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The Fire-Dwellers
The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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Convinced that life has more to offer than the tedious routine of her days, Stacey MacAindra yearns to recover some of the passion of her early romance. In this extraordinary novel, Margaret Laurence has given us yet another unforgettable heroine: smart, witty, but overwhelmed by the responsibilities of raising four children and trying to love her overworked husband. The Fire Dwellers helps us to rediscover all the richness of the commonplace, as well as the pain, beautyand humorof being alive. "Stacey's state of mind is revealed in a swift-flowing stream of dialogue, reaction, reproach, and nostalgia. . . . [Laurence] is the best fiction writer in the Dominion and one of the best in the hemisphere."Atlantic
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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This book is formally inventive, searing & uncompromising in its depiction of the drama & banality of everyday life for a mother & wife. I love the way it depicts the way consciousness works, & while it initially took me some time to adjust to the style, it made Stacy's experiences feel immediate & true. There's no sugarcoating the struggles & limits everyone faces in terms of trying to live a life on one's own terms. Laurence isn't here to play.

batsy Thanks for all of your lovely insights and reviews @BarbaraBB @LeahBergen @merelybookish @vivastory #manawakans 2mo
BarbaraBB So true. I feel we #Manawakans could have been true friends in real life. and have Laurence visiting us. Great insights below @merelybookish post ❤️ 2mo
merelybookish Laurence is not here to play! 😉 Which makes one wonder again why she is not better known. Also, the afterword to my edition suggested this book did not fare well with (male) reviewers. And I agree @BarbaraBB we would make a great group of real-life friends, but grateful for the virtual friendship too. 2mo
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batsy @BarbaraBB @merelybookish We would all definitely get on like a house on fire 💕 (the fire-dwellers 😉) 2mo
batsy @merelybookish Why am I not surprised about how male reviewers responded to it? 🙃 2mo
BarbaraBB That‘s why I‘m so glad we have @vivastory 😃 (edited) 2mo
vivastory @batsy @merelybookish @barbarabb I am very dismayed, but not terribly surprised to hear that it wasn't received as well as it should have been by male reviewers. Laurence excels at creating memorable female characters, but so many of the anxieties & concerns feel universal 2mo
vivastory & I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that we'd be great friends irl, & am thankful for the virtual friendships 2mo
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB @merelybookish @batsy @vivastory yes, indeed! #ManawakansFOREVER 👏🏻👏🏻 And another great review, @batsy ! 2mo
rubyslippersreads Another interesting cover for this one. 2mo
Cathythoughts I havnt read … but your review is sober & serious in the best way 2mo
batsy @LeahBergen Thank you! Love that tag 💜 2mo
batsy @rubyslippersreads Not sure whether I like it, but it's a very evocative cover that suits the book. 2mo
batsy @Cathythoughts Thank you Cathy, I highly recomn Laurence 👍🏽 2mo
Cathythoughts Stacking 😁 2mo
nathandrake1997 Exquisite review ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
batsy @nathandrake1997 Thank you! ♥️ 2mo
Centique Lovely review Suba! I have got a Margaret Laurence coming up on my TBR and I know now that it will be good 🙌 2mo
SherryJones This is a new author for me — thank you so much! 2mo
batsy @Centique Thank you! I think you'll find her very much worth reading ❤️ 2mo
batsy @SherryJones Thanks for reading! 🙂 2mo
SherryJones Thank you! I‘ve just stacked this book and I‘m going to order some Margaret Laurence asap 2mo
SherryJones It‘s so telling that she‘s not a household name. So many terrific authors are not famous. I‘m delighted to discover her! 2mo
batsy @SherryJones Yes! It's sad to think about how many are soon forgotten if they aren't consistently championed and republished by bigger publishers. 2mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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Stacey is a stay-at-home 1960s Mum with 4 children, a silent husband, and an inner monologue that rails and jeers at the mundanity of her everyday life.

I initially thought I‘d find this narrative voice of simultaneous, rapid fire inner and outer observations a bit off putting but I rapidly embraced it. Stacey‘s thoughts on aging may have hit a little too close to home 😆 but I loved this third Manawaka novel as much as the first two.

