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Clwojick I would have to say my favourite was 6mo
Clwojick I can‘t wait to read the second book in the series, and I will definitely be checking out more of his work in the future. I read this book during #NewToYou, week 2. 6mo
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TheAromaofBooks Mine was a reread - 6mo
Clwojick Yassss! @AnansiGirl That is one of my favs! 💖 6mo
Clwojick @Megabooks that‘s been on my TBR for awhile now. 6mo
Clwojick @TheAromaofBooks @Erofan I haven‘t heard of either of those before now, but they sound great! 6mo
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Summer Madness | Susan Lewis
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#MayMadness #DiscussionThursday

What was your favorite book in school, that is now banned?

@TheReadingMermaid @RadicalReader

Clwojick For me, I would definitely say it‘s a hard toss up between Of Mice and Men & The Giver. I loved reading both in the classroom, and hate that they‘ve been banned or challenged since. 6mo
AKinderman I don't remember liking The Giver in school but now I love it!
(edited) 6mo
RadicalReader I too enjoyed The Giver can‘t believe this wonderful author also wrote the equally lovable Anastasia Krumpnik!! My favorite banned book would definitely be One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest 6mo
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TrishB I can‘t really think of books in the U.K. that are banned now? It‘s definitely not a big thing that I‘m aware of anyway. 6mo
TheReadingMermaid Well apparently it's the Scary Stories series by Alvin Schwartz. I have no idea that they were on the banned books list until recently. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 6mo
scripturient-ink I'm always so perplexed when I see banned books from the US. I remember reading the weirdest stuff in school and no one even thought about challenging the curriculum. I mean, even Hitler's Mein Kampf has been re-released as a historical-critical edition in Germany after the copyright expired in 2015... 6mo
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It‘s that time again! It‘s #MayMadness #DiscussionThursday! This week we‘re talking about comic books, graphic novels, and manga!

Robin to Batman - Who‘s your favourite side character?

Clwojick I would have to say my favourite would be Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch! 💕 7mo
SaturnDoo Of course, it's Scooby Dooby Doo!!!!! 7mo
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Clwojick @SaturnDoo When I was making my #fictionbucketlist, the first thing I thought of was that I want to solve a mystery with the Scooby gang ♥️ 7mo
thereadingunicorn Salem form teenage witch 7mo
wanderinglynn Willow & Xander to Buffy! 7mo
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This week we're talking about graphic novels and comic books and we are curious to know:

What was your very first graphic novel/comic book? Did you like it? If so, what made you like it so much? 👇👇

#MayMadness #DiscussionThursday
@Clwojick @RadicalReader

FireproofBunny Invincible Iron Man and it was so so for me because I was obsessing over what happen to Tony (edited) 7mo
knotmagick I honestly don't remember. I've been reading comics since I was a kid. When I had pneumonia at 9, my dad brought me home a whole bunch of comics. The only one I remember now was called Mantra, and if he'd known what it was about, he probably wouldn't have given it to me! I think I was reading Archies way before that, though. 7mo
AnansiGirl The Wake, last comic/graphic novel of The Sandman series was the first I‘ve ever read. I bought it for the pretty Michael Zulli cover only to become a 20+ years Neil Gaiman fan girl. 7mo
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Bookwomble I read the US Marvel imports which came over to the UK in the '60s, amongst which I assume were Fantastic Four comics, as, aged 5, I named our first orange tabby Bennie after Benjamin J. Grimm, the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing! Loved Marvel, and FF in particular, ever since, but gave up collecting about 10 years ago as I couldn't afford to keep pace with all the crossovers 😑 7mo
Godpants My first my grandpa bought me was a Strawberry Shortcake one, and when he saw I was into comics he amped it up with some Conan hardcovers which were probably not appropriate for me at that time. 7mo
Kimberlone I used to read the Archie comics they sold in the grocery store checkout line when I could get my parents to buy a copy. The first graphic novel of significance I ever read though was 7mo
Larkken college boyfriend convinced me to try the first Sandman cause I was a huge Gaiman novel fangirl - but I didn't actually start liking novels until 2 years ago with the resurgence of books like Saga (I generally don't like the pacing of comics, and find that when someone else is doing the pictoral imagining for me, it pulls me out of the story...). 7mo
Lizpixie My first was Asterix & Obelisk. I found them at our local library when I was about 7yrs old I think, we were a large family with little money so my dad and I would go to the library regularly(we were the only bibliophiles in the family). I loved that series so much, Tintin was another I discovered, both coincidentally written by French authors/illustrators. 7mo
Clwojick Definitely Archie comics for me! My older brother had a huge collection of them, and I used to sneak them out of his room, and hid under the covers with a flashlight to read them. Although, I‘m not even sure if I could read then... 💕 7mo
thereadingunicorn This was my favorite comic book and got me into manga/anime when I was in my high school years. I got into them because my bestie at the time was reading them also. 7mo
SaturnDoo As a kid in the 70s/80s I don't remember really reading any. My brothers ranging 6-10 yrs older than me read them, so I'm sure I was looking at the pictures lol. I do remember reading the funny pages/comics from the Sunday paper Snoopy, Blondie, Garfield, Beetle Bailey, Andy Capp, For Better or For Worse, Cathy,Archie, The Family Circus, Nancy 😂🤣😂🤣 7mo
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Where do you find your new authors? Do you just happen to pick up books because of their covers or spines like me? Do you simply read the authors and genres you already know you prefer?

