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Finished this one with the help of a second cup of coffee and a keto pumpkin cheesecake muffin. This latest in the magical bakery mystery did not disappoint. Bailey Cates put our main character in quite a position and you couldn‘t help but feel all the emotions she was going through. Just loved it and love where it‘s going next.

#ilovecozies #cozymystery #keto #muglove

Star1 Oh good. That‘s my next read. Glad you liked it. 1mo
lynneamch Sounds just like the kind of book I enjoy on audio. Stacked. 3w
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The Water Cure | Sophie Mackintosh
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Am I trying to jam a book club book into a week? Yup sure am. The writing in this one is very choppy. It's almost uncomfortable to read for me - but hopefully I will get used to it. That's the point of book clubs right? To get you to read books you normally wouldn't? #procrastinationstation #bookclubpick #booksandcoffee #muglove

Four Dead Queens | Astrid Scholte
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Oh my Littens, it is very early in my neck of the woods - but having seen my boyfriend off to work, I'm taking an hour or two before I start MY day to enjoy some early morning quiet. Started this book yesterday and am enjoying every page. Who doesn't love a murder mystery? 6 days to #readathon !!!!

#hollyhannahitsearly #earlybirdgetsthecoffee #muglove

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Enjoying a little reading in bed. #pocauthor #readdiversebooks #ownvoices

NeedsMoreBooks Love the mug. Where did you buy it from? 7mo
Chelleo @NeedsMoreBooks IKR?!? It‘s a fave. It was a gift from @teebe part of the #muglove swap 7mo
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So many chores needing attention but all I want to do on a dreary, rainy Sunday is snuggle with this lovely lady, read books and drink coffee. And perhaps knit.

Leftcoastzen Snuggle worthy kitty!😻 8mo
BooksAndYarn Do it! 8mo
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My boss strikes again. He is killing my weekend reading buzz!!!!

julesG Love the mug! 8mo
Redy2trvl @julesG Thank you!! I received it from @Buddys_Momma in the #muglove swap. I‘ve loved it from the start! 8mo
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I am teetering between _How Long Til Black Future Month_ and a romance that just came off hold from my library, but I know I‘ve got a cup of tea to keep me company. I bought myself a “mug rug” and couldn‘t be happier 😂 (you can also see my beautiful wireless charger and figure out I‘ve got a bit of a theme going)

HufflepuffGirl90 I love that mug!!! 😍🐉 9mo
heikemarie @HufflepuffGirl90 I got it from @Ajessgirl in the #muglove swap last year - it was such a fun swap we should do it again soon ( @TheKidUpstairs ) ☺️ and I use the mug all the time I love it!! 💜 9mo
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I am definitely a sucker for #novelty hand-made / hand-thrown mugs. I love my mismatched collection of mugs from different places, of all different sizes, made by all sorts of people 💖 #muglove


jillannjohn One of my favorite things too. ❤️ 11mo
TheBookHippie Same!!! 11mo
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Enjoying my first Robin Hobb! This one I have to #blameitonlitsy , I can‘t believe I never heard of these before Litsy! Loving my new purple case and mug!

Whodunit85 That mug is wonderful 😁 12mo
FlowerFairy That mug! 😍 12mo
Ashley_Nicoletto I‘ve never read a Robin Hobb book either, but Ship of Magic was one of my TBR recs from bookriot. 12mo
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Smrloomis LOVE THE MUG!!! 😂 12mo
Puredragonstar @Ashley_Nicoletto I started this one because goodreads said if I wanted to start from the beginning to start here... but they said you could really start anywhere. If this set goes well I‘ll read all the others in this universe! 12mo
Melissa_J You are in for a treat!! Love Hobb! Even though Goodreads says you can read them in any order, I disagree. There is an order in which they are best read @Ashley_Nicoletto although I think the order only matters after the first Fraser books and the Liveship Traders trilogies have been read. 12mo
Puredragonstar @Melissa_J thanks for the heads up! So I‘m on the right book? 12mo
Melissa_J You are 😊 12mo
Puredragonstar @Melissa_J perrrrfecttt!! 😆 12mo
TheLibrarian Great mug!! 12mo
Soubhiville Yay! I ❤️ RH too! 12mo
TrishB Agree with @Melissa_J have to read in order! Enjoy 😊 12mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Love the mug 🦑 12mo
Psychobabble Love the mug and love Robin hobb!! 💙💙💙💙 12mo
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With the breeze, it‘s a perfect reading outside type of day.

PrezBookster That mug! ❤️ 1y
Cathythoughts That is a cute mug 1y
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