LeahBergen A quote from a 1967 letter from Margaret Laurence while she was writing this novel: 👇🏻 2mo
LeahBergen “Thought I had discovered a sensational new narrative method the other evening—there was only one thing wrong with it; in practice, it proved to be unreadable. Thought of it in terms of the inner and outer going on simultaneously, side by side on the page—fine if you had a two-foot wide page and a reader with four eyes.” 2mo
BarbaraBB Well she did manage to combine them and make a very readable and relatable book. Great review too! ❤️ 2mo
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merelybookish Lots of railing! Well said. And that is a great quote. And mostly I found I could follow the two voices. I only got confused a few times when she was talking to someone else and there was dialogue as well as inner dialogue. 🙂 2mo
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB Yes, relatable is the word for it. 👍 2mo
LeahBergen @merelybookish Once I figured out that her thoughts generally followed an em dash it was smooth sailing. 😆 2mo
TrishB Great review 👍🏻 2mo
batsy It took me some time to adjust to the style, as well, but then it clicked and felt exactly like that—seeing the world from the outside and being inside her head. Thank you for sharing that quote; that was really interesting! 2mo
vivastory Stellar review, Leah! I love the quote from Laurence's letter. I agree with @merelybookish that the only time I had difficulty following along was on occasion when she was in dialogue with someone & it'd alternate between her inner voice & the dialogue. 2mo
Cathythoughts Excellent review ❤️ 2mo
rubyslippersreads Great cover! Think I‘ll have to add this to my TBR. 2mo
LeahBergen @TrishB @Cathythoughts Thanks, you two! 😘😘 2mo
LeahBergen @batsy @vivastory Thanks! Yeah, that quote by Laurence really gave me pause for thought and made me realize just how innovative her process was for the time. 2mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads Have you read The Stone Angel? Or … have I bought it for you? 🤣 2mo
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen No, but I think I may have a copy somewhere. Do I need to read it first? 2mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads No, you don‘t. It‘s the first of the Manawaka books but they are all stand-alones. All five books deal with different women from the small prairie town of Manawaka, Manitoba. 2mo
Centique I realised I have a Margaret Laurence book coming up on my TBR to get read before the end of the year (I hope) and it‘s The Stone Angel. I‘m looking forward to it thanks to your great review 🙌 2mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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Stacey McAindra is a 39 year-old married, stay-at-home mother of four. Her husband is stressed and uncommunicative. She drinks too much. She wants to lose 10 lbs. She dreams of dancing. She feels bored, trapped, and aimless. I think we are supposed to feel by the end she has gained some peace and acceptance about her life. It was a believable ending and, at the same time, a letdown. Of course it's good to find some meaning and joy in what might 👇