I definitely choose books based on their covers, and rarely read the backs of the books until I get home. I also find a ton of new authors thanks to #NetGalley. And of course from stacking all your recommendations here on Litsy.

#DiscussionThursday #MayMadness

LibrarianRyan I read a lot of newsletters about books. and because I put in to win so many free books, I follow a lot of up and coming authors on Twitter who are always tagging new things and new books. Plus, I like to look at lists of books coming out months from now for various library purposes. 7mo
Clwojick @LibrarianRyan I love checking out the up and coming book fliers that my library has, but I wish they sent out monthly emails. I don‘t make it to my library as often anymorw 7mo
JSW I look for authors I‘ve loved, and then I see which authors blurb their covers. I read the New York Times Book Review, I look at Litsy, I follow publishers and bookstores on Instagram. I never seem to have a shortage of TBR!! 🤪 7mo
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Clwojick @JSW oooh yes! I definitely look at blurbs from favourite authors as well ! ♥️😍♥️ 7mo
Kimberlone Definitely a combination of social media (Litsy, Bookriot on Fb), browsing new releases on Libby/Hoopla, and BOTM 7mo
Clwojick @Kimberlone ugh 😍 I wish they delivered BOTM to Canada. 7mo
SaturnDoo @LibrarianRyan I have a Twitter account but don't use it 😂 I've never really figured it out👎 I ❤ Book Page flier and the Bookmarked magazine. 7mo
SaturnDoo I roam the bookshelves for hours at the library and always come up with new books and authors. Usually based on spines and covers. I also find lots here on Litsy and GR 😂 7mo
Clwojick @SaturnDoo Those #CoversThatPullYouIn 😍😍😍 They always get me 🤣 7mo
LibrarianRyan @Clwojick

