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#rocktober #comfortablynumb
Im having a bit of a spurt at the end of the oct, prob the odd feeling of all the family being home watching the bake off final together with two daughters boyfriends as eldest popped home from Sheffield at half term. So glass of wine and a course for next two days i recalled the patrick melrose second volume in which he collects his dreadful father's ashes and spends two days in a drug addled stupor. Time to rd bk 4.

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Surfacing | Margaret Atwood
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A woman and her friends go to look for the woman's missing father at his lake cabin in Canada. You get the feeling pretty quickly, that there are some deeper issues, but, unfortunately, I just weren't interested. The MC is just too distanced, and too #comfortablynumb regarding sexism. The writing felt pretentious and too "literary", although there were some beautiful sentences at times. All in all, it added up to a disappointment.


Cinfhen Nice review..sorry the book was a pan for you😖 5y
Cinfhen And it‘s a gorgeous edition too 5y
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen yeah... so far, the only Atwood, I have loved, has been The Handmaid's Tale. The rest have been so-so. 5y
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Cinfhen Did you read 5y
Cinfhen It was really good!!!! 5y
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen not yet, but I think that might be the next one I'm going to try. I haven't given up yet! 🤞 5y
Cinfhen It starts slow but once you find the rhythm you won‘t be able to stop.... 5y
merelybookish I had to read this for a class a long time ago. It's made me dislike dream sequences in novels. ☺️ Atwood's early novels tend to be more poetic, less plotty. Her books from the late 80s and 90s are meatier and more expansive. Give Alias Grace a try. 5y
Kalalalatja @merelybookish thanks for the advice! 👏☺️ 5y
emilyhaldi I‘m with @Cinfhen - try Blind Assassin 💗 5y
BarbaraBB Also real good is 5y
batsy Beautiful pic! Definitely try Alias Grace or Cat's Eye or The Robber Bride. 5y
Kalalalatja @emilyhaldi @BarbaraBB I definitely need to try them now, with all these recommendations! @batsy thank you! I have read The Robber Bride, and I liked it, but didn't really connect with it. 5y
batsy Ah, ok! Yes with RB I liked it too but there was something that I felt was missing. I've heard people say that her style can be cold sometimes, and it keeps readers at a distance. 5y
BarbaraBB I didn‘t like The Robber Bride much either. Nor Cat‘s Eye. Alias Grace is better I think. And The Blind Assassin. 5y
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Momofuku Milk Bar | Christina Tosi
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#rocktober #comfortablynumb Ok... so my mind went in this direction! Numb = drugs = crack!
After tasting Crack pie for the first time this weekend, I immediately added this cookbook from the fabulous NYC bakery to my Xmas wish list.... I must have that recipe! And cereal milk ice cream sounds amazing too! 😋
Thanks for another fun month of challenges ladies! 👍💕

Cinfhen Oh wow!!! I'm adding this one too #stacked 5y
emilyhaldi Oh my gosh everything from Milk Bar is amazing!! @Mdargusch is a huge fan of the birthday cake truffles. Crack pie is insane. And my husband has a weakness for the cookies so we have about a dozen at our house right now for his birthday.... dangerous!! 5y
Mdargusch Those cookies and truffles 🤤 5y
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KarenUK @emilyhaldi @Mdargusch That all sounds amazing! Now I may have to buy that book today so I can start baking! It‘s too long a wait until my NYC trip in March to see Hamilton... 😊 5y
AlaMich I have now made the Birthday Cake twice. It's awesome, but the best part is honestly the birthday crumb. I could eat that by the handful. 5y
TricksyTails 😂 I need me some Crack Pie!! 5y
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#comfortablynumb #rocktober
@Cinfhen @BarbaraBB
We have a kindle edition and a printed copy and I've still yet to read!
October has been fun 👍

BarbaraBB What kind of book is this?! 5y
emilyhaldi Perfect choice for today‘s prompt!!! @BarbaraBB this book is a nonfiction account of all of the drugs taken by German soldiers during WW2 & the heavy drug addiction of Hitler himself. It reads a little dry but is so fascinating!! I was shocked I didn‘t know more about this before reading the book. 5y
Cinfhen Such a great choice 🏆it was on my list until @emilyhaldi said it read like a text book 😳I'm curious to hear your thoughts @TrishB 5y
BarbaraBB @emilyhaldi How interesting. Must check it out! (edited) 5y
TrishB @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB @emilyhaldi think I'm more intrigued now! 👍 5y
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Candy | Luke Davies
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A great book about the slippery slope of heroin addiction. #comfortablynumb #rocktober day 31