merelybookish be small or seemingly trivial moments. But gosh darnit, is dancing off limits for a middle age woman? There's no recapturing youth but aging felt pretty depressing. I guess it goes without saying that I related a lot to Stacey...and I guess I wanted something a bit more for her, although I don't know what that would be. Laurence is so good at telling the truth of women's lives. Maiden, madonna, crone. No role is easy. 2mo
BarbaraBB Fantastic review. I was a bit let down that she accepted life (she‘s only 39!) in the end, I hoped for something more too. But then again, it felt reassuring as well. Oh we complicated women 😃😘 2mo
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LeahBergen Wonderful review! I was initially let down, too, when I saw the way the ending was heading but then I started thinking how much “growth” had occurred. Mac opens up to her in completely new ways and she comes to a realization of just how strong she is. @BarbaraBB 2mo
BarbaraBB @LeahBergen you are right. The relationship with Mac became more important and meaningful and I think she realized how much that meant - comparing to what could have been with Luke (was that his name?) 2mo
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB Although I WAS glad she had that fling with Luke … especially after Mac confessed to having sex with that workmate of his. 🤣 2mo
merelybookish @BarbaraBB @LeahBergen I was also glad she had a fling and that neither infidelity became that important. Or they both served a purpose but didn't become the focus. Stacey realizes she would eventually have the same issues with Luke that she has with Mac. 2mo
batsy I haven't finished, but will come back to this review (and the tempting spoilers!) once I have :) 2mo
vivastory Fantastic review! I think that the ending to this one was much more resigned & bittersweet in a way than the previous two books. To me this makes it almost more tragic than the others. I also agree with the comments in the thread about the infidelities didn't serve as a crisis point in the narrative, as well as that she'd have the same issues with Luke. 2mo
vivastory Also, how bizarre were some of the scenes? The vitamin plan itself was slightly surreal & then the Tupperware party at her neighbors house & what is eventually revealed about Thor.. 2mo
Cathythoughts Great review 👍🏻 2mo
merelybookish @vivastory The Richlife and Tupperware party really stuck out to me because I had just read a bit article about the LuLaRoe miniseries on tv. It made me think about them more than I might have otherwise. And also Buckle's death. Another major event that kind of gets subsumed by day to day. 2mo
vivastory @merelybookish I was unaware of the LuLaRoe documentary, but I'm very intrigued. It reminds me of a show that I have slowly been making my way through: American Hustle. The most recent episode that I watched focused on the case in the tagged book, what was interesting to me was how poorly the author came across 2mo
vivastory *Oops, Generation Hustle. Not American Hustle. 2mo
merelybookish @Cathythoughts Thanks Cathy! 2mo
merelybookish @vivastory I have not heard of Generation Hustle, but I had heard of that fake German heiress. The LuLaRoe conversation talked about how MLMs exploit women (usually stay at home mothers) who need to find a way to support their unpaid labour but then end up exploiting other women. To tie it back to the book, none of the women in Fire-Dwellers seemed particularly happy. And the Tupperware party felt like a con, one Stacey could see through. 2mo
vivastory Stacey had an excellent bs detector. She was even aware of her own. I think that makes for a lively, & interesting, character. 2mo
batsy @LeahBergen @BarbaraBB @merelybookish I felt that disappointment initially too when I saw how it would end, but it felt very much like life because you can also see the growth & awareness. The way she keeps thinking I can't keep going on with this life, but I must and I will. Like her pure terror of inviting Matthew to stay with them, feeling like she won't be able to cope, but doing it anyway. I loved how Laurence depicted these inner struggles! 2mo
BarbaraBB I agree @batsy that it didn‘t feel like a let-down to me. Laurence really succeeded in making her more adult or at least in peace with life as it is. @merelybookish @vivastory I loved those weird add-on‘s like the Tupperware party and Buckle‘s death! Afterwards I read this one and the story in almost similar - including the Tupperware! 2mo
batsy @BarbaraBB Yes, the Tupperware party bits had a bit of a fever dream Stepford Wives element to it! 2mo
merelybookish @batsy @BarbaraBB @LeahBergen I think my reaction to this book is tied to how "close to the bone it is" (to quote something @Centique said to a poem I posted). I have felt how marriage and motherhood can be trivializing. And then there's aging! I'm 10 years older than Stacey and am feeling it! So while I think there is truth, wisdom, growth in Stacey's ending, selfishly I also wanted her to burn it all down. ?? 2mo
batsy @merelybookish I hear you! I think what surprised me is that I went in thinking it was a burn it all down book, and I would have totally been on board 😅, but Laurence took a different route and the way she made that work and the quiet wisdom at play also surprised me in a good way. 2mo
BarbaraBB Exactly @batsy I can so relate to what @merelybookish says and all of it is so close to the bone but fortunately the ending too. And I realize I finally may be at peace myself too 😉 (edited) 2mo
LeahBergen Oh my, yes! That “close to the bone” feeling was almost uncomfortable at times! And I couldn‘t believe that revelation about Thor. I loved that he was just a little prairie town Manawakan like she was. 🤣🤣 @vivastory 2mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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Wow, this is such an honest depiction of many of the complicated/conflicted feelings (love, guilt, resentment, responsibility, loneliness, uncertainty) of motherhood. And I'm guessing pretty ahead of its time.
As with A Jest of God I'm wondering how this story can end in a way that feels good for the main character. I know she pulled it off for Rachel. Hoping she doesnit for Stacey too. 🤞
@batsy @BarbaraBB @vivastory @LeahBergen #manawakans