A lot of libraries don't make an upcoming lists. It think it depends on how many use standing orders. I loved standing orders because you would get notice 6-9 months ahead of time on the big popular books. The minute I would get notification, it would go in the catalog so patrons could place holds, but with the budget crunch's a lot of libraries have gotten away from planning their collection.
LibrarianRyan @SaturnDoo I don't use my twitter for much except winning books. that sounds sad but its true. But it does sometimes lead to interesting reading. I am working up a presentation currently about Twitter, Teens, and the battle for better books, about the action twitter is playing in what is available for teens to read. 7mo
Kimberlone @Clwojick that is lame! I am in Alaska and that‘s basically Canada 😉 7mo
AnansiGirl The new releases at the library is usually my go to place discovering new authors. Then it‘s Litsy of course, Bookpage flier, BOTM, sometimes a bookstagram review, maybe an eye catching pretty cover or favorite author blurb at bookstores. And I‘m a newbie with BookRiot‘s GetTBR subscription. I‘ll see how that goes with my first box. Oh and sometimes movie adaptations not knowing it‘s from a book led to new authors. 7mo
SaturnDoo @LibrarianRyan 🤔🤔🤔I bet that's interesting. Maybe I should reinstall Twitter and see if I can figure it out. 😊 7mo
SaturnDoo @AnansiGirl I ❤ Book Page flier. I always have lists and lists from that. 7mo
SaturnDoo @Clwojick yep. I'm a cover lover. Sometimes, the covers are better than the book 😂 but it's still fun to browse the library shelves and find those hidden gems ❤ 7mo
AnansiGirl @SaturnDoo the tbr grows and grows perusing Book Page. 📚📚📚📚 7mo
SaturnDoo @AnansiGirl it most certainly does. But I guess that's part of the fun of being a 📗🐛🤣 7mo
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A Companion to Film Theory | Toby Miller, Robert Stam
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It's #MayMadness #DiscussionThursday 😃
We have two topics up for discussion today...

🎥 Share your opinion on a book-to-film adaptation that you did not like. Why did you not like it?

📚 Which book or book series do you feel should be made into a film or TV series? Why?

