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I Let You Go | Clare Mackintosh
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I‘m starting my next book from my #makemereadit pile. I have promised this one and a few other books to @Librarybelle so when I finish all the books I promised her I will send them to her.

#iletyougo #claremackintosh

Andrew65 Will be interested to see what you think. 1y
Librarybelle 🙂❤️ 1y
EadieB @Andrew65 Have you read this one? 1y
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Andrew65 @EadieB No but I keep looking at it and thinking I need to! 1y
EadieB @Andrew65 I know Carol and Lynda have enjoyed it. 1y
Andrew65 @EadieB That gives it a glowing recommendation! 1y
EadieB @Andrew65 Right that‘s why I put it on my TBR. 1y
erzascarletbookgasm I enjoyed this one☝️ 1y
EadieB @erzascarletbookgasm Great to hear! 1y
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Sunburn | Laura Lippman
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Yay!! New #bookmail arrived today! Thanks for sending me your #ARC of #Sunburn in exchange for #ILetYouGo! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Clare Mackintosh is a master at suspense and twists. I‘m super excited to dive into this Laura Lippman book. This cover is cool too! ☀️😎 #TBR

“She is simply a brilliant novelist, an unflinching chronicler of life in America right now, and #Sunburn is her dark, gleaming noir gem. Read it.” -Gillian Flynn

riversong153 @Jess7 Thanks! I received it today...I cannot wait to read this! 2y
Jess7 You‘re welcome @riversong153 ! I hope you love 2y
Reviewsbylola I love this cover. 😍😍 I am excited to see how you like it. Lippmann is hit or miss for me but I‘ve heard such great things. And @riversong153 I hope you enjoy I Let You Go. It was one of my favorite books of 2016. Sooooooo good. 2y
ephemeralwaltz Dying to read this! 2y
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I See You | Clare Mackintosh
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I have read #ILetYouGo and #LetMeLie, and it is clear to me #ClareMackintosh is a master of #suspense and plot twists. I have not read #ISeeYou yet, but I highly anticipate I will be surprised by a #plottwist. I See You has been described as:
- “wonderfully sinister”
- “a deliciously creepy tale of urban paranoia”
- “an intense psychological thriller...Truly shudder-some.”
- “Mind-bending..You [will] reevaluate every step you take.”
#Aprella #TBR

Cinfhen I see you was not a favorite of mine....but I hear she redeemed herself with 2y
Jess7 I loved Let Me Lie! It was excellent. I also really liked her first one - I Let You Go. @Cinfhen 2y
Jess7 Was it predictable or what was it about it you didn‘t like @Cinfhen 2y
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Mdargusch Yes she definitely has some great plot twists. I‘m anxious to read her new one! 2y
Cinfhen Because I was blown away by her first book, I was expecting real magic and it didn‘t come close @Jess7 the MC was annoying, the tension was a slow buildup, the premise was contrived, the nobody believes me am I just imagining things was underwhelming...it was just a big fizzle for me. 2y
Jess7 Oh that‘s good to know. Your feedback will definitely help put it in context whenever I do read it so I do not expect too much. I own it, so I do want to eventually read it. I‘ll let you know what I think when I do. Definitely check out her new book - Let Me Lie, it was very good and the twists were exceptional, I thought. @Cinfhen (edited) 2y
Reviewsbylola Nothing can touch I Let You Go imo. Her other two were good but not the same caliber imo. @Cinfhen @jess7 @Mdargusch 2y
Jess7 @Mdargusch - I loved her new book - Let Me Lie. It‘s one of those books where the ending makes up for any parts that might have been so-so. I really enjoyed it. 2y
Jess7 Ohh I liked Let Me Lie more than her first book, but I read them both back-to-back (the newest one second) . @Reviewsbylola @Cinfhen @Mdargusch 2y
emilyhaldi I loved I let you go but was bored by I see you 😏 2y
Cinfhen I‘m excited for let me lie but I‘m trying to keep my expectations in check 🙄😉 2y
Jhullie I just picked up Let Me Lie and am keen to delve in... (edited) 2y
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Thanks for the tags @SilversReviews & @thereadingowlvina !
1. 😍📚🤩😴🤗🐾❄️☔️💨🍔👩🏻‍💻⌛️💸🎉💕🛍
2. Ian from #ClaireMackintosh‘s Book #ILetYouGo
3. Over 😂
4. Yes
5. @britt_brooke @MinDea @Curlybookowl @BookHookedNook @kimkardashian @krismarie_7 @Rachel.Rencher @cobwebmoth @TheLibrarian 💕📚🤗


cobwebmoth Thanks for the tag!❤ 2y
Pamwurtzler Good choice with Ian! 2y
SilversReviews Looks like a good week. Oh yes on Ian. 2y
Jess7 You‘re welcome @cobwebmoth ! And I know riiighttt @Pamwurtzler and @SilversReviews - Ian made my skin crawl! 2y
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Let Me Lie | Clare Mackintosh
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I read I Let You Go and really liked it. It had a twist I did not see coming and was a pleasant surprise that it wasn't predictable.

If anyone is interested in checking her books out I just saw that @penguinrandomhouse is doing a giveaway to win all 3 of her books!