LeahBergen Me, too! 🤞 2mo
vivastory For some reason I didn't receive the tag notification, so I'm just now seeing this. I will be very curious to see what you think of the ending. 2mo
BarbaraBB I was wondering about this being ahead of its time too. Is it? 1969 isn‘t that long ago. She could have been my mother… but it‘s on point anyhow. 2mo
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batsy It's very "the personal is political" and she's reminding me of Lessing, though maybe different stylistically. It makes me wonder why Laurence is not more acclaimed (outside of CanLit circles, to my admittedly limited knowledge). 2mo
merelybookish @BarbaraBB I don't feel the dissatisfaction with being a housewife/SAHM is ahead or its time but the complicated feelings about mothering feels nuanced for 1969. But maybe I'm wrong. I'm sure people felt that way. Just not sure many people expressed it openly. 2mo
merelybookish @batsy I am curious about that too. Especially since both Atwood and Munro do have international readerships, and I feel they somewhat follow in the shoes of Laurence. 2mo
BarbaraBB @merelybookish I agree, many people still don‘t expressly openly - I know it felt a bit rebellious that I personally could feel very bored with my kids when they were small and that I kept wondering if I was the only one feeling that way. 2mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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After being so proud of myself for finding my copy of Fire-Dwellers after the move, I went and misplaced it. 🤦 Fortunately found an e-copy through Libby.
Struck by how much I relate to Stacey and her inner dialogue and thoughts on motherhood. (Do I say that about all Laurence's heroines? 🤔) Also, Mac's new company sounds like a current MLM.
@vivastory @batsy @LeahBergen @BarbaraBB #manawakans

vivastory Glad to hear that Libby pulled through! I agree about Mac's job. I had the same thought. 2mo
batsy Yep, that was struck me about Mac's job. And I feel absolutely the same about how hard I relate to Laurence's female protagonists! I'll be interested to see if it's the same with Hagar (when I finally get around to it). 2mo
LeahBergen And Stacey‘s views on aging! Ooph. 2mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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In The Fire Dwellers we follow the daily life & thoughts of thirty-nine year old Stacey MacAindra as she cares for her family & tries to make a meaning for herself apart from the family unit. Frequently alternating between Stacey's internal monologue & dialogue with others (as she says in one section “What goes on inside isn't ever the same as what goes on outside“), the novel is occasionally interspersed with tv crime reports & snippets of👇

vivastory the escalating Vietnam War as well as article headlines from women's magazines, making Fire Dwellers the most technically innovative Laurence novel I've read so far. Although I didn't find the ending to this one to be quite as good as The Stone Angel & Jest of God, it was an entirely satisfactory ending. As opposed to Hagar who is reflecting on a life that has passed behind her or Rachel waiting to start her life, Stacey wakes to 2mo
vivastory the realization that she has become deeply emotionally intertwined in a life that is also unfulfilling. In some ways this feels like the most quietly tragic of the three heroines so far. I have Bird in the House lined up for next month #Manawakans @leahbergen @batsy @merelybookish @barbarabb 2mo
BarbaraBB Wonderful review. I suddenly realize she is ‘just‘ 39 indeed, she acts like someone much older imo. And like you, I enjoyed the outside world coming in at times, like Vietnam. 2mo
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vivastory @BarbaraBB I think her family situation has forced her to assume a lot of responsibilities. She definitely acts like she's older 2mo
merelybookish I finally started! Already thinking how it relates to the previous books. Also, how it differs! 2mo
vivastory @merelybookish There are some nice connections strewn throughout. Looking forward to your insights! 2mo
Reggie 2 things- I go to my apple news app and always get sucked into these crazy list stories like 28 shocking dearthbed confessions. And I only remember two of which your amazing review touches upon. 1. This guy told his kids in his deathbed he went to Vietnam with his twin brother so that he could kill him because he wanted to be with his wife. Came back, assumed the brother‘s identity and raised his kids as his own. 2. There was a woman who told👇🏼 2mo
Reggie her family that she loved them more than anything in the world but she regretted her life. She never wanted to be a mother and she never wanted to be a stay at home wife, that she had missed out on everything she wanted to do or be by being what she was. (Honestly, I wouldn‘t even know how to begin to process either of those.) Great review! 2mo
LeahBergen Ooo, you‘re done! I‘m going to come back and read your review when I‘m finished. 👍 2mo
vivastory @Reggie Those stories are wild. I can't even imagine being told something along those lines... 2mo
batsy I came back to read your review now that I'm done and I love that you point out the technique and how politics was interspersed. It was kind of cinematic in a way, like watching a film of an interior space with all of the tragedy and comedy of domestic life playing out with an off-camera narration of a news reel. 2mo
vivastory @batsy The cinematic aspect was heightened by Stacey's periodic daydreams that we learn are imagined bits of a scifi story. I know that Atwood was influenced by Laurence, this made me think of Blind Assassin 2mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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Okay, #Manawakans!

