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A House in the Country
A House in the Country | RUTH. ADAM
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"[I]f only we could make the manor subscribe a little bit towards her own upkeep," we fretted. But she was an aristocratic lady on our hands. All ideas for making her work for a living were wrecked on the fact that she was born to be served and not to serve. Six friends have spent the dark, deprived years of World War II fantasising-in air raid shelters and food queues-about an idyllic life in a massive country house. With the coming of peace, they sieze on a seductive newspaper ad and take possession of a neglected 33-room manor in Kent, with acres of lavish gardens and an elderly gardener yearning to revive the estate's glory days. But the realities of managing this behemoth soon dawn, including a knife-wielding maid, unruly pigs, and a paying guest who tells harrowing stories of her time in the French Resistance, not to mention the friends' conscientious efforts to offer staff a fair 40-hour work week and paid overtime. And then there's the ghost of an overworked scullery maid . . . Based on the actual experiences of Ruth Adam, her husband, and their friends, A House in the Country is a witty and touching novel about the perils of dreams come true. But it's also a constantly entertaining tale packed with fascinating details of post-war life-and about the realities of life in the kind of house most of us only experience via Downton Abbey.
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Six friends in post-WW2 England, weary from the dark, crowded London war years, up sticks and move to a 33-room country house in Kent for a life full of fresh air and spacious living. Determined to make the new arrangement work (while also allowing for a humane 40-hour work week for the manor's staff), the author soon learns that this particular house "was born to be served and not to serve." A lovely story of a dream come true- and the afterward.

EvieBee This sounds great! I went to go buy on Kindle and realized I already own it, lol (edited) 5mo
Andrea313 @EvieBee Ha! The ideal situation! 😂 5mo
LeahBergen Nice review! I have this waiting on my shelves. 5mo
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I love a good #BookHaul day! Three gorgeous new-to-me titles have arrived, and surprise, surprise, I plan to spend the entire weekend reading! #NewIn #CurrentlyReading

Cathythoughts Looking good 👍👍👍 5mo
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Oops. Book mail!

I bought 4 of the latest batch of #FurrowedMiddlebrow books by #DeanStreetPress (they published 6 but I already owned 2 of them 😆).

Two more in the next post...

Ruthiella So pretty! 😍 2y
Nute Very pretty! 2y
Cathythoughts Gorgeous covers ! I‘ll have to investigate.... 2y
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rockpools How could you not love a book called ‘Much Dithering‘!? 2y
CarolynM These books look so lovely! When am I going to find time for them all? 2y
Centique Oh they‘re delicious looking! 😍 2y
batsy @rockpools So true! 😁 2y
batsy Aah, they do their covers so well! 2y
quietjenn I think I bought most of these releases as well, as ebooks! 2y
LeahBergen @rockpools Right?? And, even better? It‘s the name of the village in this book. 😆 2y
LeahBergen @CarolynM Sigh. I have so many of them still TBR and yet I keep buying more. 😆 2y
LeahBergen @quietjenn Do you follow Dean Street Press on Twitter? They offer one of their releases as a free e-book each week. 😊 2y
quietjenn @LeahBergen oo, no! My Twitter is very neglected but that would be worth paying attention to! 2y
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