Share your opinions with us below ⬇️⬇️⬇️
@Clwojick @RadicalReader

Itchyfeetreader I hated the movie adaptation of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - the book is clever and funny and the film was plodding and super simplified. The book that I thought of for a movie is actually a non fiction but so well written and painting of the characters involved it‘s ripe for a ‘based on real events‘ movie! 7mo
RadicalReader I would really enjoy if the Mrs Piggle Wiggle Series got made into a tv series or movies because they are such fun reads and endlessly enjoyable which would make for wonderful family movie nights 7mo
LibrarianRyan I think the worst adaptation is Eragon. They only used the briefest outline of the book for the movie story line. It completely ruined the story. I still remember seeing it opening weekend. If you climbed up the stairs in the theater it was booed, and if you climbed down the stairs, they were applauding. The difference, those above had actually read the book, those below had not. My dad even liked the movie until I made him read the book!!! 7mo
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LibrarianRyan One of the best adaptations was Bridge to Terabithia, or really anything Walden Media did. They were an offshoot of Walden books, so they really took care to stick to the story, and if they deviated, it wasn't by much, or with the authors approval. (Walden Media did Holes, Hoot, Bridge to Terabitha, Because of Winn Dixie, etc) 7mo
bewareofwords The Percy Jackson movies were super disappointing. They made a lot of frustrating changes to the plot, watered down the characters, and just overall didn‘t represent the books well. And completely agreed on Eragon too, @LibrarianRyan 7mo
TheReadingMermaid I just recently watched The Meg film because I read the books for my postal book club. I am torn because as a movie it was actually pretty good but as a book to film adaptation it totally sucked. It was like the Queen of the Damned. And it was like @bewareofwords said, it did not represent the book well at all. Watered down story and characters that didn't seem to fit their roles. Not to mention MCs that were thrown in just for the hell of it. 7mo
TheReadingMermaid 1 books that I would really like to see turned into a good TV series is already coming into fruition for me and I'm really excited to see what they have in store for us 🧛🏻‍♂️ 7mo
TheReadingMermaid I am also very very excited to see this one in the theaters this year ☠️👻☠️ 7mo
LibrarianRyan @bewareofwords I like to forget that Percy Jackson ever happened. Its so sad. I'm waiting for my nephew to get old enough to read the books so he can see how off they are. I think Percy Jackson's world could make an excellent animated series. Keep it at the level it was written at. 7mo
LibrarianRyan @RadicalReader I second Mrs. Piggle wiggle. Something in the vain of Nanny McPhee. It would be wonderful.. 7mo
MoonWitch94 I despised the 50 Shades movies! They were absolutely horrible. Granted, the material wasn‘t super to begin with, HOWEVER, if EL James hadn‘t been a sell-out and stayed with Showtime for her 3 season series deal, I really believe the story would‘ve been portrayed better. The films are hallow of storytelling and missed so much of the actual story. Christian‘s family plays a big role in those books & they totally butchered their role in the films. 7mo
LibrarianRyan @TheReadingMermaid haven't read the Meg, but I enjoyed the movie. And I liked the movie Queen of the dammed but I also at that time had not read the book. I agree it is really bad book to movie rendition. 7mo
TheReadingMermaid @LibrarianRyan Queen of the Damned was actually my favorite of the series because of all of the mythology and history behind the vampire's story. We got absolutely none of that in the film. It didn't just cut out parts it cut out whole chunks of the book. They even screwed up Marius' story 🤦🏻‍♀️ 7mo
LibrarianRyan @TheReadingMermaid I hope Scary Stories translates well. Don't get me wrong, i loved Goosebumps and the House with a clock in it's wall. I also love Del toro, but that being said, he can be very dark and is taking on a kids classic. 7mo
bewareofwords @LibrarianRyan Yes, that‘s a great idea! I think an animated series would be much more appropriate and, hopefully, more accurate to the books! Otherwise, we‘ll just stick with the books. :) 7mo
TheReadingMermaid @LibrarianRyan I agree up to a point. I remember some of those stories being a little cheesy but I remember others scaring the bejesus out of me. And the illustrations were more than nightmarish! In my unpopular opinion they should never have been scholastic kids books. I think those books should have been aimed at a little more mature audience. 7mo
ravenlee I second @bewareofwords - I only saw the first Percy Jackson (amazed there was anything after that train wreck). It had so little to do with the book I couldn‘t even follow it. Everything was awful. The friend I saw it with decreed no more movies together - after Red Riding Hood and Percy we were just doomed. (We did break the rule for Jane Eyre, which was awesome, but we took a real chance) 7mo
TheReadingMermaid @LibrarianRyan oh good grief 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ SMH 7mo
RJHowe I think the Jack Reacher films, particularly the second one did not hold a candle to the books, but I am optimistic for the new TV series. I really want to see any of Moorcocks epic fantasy on the screen, Elric, Corum, Hawkmoon, I‘m not picky! 7mo
Clwojick @LibrarianRyan Bridge to Terabithia 😫😫😫 That ones I so good, but it is so heartbreaking 🥺 7mo
HOTPock3tt 🎥 book to movie adaptation I didn‘t like was White Oleander (by Janet Fitch) The book was exceptional and amazing... but the movie with Michelle Pheiffer changed everything I LIKED about the main character! 😡 📚 Books that should be a movie: A Curious Beginning series by Deanna Raybourne, Three Dark Crowns series by Kendre Blake!!! Also the Kiss Quotient (Helen Hoang) (edited) 7mo
HufflepuffGirl90 🎥 I watched Blood and Chocolate long before I read the book. And I gotta say, the movie was actually better. It was more believable in the movie due to the fact they were all college students rather than the book having them in high school. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 7mo
TheReadingMermaid @HufflepuffGirl90 I have come across that happening a couple of times. It is very rare that the movie is better than the book but it does indeed happen. No fault girl, just go with it! 😉 7mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Time for the Week 1 #DiscussionThursday ? We have two topics for you to discuss this week, because why not!?

?Share your #UnpopularOpinion on a current popular bookish movie or TV show. 

?Which book or book series do you hope gets adapted into a movie or television show soon?

#MayMadness #BookToMovie #ChallengeYourself #Readathon @TheReadingMermaid @RadicalReader @Clwojick

jb72 I read this witchy series that would make a great TV show in my opinion. 7mo
Clwojick @jb72 what‘s the series called? 7mo
jb72 @Clwojick A Witchcraft Mystery by Juliet Blackwell 7mo
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Clwojick I would love to see Saga or Paper Girls made into a tv show 😍😍😍📚🎥 7mo
Clwojick @jb72 Stacked! It looks like it might be similar to a series I read a while back, and would also be a fun show 7mo
jb72 @Clwojick I just finished volume 2 of Paper Girls. 7mo
jb72 @Clwojick I love witchy series/books. 7mo
Clwojick @jb72 agreed! Especially when they‘re fun and light... I‘m not really into the savage ones. Lol. 7mo
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