid and had a very hard time with it. Then l reread it pieces at a time over the years andcfwll in love with it. This will be the first time l reread it in its entirety. Can't wait! Hey, why don't you join the readalong? 😊 2y
TK421 Thanks @JazzFeathers I think I will join the read along. I haven't read The Silmarillion cover to cover in years. It will be fun to read it with everyone! 😄 2y
JazzFeathers @TK421 Yes, yes, come! I'm not sure what the schedule will be after The Return of the King, but wull see 😊 @freyaheart 2y
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Origin | Dan Brown
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Seven Days of You | Cecilia Vinesse
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Forgot to post my #Octobermostanticipated for #uncannyoctober This isn't my usual genre but I'm excited for a book that romanticizes my current city. I got a signed copy from a local bookstore for my birthday 🎂 #Tokyo #signed @RealLifeReading

RealLifeReading Cute cover! 2y
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