I‘ve caught up on my book club read so I‘m picking this one up to start tonight.

vivastory I haven't seen this cover 👀 2mo
LeahBergen @vivastory It‘s the Penguin Modern Classics Canadian edition. They‘re quite nice! My copy of A Jest of God was also from this series. 2mo
BarbaraBB Nice edition 👌🏽 2mo
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LeahBergen @BarbaraBB i like her shoes. 😆 2mo
shawnmooney FOMO! 😭😭💕💕 (edited) 2mo
batsy I haven't seen this cover before either and I do like those shoes! 😆 2mo
Tamra Amazing cover! 2mo
merelybookish Gorgeous copy! I'm also starting finally! 2mo
quietjenn Great copy! 2mo
LeahBergen @batsy @Tamra @merelybookish @quietjenn It is, isn‘t it? Such a vintage suburbia vibe. 2mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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I once heard somewhere that people's favorite music is what they grew up with. Although I'm not ? convinced of that, I do think most have a lifelong weakness for the music that was popular when they were teenagers. Laurence describes this sensation wonderfully. "I was myself before any of you were born." #Manawakans @BarbaraBB @LeahBergen @batsy @merelybookish

LeahBergen Ahhh! It‘s so true! I have such a fondness for early heavy metal. It‘s like listening to old love songs for me and my husband. 🤣🤣🤣 And the same for much of the early 1980s New Wave and punk.🤣 2mo
vivastory @LeahBergen I love 80s New Wave & punk. 🤘 2mo
BarbaraBB @LeahBergen Me too about the new wave and punk. Heavy metal not do much! And I still feel the girl I was when I hear music I loved back then! 2mo
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LeahBergen @vivastory @BarbaraBB Such visceral memories, aren‘t they?? 2mo
BarbaraBB Incredible, I often wonder what that is. I can from one song to another feel extremely happy or broken hearted just because of a song I listened to in the 80s. Extreme feelings I hardly have anymore now that I‘m older! 2mo
TrishB My heart will always be stuck in the late 70s/early 80s. I do listen to new stuff but it doesn‘t have the same emotional connection that music from my teens has. 2mo
TrishB @BarbaraBB agree totally! 2mo
batsy I'm a bit behind and will progress slowly, but this is a great passage and so true I feel. Laurence is so good; an unsparing writer. 2mo
BarbaraBB @batsy Unsparing is the word indeed! 2mo
BarbaraBB @TrishB We‘re getting old 👵🏼👵🏼 2mo
merelybookish I find it hard to listen to 80s music because it is so visceral. Each song immediately launches me back into a specific moment/memory/mood. It's emotionally draining. 😆 @LeahBergen @BarbaraBB 2mo
Reggie Chris Rock has this bit where he says that the music you listened to the first times you have sex will always be your favorite music. 2mo
vivastory @Reggie I remember that routine. Love Chris Rock 😂 2mo
BarbaraBB @Reggie I don‘t agree, Madonna is definitely no favorite 😂 2mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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Tagged. Stacked on the recommendation of @BarbaraBB
Cherries 🍒 Love them!
I've just started one I had been eagerly anticipating - The Man Who Died Twice. Looking forward to All's Well and Something Fabulous early next year and hoping for new books by Sulari Gentil and Gary Disher.
Sunshine☀️ and spring flowers 🌷

Thanks for the tag @Mavey and @Lizpixie

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🌷🌼🌸 2mo
Eggs Thanks for playing 🌺🌺 2mo
Mavey No.4 is lovely!!🥰💖 2mo
LeahBergen I‘m just starting the tagged book tonight. I‘ll share it with you, if you like? 😊 2mo
CarolynM @LeahBergen That would be lovely! Thank you😘 2mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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“I used to think there would be a blinding flash of light someday, and then I would be wise and calm and would know how to cope with everything. Now I see that whatever I‘m like, I‘m pretty well stuck with it for life.”

Stacey is growing older and taking care of everyone around her takes its toll. Shouldn‘t there be something more? Set in the 1960s, in many ways it feels so similar to living and aging and motherhood right now. Thought provoking.

