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Huckleberry Finn | Mark Twain
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Added Huck and Anne to my little #penguinclassicsdeluxeedition collection. So pretty! 😍 #bookmail #frenchflaps #decklededges

Scochrane26 Those are cute! 3mo
saresmoore I love these editions. 3mo
Megabooks Deckled edges! *swoon* 3mo
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britt_brooke @Scochrane26 💚💚💚 3mo
britt_brooke @saresmoore They are all so pretty. And I love how they don‘t match, but are just the same style. 3mo
britt_brooke @Megabooks 🥰 I love them! 3mo
IndoorDame Cool editions! I‘ve never seen those covers before! 3mo
britt_brooke @IndoorDame 💚💚💚 3mo
Mdargusch I love them! 3mo
TracyReadsBooks Those are great covers! 😍 3mo
Reviewsbylola LOVE!! I didn‘t know about this collection! 3mo
britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola You need some! 💸 3mo
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#bookmail #decklededges

Yay - book mail with my favorite fancy edges. 😁🎉📚

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Amazing bookmail day! That Lord of the Flies cover .... swoon. Disturbing, yet stunning. Since buying the Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition of Les Mis - I wholly blame @vivastory - I cant get enough of these striking editions.

#bookmail #bookhaul #decklededges #frenchflaps

vivastory I gladly accept responsibility! I have the same edition of The Lord of the Flies. Have you seen this one 14mo
britt_brooke @vivastory Ooh, I love that one, too! Adding it to my wish list. I have two other really pretty editions of it, but can‘t get enough. Every cover is badass. 14mo
vivastory I was thrilled to recently find a Deluxe edition of Great Expectations in half price books. It's out of print. 14mo
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britt_brooke @vivastory Nice!! I‘ve still never read any Dickens. 😵 14mo
vivastory This was my first Dickens. I really enjoyed it. It was funnier than I expected. 14mo
DGRachel I have that copy of Lord of the Flies, but NEED that Jane Eyre! 14mo
Kalalalatja 😍😍😍😍 14mo
britt_brooke @DGRachel I‘ve never read, but will soon. I couldn‘t resist this beautiful edition! 14mo
Bookishthoughts Are those graphic novels or just designed covers? 14mo
ephemeralwaltz Wow 😍 that Lord of the Flies cover is intense! 14mo
britt_brooke @LazyDays Just special covers. 😍 14mo
britt_brooke @ephemeralwaltz Isn‘t it?! 💚 14mo
pppooraikul Never saw that Lord of the Flies cover It‘s brilliant! 😍 14mo
britt_brooke @pppooraikul I hadn‘t either and now I‘m obsessed with it! 14mo
madamereadsalot1 Amazing cover! I've never seen this one! 😍 14mo
britt_brooke @madamereadsalot1 I‘m in love with it! 😍 14mo
Bookishthoughts Oh they are really nice! 14mo
Zelma I love that Lord of the Flies cover every time I see it. 😍 14mo
britt_brooke @Zelma It‘s so stunning! 💚 14mo
Reviewsbylola That cover!! 😱 14mo
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LeahBergen Beautiful! 2y
Itchyfeetreader These are stunning 2y
Cathythoughts They are gorgeous ❤️ 2y
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ReadZenRites Oh my 🤩🤩 2y
ladym30 Gorgeous!! 2y
Linsy OH MY GOODNESS. This is so amazing!!! I just can‘t even. Jealousy is seeping out of me in waves! 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙 (edited) 2y
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My beloved first editions of Queen of The Damned and Tale of The Body Thief both have #decklededges 💜
#OldCoolBooks @Linsy

Bronte_Chintz Brilliant books! 2y
WeeWeegieBookworm 😱 so pretty!! Jealous! 2y
Linsy Beautiful! ♥️♥️♥️ 2y
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The Familiars | Adam Jay Epstein, Andrew Jacobson
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I love this. I wish more books were like this!!

#DeckledEdges #OldCoolBooks

Linsy They do look so great. They make the whole experience feel fancier to me, somehow. 💖 2y
TheBookHippie My favorite! 2y
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Linsy Great book! Love that copy. 💚 2y
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MAY 15 PROMPT: #DeckledEdges

My grandfather bought this book in France in 1931 while visiting Mont Saint Michel during his “grand tour” between college and law school. Each page has that wonderful heavy cotton feel of #CoolOldBooks and of course #decklededges The illustration above is from the Tree of Jesse Window at Chartres Cathedral. The sculpture pictured behind the book was sculpted by my grandmother in Italian marble, called “Baby Whale.”

Susanbones I had to reread the final sentence to make sure I read it right. That was sculpted by your grandma?? Beautiful!!! 2y
ReadZenRites Yes, thank you. She was incredibly talented, although she hadn‘t started her art education until all her children were grown. She was nearly 70 and still using hand-chisel on stone! 💕💕 2y
DebinHawaii Amazing! What treasures! 💜 2y
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ReadZenRites Thank you so much @DebinHawaii 😊 2y
ReadZenRites Oops 😬 should be #OldCoolBooks Do I have to make at least one mistake in every post? 🙁🙈 2y
CoverToCoverGirl Beautiful! 😍❤️ 2y
Slajaunie That is so cool! I wish my family were so interesting! 2y
ReadZenRites That‘s very nice of you to say, @Slajaunie 😊 Interesting has it‘s drawbacks, too, of course!😬😁 2y
Linsy How cool!!! I‘m jealous of your detailed family story connected to the book. And that whale! 💙💙💙 2y
ReadZenRites Thanks @Linsy It really has been fun doing this challenge...I‘m rediscovering books I forgot about and talking to my family about where they came from. 😊🌸💕 2y
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#OldCoolBooks #decklededges

My Happy Hollisters books have deckled edges. This one is a 1960s book club edition so the edges are a bit yellowed. I always loved this cover & that they went to Denmark as that's where my dad's father was from.

I added a pic of the inside cover page for @ReadZenRites as the splotches of color on black & white cry out for some coloring & after seeing her work on her childhood 101 Dalmatians, I know who to ask!😆👍

kspenmoll Memories!!‘ 2y
ReadZenRites Oh yes, that illustration has my fingers just itching to color them in!💕😊 2y
ReadZenRites I love that Danish connection. So sweet! The best Disney stories weren‘t Disney‘s at all, it seems! 😁 2y
Linsy Love this!!! 🙌💖 2y
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A Book of Dovecotes | Arthur Owens Cooke
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The dust jacket is in two pieces 😢 but it has lovely #DeckledEdges @Linsy
I picked this up at a local annual book-sale last year.. it was too unique to pass up! It was published in Scotland in 1920. #OldCoolBooks are windows to bygone traditions and a far different way of life, long past.

ReadZenRites So lovely 😊💕 2y
Linsy What a wonderful edition! I can see why you treasure it! 💚💕 2y
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