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1. Special Topics in Calamity Physics - Marisha Pessl

2. Strange Weather - Joe Hill

3. Hardbacks, but I like all three.

#BookishQuestions #StayAtHome #QuarantineLife

HannaPolkadots Special topics in calamity physics is one of my favorites!❤ 2y
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1️⃣ tagged

2️⃣ Island of Sea Women

3️⃣ E


ErinSBecker 1. A beautiful place to die (Malla Nunn), 2. Words on the move: why English can't sit still, like literally (John McWhorter, my #triplespin), 3. physical books by far 2y
jordan_lent54 1. Either Nevernight or The Handmaids Tale. 2. Little Fires Everywhere ( or something else not sure yet) 3. Probably ebooks because they‘re easier to read at work and when my boyfriend is asleep and I have to keep the lights off (edited) 2y
OnlyYoo I hope you enjoy island of sea women as much as I did! I never realized Korea had a matrifocal society 2y
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1) House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas
2) One of my many library books. Most likely House of Salt and Sorrows since it‘s due soon
3) E-books


Normal People | Sally Rooney
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The more I answer questions on Litsy, the more I realize that I have serious problems giving just one answer to them. 🤔😅

1. Normal People, Becoming, and A Witch in Time

2. The Last True Poets of the Sea (after I finish Verity)

3. I read them all (plus audiobooks)


JaclynW I have that same problem when answering questions! 2y
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The Red Lotus | Chris Bohjalian
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1. The Red Lotus by @ChrisBohjalian . I am rereading it but doing the audiobook version this time.
2. Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore and Conjure Women by Aida Arakora.
3. I can‘t chose just one as I read all three versions of books.

#bookishquestions #stayathome #quarantinelife #whatareyoureading

Anna and the French Kiss | Stephanie Perkins
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A bit late to the game but here are my #BookishQuestions ! Thank you for the tag @julesG 😁
1. Romance and murder mysteries
2. See above 😂
3. Poetry
4. 🤷‍♀️
5. We come apart
6. Tagged
7. Anyone who hasn‘t done this yet!

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Thanks for the tag @DaveGreen7777

1. Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy
2. I read a pretty wide range of genres.
3. Westerns, Sports, Manga
4. I prefer sci-fi, horror, and fantasy adaptations.
5. I don‘t usually read genres I dislike, although I will read sports books about horses.
6. The short story, Loving the Goat, from a collection called Dead Roses. I found it vile and disgusting.
7. I tag anyone who hasn‘t done this yet.


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@Erofan, thanks for the tag! 🤗 Better late than never 😁
1. Sci-fi & fantasy, big mainstream novels, (post)modernism
2. All mentioned above and classics
3. Sentimental romance and detectives
4. Definitely sci-fi and occasionally some breathtaking thriller
5. Agatha Christie's Miss Marple stories
6. Artemis by Andy Weir
7. If you haven't answered this, join the fun! 😉

Erofan Yeah! More sci-Fi TV shows and movies! 😁 3y
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One Sexy Dude | Hunky Man Books
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1. Fantasy/Scifi and comic books! ❤️

2. Fantasy/Scifi and comic books! 🤣

3. The shirtless, sexy dude on the cover genre.

4. Fantasy/Scifi and comic books. 🤷‍♂️😅

5. 😐 I dislike shirtless, sexy dude on the cover genre because I haven't ever read any that I like (I concede that I've only ever tried twice before - but that's neither here nor there).

6. Throne of Glass (don't hate me).

7. wanna play? tag. 🙌

 @Clwojick #BookishQuestions

hermyknee I also don‘t like Sarah J. Maas (at least nothing I‘ve read by her) 3y
Clwojick HahahahahhahahhahAhahaAHAHAHA!!!! I love your answer to #3! 3y
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Harry Potter: fun book | J.K. Rowling
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#BookishQuestions @Clwojick
Thanks for the tag!! @sudi 🤗🙂

1. Fiction, Crime/ thrillers, Mysteries, Romance
2. Biographies, Non - fiction
3. Biographies🙄
4. Science fiction or Mysteries maybe, I don't know I've not watched many movies
5. Not read enough to decide
6. Again I would say not read enough to decide
7. Suggest me tags Fellow Littens! I'm very new here to know people. 😓

BeansPage Welcome to Litsy sweetheart!!! 💕🎉 I know you'll just love it here ❤️🤗❤️ 3y
SuhaniKayal Thank you @Clwojick for the tags🤗 3y
SuhaniKayal Thank you @TheReadingMermaid and yes, I am!!😍 3y
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