BarbaraBB Looking forward to discuss more of it with my fellow #Manawakans. (edited) 3mo
Cinfhen Nice review 💜sounds like a quiet but powerful novel 2mo
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BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Thanks. It is. 2mo
batsy Oof, that quote! 💔 I still haven't started 🙈 Nice review and I'm glad it was a pick for you! 2mo
merelybookish Hard relate to that quote! 😐Hoping to start today! 2mo
Cinfhen I got a package notification today!!! PO is closed today & tomorrow for YK hopefully I‘ll get to it on Friday 😊Thanks so much xx 2mo
Cathythoughts Great quote ! I don‘t agree though 😁 2mo
Megabooks That quote! Great review. 2mo
vivastory Great review! I'm glad it worked so well for you. Laurence's work is filled with wonderful, if uncomfortable, insights. I think you'd really like Jest of God. It follows her sister Rachel. A very different character, but equally memorable. 2mo
LeahBergen Lovely review! I haven‘t started yet either, @batsy 😬 2mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen That took forever again! Glad it made it! Have a good Yom Kippur, hopefully no migraine 🤞🏽💜 (edited) 2mo
BarbaraBB @merelybookish @Cathythoughts I am glad you don‘t agree, it‘s better. I sometimes do agree though 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2mo
BarbaraBB @vivastory I will read it for sure. She really has her way with getting under your skin. 2mo
merelybookish Oh I must have misspoke. I absolutely relate to this quote and much of Stacey's thinking (the ambivalence, harsh inner critic, etc 2mo
BarbaraBB @merelybookish I probably misunderstood with my not so good English! 2mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Lovely review and picture. 2mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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And another great quote…

LeahBergen 😆 Indeed! 3mo
vivastory With every Laurence book that I have read I have been introduced to a new favorite character, & Fire-Dwellers is def no exception! I read about 80 pages today & am really loving it! It is different from both Stone Angel & Jest of God, but very memorable & full of great quotes, like the gem you posted 👏 3mo
CarolynM 😂 Hard to disagree. 3mo
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BarbaraBB @CarolynM You should read this book too. It‘s great! 3mo
BarbaraBB @vivastory completely different from Stone Angel indeed! 3mo
CarolynM Well, I've stacked it now🙂 There are so many books I want to read - I'm just going to have to live to be 120 (at least😂) 3mo
vivastory @CarolynM I feel your pain 🤣📚📚 (edited) 3mo
batsy I haven't started yet, but I hope to in the next day or so! And Laurence really knows how to drop some 🔥 lines. I found the same with Jest of God. 3mo
merelybookish Preach! 🙌 3mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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Only 33 pages in, but I'm loving Stacey's voice in this one. #Manawakans @BarbaraBB @merelybookish @batsy @LeahBergen

LeahBergen I can‘t wait to dive in. 👍 3mo
BarbaraBB So many great quotes in this book. I‘ll post a favorite of mine. 3mo
vivastory @LeahBergen I think you'll like it. It's a diff style from Stone Angel & Jest of God. A lot more internal monologue, but Stacey is a great character. As memorable as Hagar & Rachel. 3mo
batsy What @LeahBergen said! 3mo
merelybookish She is unapologetically irreverent. I love it! Need to start! 3mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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Thanks for the tag @MoonWitch94 & welcome back!
1) Seeing my family for the first time in 2+ years. 🤗
2) September marks fall even if the weather doesn't always cooperate.
3) Tagged book with my fellow #Manawakans.
Consider yourself tagged if you want to play! 🙂

MoonWitch94 Oh I‘m so glad you got to see your family! 🤩Thanks for playing 🌻📖🍁 3mo
LeahBergen Ohhh, seeing your family! 😍😍 3mo
Cathythoughts 2 years is a long time … thank god fir your meeting 👍🏻❤️ 3mo
batsy I hope you've had a lovely time reuniting with family ❤️ 3mo
merelybookish @LeahBergen @Cathythoughts @batsy Yes, grateful to be near them again. 2 years is a long time! 3mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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Found it! Past-me knew to pack it in a box where future-me would find it. 😅

@batsy @vivastory @BarbaraBB @LeahBergen #manawakans

vivastory I'm impressed! Did you winnow your book collection before moving? 3mo
merelybookish @vivastory I'm also impressed. 😆 I winnowed a bit but probably not as much as I should have. I'm sure I'll wonder why I moved some books once I start trying to find space for them. 3mo
batsy Nice! I had that edition of The Diviners which got lost during a move 😢 3mo
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JazzFeathers 👏👏👏💪😊 3mo
merelybookish @batsy Bummer. Although my copy is so yellowed and filmsy, I'm not sure it will survive the read. 3mo
LeahBergen Look at that vintage Canadiana! 👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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This came in the mail today. I'm looking forward to diving back into Laurence's writing next month @merelybookish @LeahBergen @batsy