BarbaraBB Great description of heroin (edited) 5y
Cinfhen Your photo has me intrigued! 5y
Heideschrampf Oh heath... 5y
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Abailliekaras @Cinfhen from the movie with Abbie Cornish and Heath Ledger. 💔 5y
Cinfhen That's Heath?! 💔this was a film? Need to check it out! 5y
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Prozac Nation | Elizabeth Wurtzel
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Cinfhen Excellent choice 💓 5y
BarbaraBB Of course. You‘re always spot on 👍! 5y
arlenefinnigan Why thank you 😊 5y
Velvetfur Oohh I loved that book when I read it years ago....don't remember now what I loved specifically about it but I know I loved it, ha! 5y
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Mr. Mercedes: A Novel | Stephen King
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#RockTober #comfortablynumb @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB In the series Mr Mercedes, the character Charlotte says of her cousin Olivia : SHE couldn‘t pretend to be happy. So she took the pills....but then she still wasn‘t happy , but she wasn‘t sad either....... -my sense of what anti- depressants/psychotics do. Olivia was #comfortablynumb

BarbaraBB Good one! 5y
Cinfhen Well played 💚thanks for joining us all month 🎸🤘🏽you rock ❣️ 5y
Cathythoughts Thanks @Cinfhen & thankyou 💖💖💖 5y
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Rockstars #1 | Joe Harris
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So this was #Rocktober. Thank you all so much for joining and all the great bookish associations you had with the prompts 😘!
@Cinfhen thanks for having me as your co-host, I‘ll be back in July (lots of time to come up with a good playlist 😂).
From tomorrow it‘s time to #TuneInToNovember, co-hosted by @Robothugs !
In the meantime I watch the picture above and get #ComfortablyNumb 😍!

Cinfhen 🙌🏻💕🎸🤘🏽 5y
batsy Thank you for a great month 🎶❤️ 5y
Kalalalatja Thanks for an awesome playlist and month! 5y
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LeahBergen Great job! 👏🏻👏🏻 5y
Cathythoughts Thankyou for the great prompts & the great hosting 👏👏👏 5y
Lizpixie Thank you for co hosting! I'm just sorry I missed so many through illness, but I followed what everyone else came up with instead. Loved the prompts, loved the theme, you did good🤘 5y
arlenefinnigan Thank you! 👏 5y
emilyhaldi Nice job hosting this month!! 👏🏻👏🏻 5y
Andrew65 Thanks for the time that you have put into this. 👏👏👏 5y
Centique Thanks for hosting Barabara, I really enjoyed it! Great choices of song titles 😊 Sorry I was missing in action the last 2 days! 5y
BarbaraBB @Centique Thank you 😊! Good to see you back! 5y
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I can‘t believe it‘s the last day of #Rocktober ? @BarbaraBB you did an amazing job as cohost & guest DJ ?I loved your musical /bookish prompts & choices?? I haven‘t read this memoir, but my daughter has & she highly recommended it... Girl Walks Out of a Bar is a candid portrait of alcoholism through the lens of gritty New York realism. Beneath the façade of success lies the reality of addiction. **Blurb taken from the publisher **

Cinfhen Ready for a new month with @Robothugs 💓#TuneIntoNovember 5y
Kalalalatja October went by so fast! 😱 5y
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BarbaraBB Thank you again for having me as your co-DJ: it has been so much fun 🎶🎶😘 5y
erzascarletbookgasm October just flew by so quickly..didn‘t manage to play along the fun photo challenge everyday, even I meant to. 5y
arlenefinnigan Thank you for hosting, it was great fun 👏 5y
emilyhaldi I‘ve heard good things about this one too! 5y
TrishB It's been fun! 5y
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Descent: A Novel | Tim Johnston
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This #audiobook was a little slow to get into at first- the characters and the chronology make it a confusing listen at times - but ultimately this one ended with me #AudioColoring with anxiety! Very well-written and with complex and developed characters that feel real- and a setting #WhereTheStreetsHaveNoName ! @Cinfhen #Rocktober

Cinfhen This was a creepy read...very unnerving 5y
Cinfhen Love your drawing 5y
TorieStorieS @Cinfhen Thanks! I put together my audiobook list at the beginning of the month and this one fit perfectly! 5y
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