#Giveaway #PenguinRandomHouse #ClareMackintosh #ILetYouGo #ISeeYou #LetMeLie

JamieArc I have a road trip coming up so I chose I Let You Go to accompany me after seeing you recommend it to @Jess7 2y
MinDea I hope you like it @JamieArc ! 2y
SilversReviews They all are very good. LET ME LIE is my favorite. 2y
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February Fever | Jess Lourey
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16 books read this month, my favorites are above.
12 female authors, 1 POC

Jess7 Mrs. Fletcher is on my TBR solely based on the cover! I love the colors! I‘m happy to know the content is good too. 🤗🤗 2y
Jess7 Also - I just posted my review of #ILetYouGo 🤗 2y
britt_brooke Nice! 2y
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I Let You Go | Clare Mackintosh
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I‘m enjoying this book a lot, but I absolutely hate the character, Ian. I really hope he gets exactly what he deserves: a brutal, painful death. 😡🤬😫 Has anyone else read this? I‘m almost done and so ready to learn more about the main character‘s story. 💗🤗 #CurrentlyReading #AudioBook #Audioworking #ILetYouGo #ClareMackintosh #Psychologicalthriller #Thriller #QuickRead #Suspenseful

tbreit Loved this book! 2y
RebelReader I love Mackintosh!! I just got an ARC of her new one! You will have to read her other one that is already out 2y
Jess7 I have an ARC of her new one too from #FirstToRead. I think I‘ll read it before I See You because they asked me to read it before March 13th. 🤗🤗 @RebelReader 2y
Pamwurtzler I‘ve read that and I think you‘ll like it, @Jess7 . And yeah, ian is despicable. 2y
Jess7 I finished it earlier tonight @Pamwurtzler 🤗🤗 I really liked it (minus the detective side story which I could have done without). I‘ll post a review tonight or tomorrow . :-) 2y
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Got a little reading done while waiting in the lobby for Jenna‘s annual vet visit. All checked out and almost ready to go. 🤗 This face though! 😍😂🐾🐶 #Jenna #SchnauzersofLitsy #ILetYouGo #ClareMackintosh #Multitasking #Schnauzers

britt_brooke 💚🐾 2y
AmyG ❤️ 2y
LauraBeth 💕💕💕 2y
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ReadingRuby So cute! 2y
Scorpioseah Hi there ❤️ 2y
blondie Adorable!💕💕 2y
Jess7 Thank you! She is my precious 10.5 year old baby. She hates the vet so much, but she finally calmed down and I couldn‘t resist sharing her sweet face! @britt_brooke @AmyG @LauraBeth @rubyhanmer @Scorpioseah and @blondie 2y
AmyG I grew up having schnauzers.❤️ 2y
Jess7 Aww. @AmyG - Jenna (10.5 y.o.) is my first mini schnauzer and Parker (5.5 years old) is my second. I love them. They have such sweet, loving personalities. 💗 Jenna is tuckered out now. She is done being poked and prodded from the vet. Fast asleep under my feet at the moment. 😴😴 2y
AmyG We had 3 during my childhood. Chips...then he died, Pepper and then Chips II. Pepper was sweet. 1 and 2 were nut jobs. 2y
Jess7 How old did they live to be? @AmyG 2y
AmyG You know what? I have no idea about 2 of them. Pepper lived to be about 14. 2y
ladym30 So adorable! 2y
mariaku21 That faaaaace!! 2y
tracey38 Love those schnauzer faces! 2y
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I Let You Go | Clare Mackintosh
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SilversReviews Love this photo. 2y
Scarlett_ohara What a beautiful quote! 😍😍 2y
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I Let You Go | Clare Mackintosh
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Day 4 of the flu: 🤧🤦🏻‍♀️ I‘m starting to go a little stir crazy being cooped up in this house, but I‘m enjoying the additional reading time. I‘m switching between #ILetYouGo by #ClareMackintosh and #TheWomenInTheCastle. 📚 What are you reading?

FYI -Part of my stir craziness has lead me to get more creative and compelled a to change my #goodreads and #instagram handle from “Booklover7733” to “thegreeneyedreader”🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Do you have instagram?

Pamwurtzler If you‘re stir crazy, hopefully that means you‘re feeling better? I finished The Women in the Castle yesterday, & started on Tilt a Whirl. 2y
Jess7 I‘m starting to feel better, but I was running a slight fever last night. So I decided to stay home again today to be safe. Most of my current symptoms feel more like a bad sinus infection than the flu, but the last thing I want to do is over do it and risk relapse and/or get someone else sick with influenza-A. 😞 I‘m keeping my fingers-crossed I‘ll feel a lot better tomorrow. 🤞🏼 @Pamwurtzler - let me know if you start The Good Girl. 😁 (edited) 2y
Pamwurtzler It‘s next up! 2y
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ErinSueMreads So glad you are starting to feel better!! 2y
BookwormM I am currently reading The Wasp Factory, To the Lighthouse and Blonde. Hope you feel better soon 2y
Jess7 Thanks @ErinSueG . 2y
Jess7 @BookwormM which one do you like the best? I‘ve never heard of those books. 2y
Gaylagal2 Sorry you have the flu...it's awful! I love Instagram - gaylagal2. ❤️ I'm currently reading The Rooster Bar and in between reading some more of Stephen King's short stories in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. The last few years I've fallen in love with short stories 🤓📖🐾 2y
BookwormM Blonde is a fictional account of the life of Marilyn Monroe I am still in childhood but the writing is beautiful. To the Lighthouse is a Virginia Wolff I am enjoying it but a lot of people find it a bit boring. The Wasp Factory needs a strong stomach as the narrator is a 17 year old psychopath who is into torturing animals that said it is intriguing 2y
Li_21 How are you feeling? 2y
ephemeralwaltz I'm the same handle "ephemeralwaltz" on Instagram. Hope you feel better soon! Sending love❤ 2y
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