merelybookish Yes, I'm loving our Laurence buddy read! I have another cheap edition with a vintage cover. 4mo
vivastory @merelybookish I will definitely be on the lookout for different editions while at used bookstores in the future. This one isn't bad, but.... 4mo
merelybookish @vivastory The artwork on yours is by a famous Canadian artist..Colville maybe? 4mo
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vivastory @merelybookish Good eye! According to the back "Family & Rainstorm" I wasn't familiar with his work, but I just googled him & I have to say I'm very intrigued! I was looking at Hopper paintings last week while reading Jest of God & I'm getting a similar vibe 4mo
merelybookish @vivastory He's pretty famous. And I can see what you mean about the Hopper. The dulled colours, realistic figures, and overall lonely vibe are similar. 4mo
LeahBergen I‘ve been noticing the Canadian paintings on these covers, too, @merelybookish ! I‘ll have to order the next one soon. I‘m just heading out for a little holiday in our travel trailer and one of our stops is to see my Dad who lives by Manawaka (Neepawa, in actuality), Manitoba. 😄 He and I had a father-daughter day a few years ago when I visited and he took me to Margaret Laurence‘s house and to the cemetery to see the “Stone Angel”. 4mo
LeahBergen @vivastory @merelybookish And this will be the first time I‘m seeing my Dad since Covid! It‘s his 80th birthday. 😊 4mo
Liz_M @LeahBergen That is so fantastic! I hope you have a wonderful, safe time! 4mo
batsy I've ordered my copy and can't wait! 4mo
batsy @LeahBergen Oh, that's a lovely story about your dad. Happy (early) birthday to him 🎂💕 4mo
merelybookish @LeahBergen Aw, have a great trip and visit with your Dad! I would love to make a little pilgrimage to Neepawa someday. I've never been to Manitoba. 4mo
vivastory @LeahBergen That's wonderful that you are seeing your dad again! I hope that you have a wonderful time with him & you enjoy your trip. Safe travels! I have not been to Canada yet, there are many many places there that I would love to go. 4mo
LeahBergen @Liz_M Thank you, I did! 😘 3mo
LeahBergen @batsy Thanks! It was such a lovely visit. 🥰 3mo
LeahBergen @merelybookish Well, now that you‘re a card-carrying Canuck again… 🤣 3mo
LeahBergen @vivastory Thanks, Scott! You must visit Canada soon but perhaps don‘t make Neepawa your first stop. 😆😆 3mo
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The Fire-Dwellers | Margaret Laurence
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Some beloved #Canlit today! I only have one book in Margaret Lawrence's Manawaka series but I read them all in my early twenties. And would love to re-read them!
📗The Stone Angel
📗A Jest of God
📗The Fire-dwellers
📗A Bird in the House
📗The Diviners
#20series20days @andrew65

Ruthiella I have The Stone Angel on my shelf. 😀 1y
Prairiegirl_reading The Stone Angel is an all time favourite of mine! ❤️ 1y
merelybookish @Ruthiella @Prairiegirl_reading I loved Stone Angel but expect it would be different to read at 45+ versus 20. 🙃 1y
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MsMelissa I honestly did not know this was a series 😬 I‘ve read The Stone Angel, The Diviners, and The Fire Dwellers so maybe I need to look out for the other two 🤔 1y
merelybookish @Book_Fiend_Melissa I think it is very loosely a series in that they all take place in the same imagined town. And maybe there are relationships between the characters (eg. sisters) but I don't think there is a progression. 1y
Prairiegirl_reading @merelybookish I first read it in high school and read it again in my 30s. Loved it probably even more. I think I should do the whole series. I haven‘t read A Jest of God or A Bird in the House. 1y
batsy I need to read them all! Only read The Diviners which I loved 💗 1y
merelybookish @batsy The Diviners was my favourite as well! 1y
merelybookish @Prairiegirl_reading I have vivid memories of all of them except A Bird in the House. But really feel I need to re-read all of them! A 2021 goal maybe. 1y
LeahBergen I recently bought The Diviners. 👍🏻 1y
Cathythoughts I think I‘ll get The Diviners as it was your favorite ... 👍🏻❤️ 1y
Andrew65 Sounds great. 1y
Prairiegirl_reading @merelybookish I‘m thinking the same! 1y
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