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A belated ARC, this was an unexpected joy to read!

19-year-old Lara applies to enter a 1000 mile horse race, across #Mongolia on a whim, at the very last minute. Her energy & enthusiasm shine through, & her appreciation for how ridiculous the whole thing was made me laugh.

It‘s a quick, light read, sometimes overwritten, but I enjoyed her musings & admired her scatty determination. Plus, I‘ve come away with some Mongolian authors to investigate.

rockpools #ReadingAsia2021 @Librarybelle @BarbaraBB I‘m also using this for #BBRC #TeenAngst #Newin2020/21 - she‘s a teen, being a little angsty at times! 2y
Librarybelle Oh! Finding new authors to explore is the best! 2y
rockpools And I forgot to tag @LibrarianRyan @Sarahreadstoomuch (sorry - it‘s late!) 2y
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rockpools @Librarybelle It really is! 2y
eraderneely I liked this a lot at the beginning, but once she‘s deep into the race and just relaying her thinking...I did NOT care for her musings, haha. 2y
rockpools @eraderneely That‘s fair enough! It‘s all a bit random and she comes across as being Very Very Young at times - I expect my enthusiasm for it would have warn off if it had been longer, but I smiled all the way through. 2y
rockpools @eraderneely Ha ha! Fair enough- I‘d probably have got tired of her random nonsense if it had gone on longer, but as it was she kept me smiling all the way through. 2y
LibrarianRyan Nice! 2y
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The Inheritance Games | Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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This was fun! I could have done without the love triangle, but I liked the characters and the fast moving plot. Can‘t wait to pick up the sequel.


Untitled | Unknown
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My wrap-up post for 4th quarter of #Booked2020:

1. #ThinkPink
2. #GothicHorror
3. #SetInIndia
4. #BookClubWorthy
5. #NewIn2020
6. #BottomOfYourTBR

I read all 24 books again this year. Yay!

Thanks for hosting, ladies... looking forward to #Booked2021. 🥳

Cinfhen Woohoo 🎉 🙌🏻
congrats on completing #Fall #Booked2020 💗This is your #OfficialFinalEntry 🎊WELL DONE 🥳so glad you‘re joining us for #Booked2021
kspenmoll Congrats!!!🎊🎈 2y
Cathythoughts Well done 👏🏻 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Awesome job!!! 2y
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#Booked2020 #Fall Wrap-Up, and another year complete!

#ThinkPink: The Prince & The Dressmaker
#GothicHorror: The Woman in Black
#SouthernAsia: Man Tiger
#BookClubWorthy: The Girl With the Louding Voice
#Newin2020: My Dark Vanessa
#BottomofTBR: Northanger Abbey

Don't forget to post a wrap-up for the Fall Quarter! 🎉 📚 You have until Jan 3,2021. And prepare for next year by signing up for #Booked2021 here: https://bit.ly/2ICbIkC

Cinfhen Woohoo 🙌🏻 2y
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jenniferw88 Really not surprised that one of my favourite genres (gothic horror) & my favourite historical mystery series (the silver collar) got the two 5 stars! Also, 228pts for #teamreadnosedreindeer #wintergames2020 @StayCurious 2y
Cinfhen Woohoo 🙌🏻congrats on completing #Fall #Booked2020 🍂🌪☔️📚This is your #OfficialFinalEntry 🎊🎊🎊 WELL DONE 👍🏽 2y
Cinfhen Yay!!! So happy you enjoyed the prompts 💝looking forward to #Booked2021 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Great job!! 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Last quarter check-in for #booked2020 . I completed it! I am glad to have done it as it made me read out of my wheelhouse a little (gothic horror 😅) and I tried my best to read off my own shelves.
Looking forward to 2021!
#thinkpink - Tokyo & Beyond
#gothichorror - Mexican Gothic
#setinindiaorsouthernasia - Unmarriageable
#bookclubworthy - Lincoln in the Bardo
#newin2020 - I Will Judge You by Your Bookshelf
#bottomoftbr - Wyrd Sisters

Woohoo 🙌🏻congrats on completing #Fall #Booked2020 🍂🌪☔️📚This is your #OfficialFinalEntry 🎊🎊🎊 WELL DONE 👍🏽
(edited) 2y
erzascarletbookgasm Well done! 👏 2y
Cinfhen Glad you‘re joining us for #Booked2021 2y
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Finished | H. Rider Haggard
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#booked2020 #autumn
#thinkpink Queen Victoria
#gothichorror A Book of Bones
#setinindia Girls Burn Brighter
#bookclubworthy Atonement
#newin2020 A Cry in the Night
#bottomofyourtbr The Hours Count

Thanks friends 😁❤️ looking forward to next year.

Cathythoughts Well done ! I‘m looking forward to next year too 👍🏻❤️ 2y
TrishB @Cathythoughts going to try and plan once work finished for Christmas! 2y
Cinfhen Woohoo 🙌🏻congrats on completing #Fall #Booked2020 🍂🌪☔️📚This is your #OfficialFinalEntry 🎊🎊🎊 WELL DONE 👍🏽 2y
alisiakae Congrats on completing #booked2020! 🙌🏽🎉 2y
erzascarletbookgasm 👏 congrats! I have one more! 😁 2y
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Fully Booked | Emma Strandberg
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#ThinkPink : The Pursuit of Love
#GothicHorror : We Have Always Lived In The Castle
#SetInIndia : A Fine Balance
#BookClubWorthy : Drive Your Plow
#NewIn2020 : The Searcher
#BottomofyourTBR : Burnt Sugar

My final entry of #Booked2020 FALL

@Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft

Thanks!!! Looking forward to next year already.

Woohoo 🙌🏻congrats on completing #Fall #Booked2020 🍂🌪☔️📚This is your #OfficialFinalEntry 🎊🎊🎊 WELL DONE 👍🏽
saresmoore Awesome! 2y
Reggie Way to go, Cathy! 2y
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JennyM Yay! Great selection 📚 2y
rockpools Yay! Congratulations! 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage What a stack!! Awesome job!! 2y
erzascarletbookgasm Congrats! What a fantastic selection!! ❤️✨ 2y
andrew61 Brilliant, great choices Cathy. 2y
Suet624 Nice!! 2y
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This was a really cute story! January Andrews is a romance book author who still believes in happily ever after, even when her life doesn't go the way she expected. Augustus Everett, her literary rival, believes the opposite. #Booked2020 #NewIn2020

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