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Untitled | Unknown
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Just finished The Push by Ashley Audrian-chilling🥶!

Currently reading It‘s MyLife by Stacy Ramie

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Everyone is invited to play❣️

Andrew65 A good weekend ahead. 10mo
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the hate you give | Angie Thomas
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About to dig in. Got this for my birthday a few weeks ago. #NewRead #BirthdayBook #WhatAreYouReading

Firekeeper's Daughter | Angeline Boulley
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Starting this beauty today!!! Soooo excited, I have heard so many wonderful things about it!!!

(Picture does not do this cover justice - it is gorgeous!!!)

What are you all reading today??

#Books #WhatAreYouReading #PrettyCovers #YA #SundayReads

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The Red Lotus | Chris Bohjalian
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1. The Red Lotus by @ChrisBohjalian . I am rereading it but doing the audiobook version this time.
2. Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore and Conjure Women by Aida Arakora.
3. I can‘t chose just one as I read all three versions of books.

#bookishquestions #stayathome #quarantinelife #whatareyoureading

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Out of the Dark | Gregg Hurwitz
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After a day of cleaning I am going to read for a bit whilst having a cuppa. Really enjoying this instalment; Orphan X is a great lead with a Jason Bourne feel to his skill set & damaged soul but with a different motive - to kill the President!

Hope you are all having a fantastic Saturday with a few chapters fitted in & lots of sunshine 🌞

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gradcat I‘ve read other books by him, but not this one. I like his style. 3y
JaneyWaneyB @gradcat I haven't read any of his other books I really should. The Orphan X series is brilliant so get stuck in 😁📚 3y
TrishB These are great 👍🏻 3y
JaneyWaneyB @TrishB 😁👍📚 3y
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Stepsister | Jennifer Donnelly
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Let's see how much reading I can get done between now until Monday night. Here are the 4 books im hoping to plow through this weekend. What are you reading?
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I want to talk with you about what you‘ve read so far this month! Check out my latest video and let me know in the comments on YouTube what you‘re reading now!


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I'm currently reading The Hangman's Daughter.
What are you guys up to this fine Wednesday afternoon? 😃


HufflepuffGirl90 Hangman‘s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch, Clockmaker‘s Daughter by Kate Morton, Year Zero by Rob Reed, and Bursts of Fire by Susan Forest 😬😅 4y
Heideschrampf Spent the day listening to the audiobook and keep loving it more and more 4y
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Dragon I‘m listening to the audiobook 4y
BeansPage @HufflepuffGirl90 haha I know that juggling act! 😂 Are you reading The Hangman's Daughter with us on Facebook? 4y
emilyrose_x I'm reading You Can't Hide...it's pretty good so far! 4y
BeansPage @rretzler well that sounds interesting! (???) 4y
BeansPage @Heideschrampf @Dragon where did you guys audiobook? Or what activities were you doing? 4y
BeansPage @emilyrose_x oooo 😗😍 4y
MartinaLove The Night Circus 🎪 4y
TheSpineView The Girl He Used to Know 4y
BeansPage @MartinaLove the night circus where have I heard the name of that book before 🤔 4y
BeansPage @TheSpineView any good? 😃 4y
rretzler The Martian Chronicles is classic sci-fi by Ray Bradbury! I read it long, long ago and thought it was time for a reread.

