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Secret Santa | William T. Bix
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1. The Dumb House by: John Burnside
2. The Changeling by: Victor LaValle
3. Behold a Pale Horse by: William Cooper
4. Paperbacks from Hell by: Grady Hendrix
5. Sexual Violence & The law in Japan by: Catherine Burns #SecretSantaGoesPostal #WinterSolsticeBookExchange #MostWantedTopFive

The Wish List | Eoin Colfer
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1. The Rules of Magic - Alice Hoffman
2. Bonfire - Krystin Ritter
3. White Hot - Ilona Andrews
4. Wonder Woman - Leigh Bardugo
5. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe - Benjamin Alire Saenz


Chachic White Hot!🙌 5y
bentchbites @Chachic yass! Antay antay ng saleeeee! Haha 5y
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A Christmas Carol | Charles Dickens
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1. When the postman rings the bell 5 times, knocks 5 times then rings the bell another 2 times for good measure. I heard you the first time! 😬
2. Anywhere in a cottage with minimal people and maximum books.
3. Pillars of the Earth pips Dragonfly in Amber to the post, just.
4. Only seasonal book I have read is Christmas Carol
5. Book you're hoping to receive as a gift this Christmas/Holiday season?
#friyayintro @jess.how

GondorGirl I don't usually expect specific books for the holidays, but I know that @blkzero1 ordered me one. I'm excited to see what she picked! 5y
starlight97 I already read it on my kindle but I want to have the real thing! 5y
BookishBlonde12 Does my whole 'To Read' shelf on Goodreads count? Lol 5y
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bentchbites I just posted my #mostwantedtopfive but i forgot to add 5y
umbrellagirl 5. Anything from Folio Society 5y
shadowspeak17 Your postman actually stays at the door that long? Mine immediately runs off after one knock, even if I need to sign for a package. 🙄 I‘ve gotten to the door in under ten seconds before and the guy was already leaving with my package again because I hadn‘t instantly opened the door when he knocked. 🙃😂 5y
shadowspeak17 As for books, I really want the hardcover Gryffindor edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer‘s Stone. ❤️ 5y
OrangeMooseReads Illustrated Harry Potters and Fantastic Beasts 5y
laurieluna @OrangeMooseReads they are spectacular 😍 5y
laurieluna @shadowspeak17 I call him Hodor because he's a big lumbering mass, but maybe I should call him Brador instead! 😂 5y
laurieluna @shadowspeak17 I have the Ravenclaw one and they're so worth it 😍 5y
laurieluna @umbrellagirl I'm with you there! My partner bought me my first one, Rebecca a couple of months ago. It's beautiful. 5y
laurieluna @bentchbites that sounds really good! 👍 5y
laurieluna @BookishBlonde12 😂 I wish I could own my entire Goodreads To Read Shelf.. 5y
laurieluna @starlight97 I have this on my kindle but still haven't gotten round to it! I may have to make it a 2018 priority. 5y
laurieluna @GondorGirl surprises are awesome too, however my partner always needs a bit of guidance so I rarely get them! I've bought all of my Christmas presents from him this year so far 😂 5y
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The Secret Santa | Carolyn Keene, Anthony Accardo
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1. What Happened- Hillary Clinton

2. Anything is Possible - Elizabeth Strout

3. The Music Shop - Rachel Joyce

4. How Not to Be a Boy - Robert Webb

5. Grief is a Thing With Feathers - Max Porter


kamoorephoto Hillary is raking it in! 👊🏼💥 5y
kamoorephoto @Libby1 Me too! I hope everyone is listening! They should have BEFORE!!! 🤔 5y
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1. Purr: A Cat Therapy Guide To Happiness (the book is literally a sound book with purrs and what they mean and it‘s about cats.)
2. Illustrated Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
3. Beartown
4. The Gospel Of Loki
5. Words In Deep Blue

I‘m hoping that my employee appreciation is soon so I can pick up the first two while we have them in stock.


rubyslippersreads I need the purr book! 😸 5y
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Most Wanted | Lisa Scottoline
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I suppose it's time to finally try to choose five most wanted. 😬😬😬
1. My Favourite Thing is Monsters
2. Shop Cats of New York
3. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
4. You are Here - Jenny Lawson
5. Turtles All the Way Down


enoyus Turtles all the way down is really good. You‘re gonna love it. 5y
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How Dare the Sun Rise: Memoirs of a War Child | Sandra Uwiringiyimana, Abigail Pesta
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1. Renegades by Marissa Meyer 🤖 (I absolutely LOVED The Lunar Chronicles!)
2. From Here to Eternity 💀 by Caitlyn Doughty
3. Fangirl 💕💬 by Rainbow Rowell
4. Warcross 🌈 by Marie Lu
5. How Dare the Sun Rise ☀️

I solemnly swear not to buy these until after Christmas 👌🏻

Alicia Love the emojis!!! Also yasss I️ want to read Renegades so bad! 5y
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Cleaning up my TBR.
Seems I‘ve gone trigger happy 😅

1️⃣ Depression and Other Magic Tricks by Sabrina Benaim
2️⃣ Psych‘s Guide to Crime Fighting for the Totally Unqualified
3️⃣ Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People by Nadia Bolz-Weber
4️⃣ Goodbye Christopher Robin: A. A. Milne and the Making of Winnie-the-Pooh by Ann Twaite
5️⃣ Still Christian: Following Jesus Out of American Evangelicalism by David Gushee

Libby1 I have number 5! My husband is reading it right now. 5y
MatchlessMarie @Libby1 Awesome! I joined a book club group on fb for theological misfits deconstructing their theology and it was recommended. Lately when I try to find books like this at the bookstore I just think to myself where‘s the apostate section? 😆 5y
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Secret Santa | William T. Bix
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Lily and the Octopus
In the Woods
The Store
Full Wolf Moon

All on my Litsy TBR

Clwojick Lily and the Octopus ❤️💔❤️ 5y
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Secret Santa | William T. Bix
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To my Secret Santa match: I honestly will love anything you send! I am super easy going and love trying new books and genres. If you have a book you love that you want to share, that is awesome! That said, my TBR is up to date with books I do not own, and here are a few I picked that I‘ve been eyeing up for awhile:
• This Must Be The Place
• Beartown
• Sourdough
• Castle of Water
• Prep

#mostwantedtopfive #secretsantagoespostal

aschermetz PS I am A-OK with used books, too! I am basically a ThriftBooks whore at this point. 😂🙈 #language! #sorryma #takemymoneythriftbooks 😂🎄 5y
LeahBergen 😂😂 5y
TricksyTails Fellow ThriftBooks whore here! 😂 5y
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