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33 Snowfish | Adam Rapp
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1. No it's August in the Midwest. It's like 90 something and this is an old prompt
2. Lots of blankets. Space books
3. No since this is really old.

#Moonreflections @Meaw_Catlady

Untitled | Unknown
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If you are like me and love astrology, magic and healing make sure to support Black and POC witches . Here are a few magical Black Woman I follow on Instagram. If you have gram I encourage you to follow them . If you don‘t have Instagram many of them also have websites! Check them out! 🖤🌕🖤 Black Lives Matter ! #readyoursign #moonreflections

AmyG I deleted my IG because it‘s a Facebook company and oh, how I loathe Mark Zuckerberg. 2y
Meaw_catlady @AmyG I know what you mean!! I want to delete both Facebook and Instagram. But unfortunately both are ways I keep in contact with people for work and extracurricular. It‘s so unfortunate. 2y
AmyG @Meaw_catlady I so understand. Many people need to stay on for that reason. 2y
JoScho Thanks for sharing 🔮 2y
alisiakae this is wonderful, thank you for sharing
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Last night was the official Strawberry 🍓 🌕 Moon, but you can still see it tonight.
▪️I‘m committed to learning/unlearning and growing in order to be a better ally to my friends & family
▪️Acknowledging my privilege in ways I never considered before is an important step
▪️Sending love & light to everyone who is hurting
#MoonReflections #StrawberryMoon

sprainedbrain ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
Meaw_catlady Love and light and blessings to you dear! Thank you for sharing 🖤😘 2y
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Strawberry Moon | Becky Citra
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Perfect words from my friend @Meaw_catlady

This full moon, do the work and look for changes that you can make within yourself. Understand your privilege, be honest with yourself, and be part of the change that is so very overdue. I‘m listening, reading, watching, and supporting. Blessings and light to all.

The ritual here is perfect:


Black Lives Matter.


Meaw_catlady Yes my witch sister! Thank you for these words! Blessings to you ! 🖤🌕 2y
sinbadtherabbit I am not a witch, but I‘m still grateful for this. Thank you ❤️ 2y
sprainedbrain @sinbadtherabbit ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
KristiAhlers My coven is doing one later tonight a little different from this but the message is the same 🖤 2y
sprainedbrain @Katbooklover wonderful! ❤️ 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Thank you for these #MoonReflections @Meaw_catlady
🌖 In the past I‘d avoid the news, but I‘ve learned ignoring someone else‘s pain just makes theirs worse!
🌗 Before I‘d get defensive when called out on my privilege, but I‘ve come to recognize its existence.
🌘 By sharing facts and reports on racial injustice in order to educate others as well as myself.
🌑 Sending love & support to all those being hurt by racial injustice. Black lives matter!🖤

Meaw_catlady Thank you for telling your truth! Thank you for sharing, standing up and relearning ! Blessings to you my friend 💫🖤🌕 2y
DaveGreen7777 @Meaw_catlady Blessings to you as well, Rachel! 🙏💫🌕💖 2y
Suet624 Wonderful to read your thoughts. 2y
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DaveGreen7777 @Suet624 Thank you so much! 2y
JenniferEgnor Thank you for this! Together, we can create a more loving, just world for all. #BlackLivesMatter 2y
MoonWitch94 It‘s all so true! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🌙⭐️😊 2y
DaveGreen7777 @MoonWitch94 Thank you! 🙏 2y
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Untitled | Anonymous
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Today is the Full Strawberry Moon and also a Lunar Eclipse!!! Use today to look inward: are you posting or marching because it‘s truly what you believe or are you doing it to be “relevant” evaluate your heart! Check your privileges and intentions. Stand and support . Fight for justice ! BLM! I have been using this past week to educate myself . I have changed up my TBR for this month and I am challenging myself. I challenge you! #moonreflections

Branwen Sending love, light, and blessings to you, sister! 💕🌛 Thank you for posting this! Now more than ever we all need to listen, learn, and help in the fight against inequality and violence! ✊ 2y
sprainedbrain Love to you! ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
Megabooks Sending so much love to you!! 💕🌈💕💖 2y
MoonWitch94 This is so true. Relearning, listening & educating ourselves is where the work truly starts. Thank you for posting this. ⭐️🌙 Blessings to you, Sister 😘 2y
alisiakae Just catching up on Litsy after a week of not being around here much. I love this. 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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@Meaw_catlady @sprainedbrain
Thank you for these #MoonReflections 🌝

🌛 Like many people, the current pandemic has been causing me a lot of fear. I find myself worrying that one moment of carelessness could potentially put myself and/or my loved ones in danger. I release this and will work on not putting the weight of the world on my shoulders.

🌜 “I release what I cannot control.”

🌚 Sending blessings, love, and support to everyone on Litsy!

kspenmoll Thank you! 💕 3y
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Meaw_catlady Yes my friend release that weight! Together we can get through this and not try to bear all the burdens ourselves! Blessing to you !!! 🖤🌕😻💕 3y
DaveGreen7777 @kspenmoll You‘re very welcome! 😊 3y
DaveGreen7777 @Meaw_catlady Thank you so much for the inspiration words, Rachel! 🤗😺💖🖤 3y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Photo by Sigma Sreedharan – she takes amazing photos in and around Seattle: https://m.facebook.com/sigmasreedharan/

Sending blessings of love and support to
@TheSpineView @marleed @Crazeedi @Mitch @jenniferw88 @TheAromaofBooks @Hestapleton @julesG @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks and all who need it right now 💜💜💜 You are not alone.

Meaw_catlady I live this photo!!!! Thank you so much for sharing love! Blessing , love and positivity to you!!! 3y
julesG Thank you, Lynn! 3y
Mitch ❤️ 3y
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wanderinglynn @Meaw_catlady She has some amazing shots. If you‘re not on Facebook, you can check out her work at https://www.sigmasreedharan.com 3y
TheAromaofBooks Thank you, Lynn!! Sending positive thoughts your way! ❤ 3y
Addison_Reads Gorgeous photo! 😍 3y
marleed Oh beautiful. Thank you! 3y
Crazeedi @wanderinglynn thank you Lynn! I knew it was the flower moon, and in my sign too! Such a gorgeous photo, I looked at this moon last eve , it was so cool. And I'm so glad we have each other🥰 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Than you my friend 💗💗💗 I needed it... 3y
Hestapleton I need that. Thank you 💜💜💜 3y
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Flower Moon | Gina Linko
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This blessing goes out especially to my Litten friends that work on the front lines/in essential positions, are older, and/or have pre-existing conditions. I am releasing my fear for these friends that opening the country will make things worse and hoping that tomorrows will be brighter going forward. Wishing good health and strength to all! 💕💕💕💕


Meaw_catlady Such a lovely blessing! And I know the universe will help you release this fear! Love and support to you dear! 🖤🌕 3y
Megabooks @Meaw_catlady 💕💕😘 3y
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Flower Moon | Gina Linko
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Blessings to all of you! I‘m hoping the clouds clear a little more so that I can spend some time with the lovely moon tonight. I most definitely need to release the seemingly relentless stress and anxiety...

Thank you for this simple ritual, @Meaw_catlady ❤️


KristiAhlers This moon energy is intense but such a good time to let go of what no longer serves you! Happy Full Moon 3y
julesG Need to do this tonight. I need to release a lot of things atm. 3y
Meaw_catlady Blessings to you lovely! Hopefully the ritual helps you! 🙏💕🌙🖤🌕 love and light ! 3y
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