How are you liking The Hangman's Daughter? I read it last year and while I enjoyed some parts of it, others fell flat. I still can't decide if I want to continue with the series or not.
TheSpineView @TheReadingMermaid Loving it! I had already read (twice) On the Island by the author and loved it too. 4y
BeansPage @rretzler I am enjoying it especially since Kindle has made a version that has animation in it. I found that to be a very nice touch. It's like the book is Magic ✨ LOL but we are halfway through the book and I'm a little concerned because the daughter hasn't really played a big role in this book so far and considering the fact that she holds the title of the book I'm kind of wondering about that 🤔 4y
BeansPage @TheSpineView that's awesome! It is so wonderful when you find things that you love in books 💗💗 4y
Freespirit I am reading The Overstory. I can tell it's going to be a book I love!! 4y
rretzler I must admit it seemed to be more about the Hangman than his daughter, but she does come into it more as the book goes on. 4y
RamsFan1963 Just finished Chuck Klosterman IV. I'm off Thursday & Friday, my goal is to polish off 1000 Books to Read Before You Die and Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell during that time. 4y
HufflepuffGirl90 @TheReadingMermaid I am!! Can‘t wait for the discussion Friday! 4y
bewareofwords I‘m reading Hangman‘s Daughter today too! I‘m also listening to Good Omens on Audible. 4y
BeansPage @Freespirit oh that is so awesome!!! 4y
BeansPage @rretzler that's good to know. Thanks for the heads up sweetie! 😘 4y
BeansPage @RamsFan1963 you go sir! Get those books read 🤘😆🤘 4y
BeansPage @HufflepuffGirl90 wonderful! I will see you there! 4y
BeansPage @bewareofwords oh cool are you also reading The Hangman's Daughter for our group on Facebook? And how is good omens? I've heard lots of good things about that book. 4y
PatriciaU Hangman‘s Daughter and the rest of the series = all fantastic.
I am reading The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna by Juliet Grames and The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman
CoverToCoverGirl Starting a reread of the Fallen Angels series 4y
BeansPage @SW-T @riversong153 @CoverToCoverGirl how are you liking your books so far? 4y
BeansPage @PatriciaU oooo 😗 you are reading the rest of The Hangman's Daughter series????? 4y
riversong153 @TheReadingMermaid Really loving Pachinko. It‘s a real page turner. Great character development and an interesting story so far!! 4y
bewareofwords @TheReadingMermaid Yes I am! I was out of town last Friday, but I‘m keeping up with the reading and I‘ll be able to participate this week. :) I‘m liking Good Omens! I wasn‘t totally sure what to expect from it when I started, but it‘s been good. 4y
BeansPage @riversong153 love your new profile pic BTW 😍 4y
BeansPage @bewareofwords wonderful! And awesome we'll see you Friday! 4y
SW-T So far, so good 🙂 4y
Dragon I have the Cloudlibrary app so I have access to free audiobooks. I‘m on holidays so just relaxing while listening. 4y
PatriciaU @TheReadingMermaid - I‘ve read them, yes. Most are good; a couple are a little uneven in the translation. I enjoy the characters very much. 4y
PatriciaU @TheReadingMermaid - I‘ve read them, yes. Most are good; a couple are a little uneven in the translation. I enjoy the characters very much. 4y
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UPDATE: I still haven't really been able to read yet. I have been able to read just a page here or a paragraph there but then I have to stop. I feel really bad because I don't know if I'll be able to get through the third Harry Potter book for the Harry Potter buddy Read ☹️
What do you all have planned this weekend? 😃

#WhatAreYouReading #TGIF #WeekendPlans

RadicalReader I got completely gripped from the first chapter and can‘t stop reading 4y
MaleficentBookDragon I'm planning on #audiocrocheting to The Lost City of the Monkey God (I also have a hard copy for the photos). I also want to finish 4y
Liatrek Hoping to finish Wolves of Calla and then start An Unconditional Freedom 😊 4y
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AnansiGirl Audioknitting along to repeat listen to 4y
stephothebesto Re: not being able to read HP- if you're able to listen (and want to) there's a podcast called Binge Mode where they summarize about 3-5 chapters at a time, discuss major themes, and just riff on the book. It's not as detailed as listening to the actual audio book, but it's fun (if you're okay with a fair amount of swearing). 4y
Dragon I just finished The Library at Mount Char and haven‘t decided what to read next. So I‘ll probably just read my library ebook 4y
julesG I'll be reading the rubrics for 15 speaking exams today. Then, later, I hope I can read a few pages of 4y
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