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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind | William Kamkwamba, Bryan Mealer
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I was wind-turbine spotting my entire journey home while reading this the other day. Such a good book!

William grows up in #Malawi, helping on the farm, curious about everything, and with a desire to learn. I don‘t think I‘ve ever read a description of famine from someone who‘s lived through it, the fact that you knew it was coming and could do nothing to avert it. And after, his desire to educate himself, & his persistence to build his windmill.

RachelO Absolutely loved it. A fascinating story well-told. Belated #readaroundtheworld #Malawi, plus #BBRC #GrownUp #nonfiction and #nfnov #booked2019 #booktomovie #nonfiction2019 #aboutsurvival 1d
RachelO Can you tell it‘s the wrapping-up-challenges time of year?! 1d
Cinfhen Well played!!! And the fact that you loved it....makes it even BETTER😁 1d
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa It‘s a great book! 1d
LibrarianRyan Yeahhh 1d
BookwormM You are really on a roll with SA any options for Togo 1d
RachelO @BookwormM Think it‘s going to be tough to find anything - the library usually has something tucked away in the stack, but apparently has made an exception for Togo. So far, this is the option: 1d
RachelO @BookwormM ... but I‘m not sure I really want to tackle it. Have you found anything? 1d
Clwojick 🙌OH my gosh! Look at all those challenge tags! Love it! well done 🙌 22h
rsteve388 6pts 22h
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Dumplin' | Julie Murphy
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I wanted to love this because it has a positive message and great female friendships, but at the end the only character I ended up caring about was Mitch. #dumplin #booktomovie 📚📚

KathyWheeler I felt that way about the follow up book to this — Puddin‘. I wanted to like it, but it the end it was just meh. I can‘t even remember the characters‘ names. 3w
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Ridiculously, I've had an advance copy of this since 2014 and am only now jumping on the bandwagon. It is sooooooo adorable! I loved the tone and that Lara Jean felt like a real teenager (I find most YA to have overly mature characters). I can't wait to get to the next one!

#pop19 #bookwithloveinthetitle #booked2019 #booktomovie @Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft

Cinfhen I love when I book I‘ve owned forever ends up being a total hit!! It‘s like finding $10 in your coat pocket 1mo
ferskner @Cinfhen haha I hadn't thought of it that way, but totally! 1mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage I have a few of those really old ARCs on my shelf ... good job on knocking one of yours off! 📚♥️👊🏻 1mo
Julia Harris Good pick that is a really good book 📘 (edited) 1mo
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Finally getting a chance to watch this domestic suspense film thanks to Prime Video! I love the casting. It's perfect. I'm thoroughly entertained so far. #Scarathlon #TeamStoker 1pt

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Confessions | Kanae Minato
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Here‘s my wrap-up for the July-September quarter of #booked2019.

#SocialMediaFocus: #MeToo
#FoodOnCover: Ella Minnow Pea
#BookToMovie: Confessions
#BookAboutAddiction: Hey, Kiddo

BarbaraTheBibliophage Thanks! Good job!! 👊🏻📚♥️ 2mo
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Jane, Unlimited | Kristin Cashore
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My completed #Summer prompts for #Booked2019

#Genrebusting: Jane, Unlimited
#MuslimAuthor: The MarriageClock
#BookToMovie: The Shack
#GraphicNovel: Anne of Green Gables
#BookGiftedToYou: Patron Saints of Nothing
#DiverseMiddleGrade: One Crazy Summer

BarbaraTheBibliophage Great job!! 2mo
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Confessions | Kanae Minato
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Oooh boy was this dark! And that is certainly not a complaint. 😂 This was great. 👌🏽 Each chapter gives a view of the incident and the aftermath from a different perspective. Even though some of the details get repeated, new insight gets layered on top of what you already know and things slowly build and build until the book reaches its fittingly twisted conclusion.

#booked2019 #booktomovie #catsoflitsy #Phoenix

Meaw_catlady Awww what a beautiful kitty! 2mo
MrBook Great review! 😻😻😻 2mo
Cinfhen This is a film!!!! I need to see it because book was so well done 2mo
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A twisted domestic suspense novel that I enjoyed for the first 3rd, despite some juicy, yet unpalatable plot points, but it ended up devolving into a repetitive & disappointing work with quite a few noticeable plot holes. Stephanie changed from a neurotic mommy blogger with ugly secrets to a bumbling, people-pleasing idiot, & I found Emily's motives & control over people unbelievable. I still really want to see the movie! 2.5⭐️s

ElizaMarie I really enjoyed the movie. It was aesthetically pleasing 2mo
lele1432 @ElizaMarie it looks so good! The casting seems perfect. 2mo
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I finished a lot of these so long ago but here's my #Summer roundup for #Booked2019! I'm loving this challenge and the prompts were are spectacular! I'm excited to have kept up! Lol #genrebusting #MuslimMC #BookToMovie #GraphicNovel #GiftedToMe #DiverseMiddleGrade
@Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft

Cinfhen So glad you‘re enjoying 😍great job completing summer with a few days to spare 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 (edited) 2mo
IamIamIam @Cinfhen Thanks!!! Clearly reading won over laundry 😂😂😂 I only have 3 prompts left for Autumn too, but I know how hectic things get for us after September so I'm glad I banged half of them out along the way! 2mo
Palimpsest I love the movie A Patch of Blue and didn‘t realize it was based on a book, although so many great movies are. 😊 2mo
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ephemeralwaltz Geek love is incredible! 2mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Great job!! I ♥️ El Deafo. 2mo
IamIamIam @Palimpsest It was one of my grandmother's favorite movies! She had crushes on Sidney Poitier and Clark Gable! ❤ @ephemeralwaltz 😁🤘 @BarbaraTheBibliophage My 7 year old daughter loved it too!!! Thanks so much!!! 2mo
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The Two Faces of January | Patricia Highsmith
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#Booked2019 #Summer #BookToMovie

*If you‘ve ever read Highsmith, in particular the “Ripliad,” you probably know what kind of book you‘re getting into—not always—but certainly her best known books are of a Hitchcockian persuasion. And that‘s a pretty on-the-money adjective, considering he made her famous by making a movie out of more than one of her short stories. This book has all of her usual trademarks: a con artist on the run, a young, ⬇️

gradcat ⬆️ (Cont.) preferably beautiful, women traveling opposite or with the aforementioned con artist, and the requisite naïf, who wouldn‘t hurt a fly. Well, she or he wouldn‘t if they hadn‘t kept company with that con artist. This one actually has a sort of happy (-ish) ending, that is if you want justice to obtain. If you saw the movie, know this—the book is not only better, but the main characters are written more sharply. ♥️ (edited) 2mo
Cinfhen Wonderful review 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻good job on your summer prompts 2mo
gradcat @Cinfhen Thank you, but I still have one more to finish! And I‘m sick, so everything‘s has slowed down to a snail‘s pace!! But I‘m almost finished with the last one...I‘m just so tardy when it comes to reviews—I wait forever! 😬 2mo
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Cinfhen Sorry you aren‘t feeling well xx you still have a few more days until sept 30 2mo
gradcat Yes, I do! Yay! 😁 2mo
4thhouseontheleft Great review, and I hope you feel better soon! 2mo
julesG Feel better soon! 2mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Sounds like a fun read, all things considered. And I spy my crush Viggo ... yum. Hope you‘re on the mend soon! 2mo
gradcat @4thhouseontheleft @BarbaraTheBibliophage @julesG Thanks guys! I‘m trying to get back in the swing of it today...just finished reading the last prompt (genrebuster) for Summer...will post review later. ♥️ 2mo
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